Yereq Geo – A Game-Changer In The EV Charging Industry

The highly anticipated launch of the next-generation crypto-oriented EV charging platform, YEREQ is finally here. Discover the power of AI: Yereq is revolutionizing the way we live and work.

Tel Aviv, Israel, 5th Feb 2023, King NewsWire – What is YEREQ GEO and How Does It work?

The YEREQ GEO is a decentralized platform designed for use at electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. It provides a simple and practical way to charge your EV without requiring membership accounts or payment cards. 

With the YEREQ GEO app, all you need is your phone to begin charging your EV right away. The application immediately establishes a guest account and uses your token balance to pay for the service.

The YEREQ GEO Token is a cryptocurrency that is built on the Ethereum ecosystem and is used for various purposes in the EV (Electric Vehicle) industry. Specifically, it is used as a means of payment for EV charging services and also as a reward system for EV station owners who play an important role in the growing sharing of the EV economy.

The YEREQ GEO mobile app is the first EV charging software in the world to enable the use of a custom cryptocurrency token. Users can use YEREQ GEO Token to make payments through the application, which connects directly to the charging stations.


The application also supports depositing money (fiat) and converting it to YEREQ GEO Token without the need for other exchanges.

YEREQ GEO has an ambitious goal of installing 100,000 EV charging stations globally by 2035, which could equal up to $23,040,000,000 in revenue in over twelve years.

Yereq token liquidity is backed by EV kilowatt mining, turning a green ideal into a good ideal with a 1000x growth potential. After being formally introduced in December of 2022, the YGE TV mobile app has since received numerous improvements and features, including the ability to connect to a wallet, media advertising, and connection with Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. The YEREQ GEO ENERGY token roadmap includes smart contract publishing, listing on various exchanges, mobile app launches, and partnership announcements.

With its decentralized and practical approach, the YEREQ GEO ENERGY platform is transforming the EV charging business and providing a solution to the difficulty of charging electric vehicles (EVs). 

The platform focuses on liquidity supported by EV kilowatt-hour (kWh) mining, offering a sustainable and secure ecosystem for both EV owners and operators of charging stations. 

YEREQ GEO is not only a solution but also a promising business opportunity for those looking to support the growth of EVs.

What is Unique about YEREQ GEO?

YEREQ GEO Token is the world’s first asset-backed utility token, with a unique combination of assets backing its value.

It is backed by EV kilowatt usage as a utility token, and $5.5 billion dollars’ worth of tickets and entertainment venues, 300 million mobile devices for programmatic content distribution, a gold depository account in Utah headquarters, plus Yereq TV advertising on major networks with channels on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, iPhone TV.

YEREQ GEO ENERGY Token is the first token to offer multiple utility verticals as a hedge against inflation and non-backed tokens and coins. This makes it a truly unique offering in the blockchain space.

How does the Yereq earning process work?

Yereq earning works by allowing individuals to purchase a software mining license and activate their affiliate account through

Once activated, the licensed equipment will start mining on the YEREQ GEO Energy token network. Participants can earn reward credits monthly through the node kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage of EVs charging on the network.

To receive benefits from the network, individuals must be enrolled as YGE members and tokens will be listed on multiple exchanges from 2023-2024. Hosting a location on the mobile app for available EV charging will also earn participants free Yereq tokens.

The YEREQ GEO Energy token is backed by a verified gold depository in the USA, $5.5 billion dollars in assets, and 300 million mobile devices. The token also has a USA government mandate, making it a valuable utility token in the fast-growing EV market.

YEREQ GEO Token Tokenomic

The YEREQ GEO tokenomic is a well-thought-out system designed to ensure stability and liquidity for its holders.

With a 200 billion token supply in total and 18 billion tokens offered as a bonus to license buyers, YEREQ GEO offers plenty of chances for anyone to get part in the green energy movement.

A portion of 5% of in-app purchases made through fiat payments will be used to fund token liquidity on a daily basis. YEREQ GEO also has a supported wallet for adjustments under 1% available at

Token holders will also receive up to 0.5% reflections on DEX trades. To ensure the token’s value, YEREQ GEO has implemented a 0.25% token burn for every transaction volume every 168 hours or every 7 days.

The YEREQ GEO tokens have daily liquidity, ensuring that licensees can exchange tokens without fear of huge token price fluctuations. With kilowatts from proprietary software and hardware for charging electronic vehicles and daily media credits purchased on the Yereq Media Network, YEREQ GEO provides a stable and secure investment opportunity

The Road Map of the YEREQ GEO Ecosystem

  • Phase 1 – Development of the YGE TV mobile application and integration with EV charging stations.  IOS & GOOGLE PLAY NOW
  • Phase 2 – Expansion of YEREQ GEO tokens to other utility verticals.(100B tokens will be burned once 5000 YGE licenses are sold).
  • Phase 3 – Installation of 100,000 charging stations globally by 2035.
  • Phase 4 – Development of Yereq TV advertising on major networks, including outdoor advertising, reaching millions of living rooms globally.
  • Phase 5 – Expansion of the YEREQ GEO ENERGY ecosystem to other countries and regions.

In conclusion, YEREQ GEO ENERGY is a game-changer in the EV charging industry, offering a solution to the biggest frustration of EV owners and a new way to pay for EV charging. With a verified gold depository, $5.5 billion dollars in assets, and 300 million mobile devices, YEREQ GEO ENERGY is the future of EV blockchain kilowatt mining. 


YEREQ GEO platform is a US-based software platform that manages, monetizes, and leverages EV charging stations. 

YEREQ GEO ENERGY Token is the utility token of the platform. 

The platform provides a range of solutions for the EV industry. The platform’s mobile application is the world’s first EV charging application that supports its own crypto token, allowing users to directly connect to charging stations and pay using YEREQ GEO ENRGY Tokens. 

YEREQ GEO ENERGY is a platform at the forefront of the EV industry, offering unique solutions and a stable investment opportunity. The platform’s combination of technology and traditional assets makes it a valuable addition to the crypto world and a platform to watch in the years to come.

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