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8 Best Magento 2 SEO Extensions Free & Paid in 2021

There is an endless amount of articles that talk about the importance of SEO for a website. And the truth to be told, it’s impossible to find a business owner who does not seek new ways of attracting even more organic traffic to their sites.

Websites on Magento 2 are no exception. Besides, the out-of-the-box codebase does not allow covering a variety of SEO aspects that should be taken good care of.

That’s where the Magento Community and its third-party solutions come in handy. Magento 2 extensions allow adding such features as extended SEO markup, meta tag templates, sitemaps, etc.

What are the best modules that will help your site get on the first page in search results? Let’s take a look.

SEO Suite Ultimate by Mageworx

No doubt, this solution is currently one of the best on the market. That’s probably because the company started its journey in Magento development with SEO products, according to the data available on Mageworx’s site.

Their Magento 1 module was best-of-breed. Probably, that’s what allowed Mageworx to develop a very solid product for Magento 2.

The full list of the SEO Suite Ultimate features that Mageworx’s module offers is available here.

Top features:

  • Meta tag templates
  • XML & HTML sitemaps
  • Automatic cross-links
  • Automatic redirects
  • SEO markup & reports
  • Extended breadcrumbs
  • Hreflang tags
  • GraphQL API support & Magento 2 PWA Venia compatibility
  • Layered navigation

Price: $299 for Magento Open Source; $598 for Adobe Commerce 

Compatibility: 2.2.2 – 2.4.x

SEO Pro by MageDelight

Here’s one more Magento 2 extension with a variety of must-have features to assist you in search engine optimization and improving your site’s visibility, traffic, and rankings.

Since 2013, the company has been developing effective solutions for Magento-based stores, and this module is one of them.

Similar to any other extension on the list, the company’s product facilitates the process of tweaking various SEO settings and can be found useful for both Magento 2 developers, store admins, and entrepreneurs.

Top features:

  • Toolbar for on-page analysis
  • Rich snippets
  • Meta templates
  • Facebook pixel
  • HTML & XML sitemaps
  • Ability to monitor broken links for a toolbar
  • Exclude categories from long/short/canonical URLs
  • Set up 404 redirects
  • Build dynamic metadata

Price: $199 for Magento Open Source; $329 for Adobe Commerce 

Compatibility: 2.2.2 – 2.4.x

SEO Toolkit by Amasty

Here’s another noteworthy solution on our list. The toolkit comes in three different tiers: lite, pro, and premium, offering different functionality sets. Clearly, the premium tier offers the most advanced features, and the lite one provides the most basic ones.

Like other vendors on the list, the company is well-known in the Magento Community and boasts a large variety of modules.

Top features:

  • Redirects
  • Advanced pagination
  • Meta templates
  • Canonical tags
  • Automated cross-linking
  • HTML & XML sitemaps
  • SEO markup

Price: Starts at $299

Compatibility: 2.3.7- 2.4.3

Advanced SEO Suite by Mirasvit

This is one more powerful module that has much to offer to its users for improved rankings. Like other extensions on the list, the plugin has been built to improve the out-of-the-box functionality of the platform and automate a large number of related activities.

The company’s solution is a real time-saver that incorporates much for tweaking and monitoring your site’s SEO health.

Top features:

  • Templates for meta tags
  • Ability to overwrite metadata
  • SEO markup
  • Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards
  • Automatic cross-linking
  • Automatic redirects
  • Optimization of product/image URLs
  • SEO toolbar
  • HTML & XML sitemaps

Price: $149 for Magento Open Source; $248 for Adobe Commerce 

Compatibility: 2.0.x – 2.4.x

SEO Suite by Swissuplabs

This module currently stands out from other vendors because of the pricing model it offers with monthly recurring charges. As a side note, following the recent announcement of the community vendors, many Magento 2 extension builders will switch to the yearly subscription model starting 2022.

As for the extension, it is also a powerful toolkit that has much to offer and make your site more visible in search results.

Top features:

  • Meta templates
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • HTML sitemaps
  • Extended XML sitemap
  • Rich snippets
  • Optimized pagination
  • Hreflang tags
  • Cross-links
  • Canonical URLs
  • Optimized product images

Price: $49 per month, 1 year of access to updates and support

Compatibility: 2.1.x – 2.4.3

SEO Suite by BSS Commerce

Founded in 2012, the company brings another well-equipped solution for businesses on Magento 2. Together with other companies, the vendor has done its best to ensure impeccable compatibility of the plugin with the default Magento 2 platform and its themes, as well as other most popular extensions.

Top features:

  • SEO markup
  • Advanced Breadcrumbs
  • HTML & XML sitemaps
  • Robot meta tags
  • Canonical & hreflang tags
  • 301 redirects
  • Meta tags generator
  • Image alt tags
  • External links
  • SEO toolbar
  • Reports and audit

Price: $357

Compatibility: 2.2.x – 2.4.x

SEO by Mageplaza

Previously a free extension for Magento 2, the module has grown into a solid solution for businesses of any size that is currently available in three different tiers.

With the plugin, you can automate all the critical aspects of SEO, and the results in improved ranking positions won’t be long in coming.

Top features:

  • Structured data
  • Hreflang tags
  • Metadata templates
  • Reports
  • Rich snippets
  • HTML & XML sitemaps
  • Link alternative tags
  • Cross-linking
  • SEO checklist

Price: Starts at $99

Compatibility: n/a

SEO Suite by Emipro Technologies

Founded in 2011, the company offers another plugin advertised as “your own search engine optimization specialist”.

The module boasts a dashboard that allows extension users to quickly overview what features the plugin offers and assist in identifying SEO issues that require fixes and improvements.

Distinctly, this product provides the possibility to quickly rewrite currently available SEO values that need to be improved.

Top features:

  • Built-on robots.txt editor
  • Canonical tags
  • Meta templates
  • Internal linking
  • SEO information rewrite

Price: you’ll need to request a quote as no pricing is explicitly displayed on the product page

Compatibility: n/a


The importance of SEO is undeniable, and there are innumerable reasons that can influence a site’s positions. From page speed, UX, and mobile-friendliness, to the availability of continuously updated user generated content (that’s where the Magento Review extension by Mageworx can be a big help) – it’s a must to monitor your site’s SEO health and adjust accordingly. 

We hope that Magento 2 extensions on the list will help you make up for the shortfall of the default features in the platform and power up your store with the functionality that is right for your business.

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Create Your Own Signature Scent With Perfume Workshop

As part of Singapore’s Floral Heritage celebration, create a one-of-a-kind scent that matches your perfume personality at Perfume Workshop. From team building to romantic date activity for couples, Perfume Workshop offers perfume making workshops for any event.

The uniqueness and aim of Perfume Workshop’s perfume making activity is to best match a specific perfume scent to an individual’s personality. To know what perfume personality match you are, we conduct a perfume personality test based on MBTI (Myers Briggs) before starting any workshops. A similar test can also be found on our website for those interested in finding out. Depending on your perfume personality type – citrus, fresh, floral, woody, and oriental – we want to help you enjoy while crafting a signature scent that you will use daily. Most of our perfume oils’ ingredients are themed around celebrating Asian ingredients and include the 266 variants of orchids native to Singapore as well as orchids from other parts of Asia. Our perfumes are also categorized according to gender, so the ingredients used might differ accordingly.

Perfume Workshop offers perfume making workshops for various events. The workshops are popular among bridal showers and couples seeking something unique. With the social distancing restriction, we also provide a virtual perfume workshop in which we will deliver the necessary perfume making kit straight to your doorstep. The workshop will be conducted through zoom. You can make soaps, diffusers, and scented candles with the kit. It is a great team-building activity to promote corporate wellness and allow colleagues to better understand and empathise with one another. We also offer aromatherapy activities held at our headquarter or at your own location.

Fragrance plays a vital role in our life. We aim to help connect our attendees better with their sense of smell. Smell and emotions have been found to be processed by the same cortex of the brain. Scientific studies have shown that aromas impact our mood and emotions. A happy person sleeps better, recovers faster, and is generally in a more relaxed state of mind. The right scent can help promote a general improvement in mental health.

As part of celebrating Singapore’s floral heritage, we have partnered with Sentosa in their upcoming attraction, Scentopia. Currently, open only to Sentosa Island and NTUC cardholders, Scentopia has unique interactive exhibits and perfume making workshops that allow guests to craft Singapore perfumes unique to individuals uniquely. Suppose you are interested in attending any of our workshops. In that case, we also conduct them at our main headquarters at Goodman Art Center. For more information on the workshops we offer, go to to find out more.

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Discover An Aromatic World With Scentopia Singapore, New tourist attraction at Sentosa

Explore the fabulous world of aromas as Sentosa unveils its latest attraction, Scentopia, to invite guests to celebrate Singapore’s floral heritage. The newest attraction on the island will consist of guided tours, interactive exhibits, and workshops.

Located along Siloso Beach, Scentopia promises fun and interactive activities that introduce guests to familiar scents unique to Singapore. There will be four free interactive tours throughout the day, each lasting approximately 15 minutes. Our in-house guides will bring guests through our scented exhibits. The exhibits are divided into three sections with over 300 augmented-reality (AR) enabled artworks. All you require is a smart device and the Facebook application to enjoy this unique experience.

As digitalization and personalization are becoming popular in Singapore, Scentopia also aims to bring touchless innovation to our guests. Guests can create their very own unique perfume, bath oil, room scent, candle, and reed diffuser through a state-of-the-art digitized perfume making machine at a cost. Using an individual perfume personality assessment, the system will decide the type of scent that best suits you. From there, guests are given 20 choices out of 6000 scents to choose from, where two different scented cocktail samples are made for them to decide. Guests then can take the selected sample design to the perfume making bar station, where there will be a perfumer who will mix and pack the perfume cocktail into a 100ml bottle for you to bring home. There will be 50-80% discounted tickets for perfume making at various sales channels.

Singapore fragrance is a universal language. Wherever we go, we identify easily with Singapore, primarily through Singlish and the smell of food. Scentopia’s theme centres around fragrances found in Singapore. Scentopia also organizes workshops and parties. Scentopia is currently open to Sentosa and NTUC cardholders only. So stay tuned for more updates and check for more information.

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PlanckX is Poised to Upend: Building a Decentralized and Freer Gaming World

PlanckX, a decentralized gaming NFT transaction community, released recently a product update and an overview of the team’s development plan in 2022.

With the version update, PlanckX’s official site will take on a brand new appearance and be added with SDK interfaces for Android, iOS, H5, and Windows systems. The team thus covers all GameFi categories from mobile games to PC games and provides technical support for various game categories and NFT transactions.

“We are committed to becoming the world’s largest decentralized gaming NFT transaction community in 2022. We will increase our cross-chain capabilities such as BSC, Polygon, and Polkadot through technological updates, providing support to customize more personalized blockchain reform solutions for developers. In the new year, PlanckX will release its main chain to enable 0 gas fees for users on the platform. We will also start operating the PlanckX DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) autonomy mechanism, launching an ecological reward plan. More than 100 games of various types will be introduced to our platform and 200,000 NFTs are expected to be launched to bring unrivaled gaming and transaction experience to players. Ensuring the realization of private ownership rights of in-game assets in an inevitable development trend of next-generation games!” said Sai Ma, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of PlanckX DAO.

PlanckX is a metaverse-concept gaming NFT transaction community designed and developed based on blockchain. It offers blockchain reform services for game developers, in addition to a massive amount of GameFi and support for NFT minting and transactions. On PlanckX, game players can experience GameFi or publish or transact NFTs. The PlanckX team aims to build a gaming NFT transaction platform that gives greater freedom for developers and game players to connect, ensure player rights and interests with blockchain technology, and enable more people to have the fun of playing to earn.

Unlike other gaming platforms, PlanckX delivers more personalized blockchain reform support for game developers. From incubation of game project ideas to convenient release of in-game digital assets, technical and operational support is provided throughout the entire blockchain-based release process of GameFi, presenting more efficient solutions for traditional game players to embrace the metaverse.

As of December 2021, PlanckX has cooperated with and been recognized by more than 300 game projects. The PlanckX team has declared that they will realize truly decentralized community autonomy by employing smart contract rewards in the future. We will work to build in the ecosystem DAOs that are jointly governed by community members and fairly distribute various resources based on member contributions. In doing so, PlanckX hopes to remove disadvantages of the traditional organization structure, such as resource waste in all forms, wealth inequality, income imbalance, and stifled healthy competitions.

The concepts of metaverse and GameFi has emerged to gradually gain ground and even ushered in a lasting GameFi frenzy that topped Blockchain-related Internet searches along with NFT. In the new generation of game paradigms, thanks to their irreplaceability, GameFi item collections in the form of NFTs address the problem of determining asset ownership—which has long plagued traditional games—gradually highlighting the values of GameFi in the future world. The value of games will also see steady growth over time.

Over the last year, while the Internet was flooded with discussions and attention around metaverse and GameFi, many good early projects have been missed. As an industry leader, PlanckX has always believed that GameFi is the best direction of development and made continuous efforts in this respect.

PlanckX aims to become the world’s largest gaming NFT transaction community as well as a traffic driver to move from the real world to the metaverse in the future. We want to work with more forward-looking and more distinguished creators to smash fetters and build a decentralized, freer gaming world.

Whereas 2021 has been a year focusing on creativity and foundation building, 2022 will witness the rising of PlanckX. Welcome to PlanckX world! For more information, visit PlanckX’s official site:

Contact: Young

Mobile: 852 -67436509





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iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test $1.275 billion super order

On the morning of January 14, Jiu’an Medical announced that its US subsidiary and US ACC signed a “Procurement Contract” on January 13, 2022, local time, to sell iHealth kit products to it. The total contract price and tax amount is 1.275 billion US dollars (including freight), or about 8.1 billion yuan, has exceeded 50% of the company’s audited main business income in 2020 (1.004 billion yuan).

On the previous 12th, Jiu’an Medical has won orders of 2.1 billion yuan from the New York State Department of Health, the Massachusetts Commonwealth and the Executive Office of the Department of Health and Human Services, and achieved the daily limit on the 13th.

In fact, the warm-up and “motivation” of this “daily limit drama” started in November last year. On November 8, 2021, Jiu’an Medical issued an announcement saying that its subsidiary iHealth Labs Inc.’s new coronavirus antigen home self-test OTC kit has obtained the US Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which can be used in the United States during the public health emergency in the United States. Sales in the United States and countries/regions that recognize the United States EUA are expected to bring related sales revenue in the future.

Subsequently, Jiu’an Medical continued to release the development and sales progress of self-test kits through the interactive platform, announcements and other channels. During this period, the stock price soared several times, and the exchange even issued 3 letters of concern to track, and on December 14 A regulatory letter was issued today, and it is unbelievable that it is selling well in the local spot. As of the close on the 13th, Jiu’an Medical has achieved the 26th daily limit, with an increase of 1041% in 48 trading days.

You know, in the first three quarters of last year, Jiu’an Medical’s revenue was not optimistic. The third quarter report shows that Jiu’an Medical’s revenue was 790 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 50.82%; the net profit attributable to the parent was 50.128 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 86.19%; the deducted non-net profit was -24.775 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 106.89%.

In a short period of time, how did Jiu’an Medical set off this stormy wave? How much has it sold overseas? In an earlier research activity information announcement, Jiu’an Medical answered investors’ concerns in this way.

According to reports, the iHealth kit is an independent brand of iHealth, a subsidiary of Jiu’an Medical, and the results are available 15 minutes after the test. The sales price on the official website is $6.99/person, and the production site is China. At present, Jiu’an Medical is mainly sold in the United States through the C-end and B-end at the same time. The sales channels on the C-end are the official website of the company’s American subsidiary iHealth and Amazon’s US e-commerce platform, and the rest are government orders and commercial customers.

As of December 20, U.S. time, the sales amount of the kit products on Amazon’s U.S. platform was US$27.27 million, accounting for about 17% of the overall sales amount of the kit at that time, and the payment amount was US$656,000. Jiu’an Medical disclosed that the current monthly production capacity is 100 million people, and it is planned to increase the production capacity to 200 million people per month by early 2022.

However, just one day before the latest daily limit, Jiu’an Medical received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange again. One of the core contents this time is the company’s iHealth new crown antigen home self-test OTC kit (hereinafter referred to as “self-test”). kit”) can effectively detect the Omicron mutant virus. Jiu’an Medical once stated on the 7th that “100% of the active virus samples of Omicron were detected (the maximum CT value was 21.59, n=5)”, but this statement was inconsistent with the documents reported to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Jiu’an Medical was established in 1995. Since it launched the first electronic blood pressure monitor that can be connected to a mobile phone in 2011, it has become popular with concepts such as “mobile Internet” and has begun to introduce iHealth series products to foreign markets. . Subsequently, its main business.

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Green Chart | Progressing With an Increased Token Price

The Green Chart Token price has recently increased substantially. After killing a 0 in the price of one Green Chart token, the platform has progressed to the next level while giving it room and freedom to move ahead in the community. Green Chart has recently partnered up with the best marketers in the crypto community. With pumping more fuel into the system as its main goal, Green Chart functions to provide utility and advanced tokenomics to its users. 

Crypto With a Vision 

To counter the system of sell pressure, Green Chart has initiated a buyback and burn on the system.  

Understanding Buy Back and Staking

The amount deducted from the user’s account after a transaction is not burned, but that amount is used to buy more Green Chart tokens. Besides the buyback transaction,  users can also stake their tokens on Green Chart.

The purpose of the Green Chart is to maximize the returns for the community.  

In Green Chart, users can also experience vesting, which involves staking the tokens in a specially made dashboard. There are different vesting options that can be used by the community. Staking is not live on the platform, but it will be live in the near future. 

Green Chart Tokenomics

Green Chart has 100 billion tokens minted and ready to be used for different purposes. These are; 5% is kept aside for the development team and marketing influencers. 75% of the tokens are kept aside for the community, and 20% are burned. 

Within this, there is a tax rate of 1% on purchasing the Green Chart tokens. With this, there is a system to burn 15% of the transaction amount, or the same amount will be used for buybacks. 

Future Roadmap

The next activities of the Green Chart are ready to complete as some are underway and others are in the planning stage. In the coming months, the Green Chart will launch a fully rebranded platform and website that will be more intuitive. 

As per the marketing budget, the platform will hire international influencers to help improve the marketing outreach. The users will also run community contests for more active participation in the community. 

About Green Chart

Green Chart is an innovative platform working to improve the crypto-related financial system and create bigger opportunities. The Green Chart token is built to ensure that every community member does not fall for the buy and sell degree gimmicks. It offers APY rewards to the users with buyback and burning features.

Media Contact

Brady Alexander

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Website –

Twitter –

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NFT History | Launch of the First Private Sale and Fundraising Campaign for New NFT Platform

Did you know that Jack Dorsey made an NFT of the first tweet on Twitter, and that tweet went for $2.9 million? Now here’s a revolutionary project called NFT History that allows you to do almost the same with a little difference. With NFT History, you can acquire and exclusively own dates in the form of an NFT, represented by a photo chosen by you and you have the opportunity to create whole life stories made from tailored NFTs. 

NFT History’s beta marketplace is already available and the team has now opened its early token sale rounds for investors that gives the opportunity to join at an early stage and earn rewards. NFT History is going to be the world’s first marketplace to allow the transfer of ownership of dates and the first Metaverse Library where users can virtually find every historic event. 

Everyday, we are seeing new NFT projects germinating and ready to be nurtured and built into an incredible platform. But with NFT History, it’s not about utilizing existing NFT use cases, but creating a new one. The community will experience a new use case of Non-Fungible tokens.

Buying Dates is Akin to Starting a New Journey

Now the phrase “Save the Date” has got a new meaning with the NFT History’s exclusive feature that allows users to digitize a date they hold close and make it a permanent memory on the blockchain. Since it’s on the blockchain, no one can mutate or stake a claim from the owner of that particular date. 

NFT History allows the users to buy a date with HSY tokens and then customize it to build an NFT, complete its own address and ownership rights. There is a wide range of people and organizations that NFT History can potentially reach. Not only individuals can collect personal memories, or historians build a calendar of historic events, but organizations, sports clubs, athletes, enterprises can acquire dates that have value for them or their millions of fans.   

Seal the Date with an Innovative Mechanism

The users can buy a date with HSY tokens which will work as the native token on the platform. Once a user has bought the tokens, they can visit the marketplace and choose the date they wish to buy and digitize. As soon as the person places the bid, an auction round will start, which will run for 24 hours. The users need to put down at least 10 HSY tokens to buy a date. After the auction round, the user can become the sole owner of the date and then customize it to add their picture and build an NFT that they can then sell for a higher price. They can hold and stake the NFTs and wait for the price to increase before selling it for a profit. The users can also buy packages of dates allowing them to buy several dates in a single transaction. The package system is not available now, but it will be in the future; the three package deals are Thematic, Tailored, and General. 

The beta marketplace is ready to be launched, and by the metaverse embedding, the principles of the digital ecosystem will be ready by the second quarter of 2022. 

Token Distribution of HSY

Being the native token of NFT History, the HSY token will be used as the primary medium of exchange. 31% of the total token supply, which is 1 billion, will go for token sale. 5% tokens are kept aside for liquidity, and 12% are kept reserved in the treasury. 

35% are directed towards marketing and community incentives while12%is sent to the development team. Lastly, 5% of the HSY tokens are kept to be given to advisors and partners. Also, 25% of the tokens in the treasury will be burned every month. 

The advisors and investors can play a more important role in the platform as they can promote and market the platform. This will ultimately benefit the investors and advisors and only as they will get better returns with higher market adoption. 

The NFT History community can also stake the tokens and will be rewarded from the treasury. 50% of the treasury balance will be used to reward the stakers from the 2 million HST token balance that will be sent on the token generation event. 

About NFT History

NFT History brings a novel use case for the community and better opportunities for them to build a more engaging and rewarding platform. The members and users can raise requests to buy dates and embed their historic moments in them to cement their memories and important events. The users can then sell those date-oriented NFTs. 

Media Contact

Balint Dorner

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Cardano DEX Ravendex Readies For Bitmart Exchange Listing, Launching Rave NFTs Soon

Ravendex team is pleased to announce its listing on BitMart Exchange. Cardano ecosystem has evolved rapidly over the years, but despite the fact of being one of the top-performing blockchain networks, Cardano is yet to have a native Decentralized Exchange (DEX) like those found in other blockchain networks.

Ravendex is on a mission to change that narrative by building the first decentralised exchange on the Cardano ecosystem

About Ravendex

Ravendex is the first non-custodial decentralized exchange on the Cardano Blockchain that facilitates quick asset transfers and liquidity between native Cardano tokens and ADA.

Projects on the Cardano ecosystem can give liquidity to set a price which will facilitate trading of the project’s asset in a fair decentralised manner using the AMM protocol.

Cardano Blockchain cross-chain exchange uses the EUTXO model, known for its unique features, such as the ability to share liquidity across different assets in the Cardano Ecosystem.

It’s also one of the very first projects developed on The Cardano Ecosystem to utilize the recently released Alonzo Hard Fork update allowing smart contracts to deposit assets and collect interest according to predefined rules.

Ravendex Features

Ravendex aims to build a robust suite of Defi tailored services that would be powered by its utility token $Rave.

Some features of ravendex ecosystem would include:

  1. Cross-chain exchange and swap protocol. Using Ravendex, users will be able to exchange and trade native Cardano tokens in a secure environment. The eUTXO architecture provides a unique opportunity for exchanges to pool liquidity on top of the Cardano ecosystem.
  2. Staking & Yield Farming. $Rave holders can stake their tokens to earn more Rave and Exclusive Nfts.
  3. Native assets lending protocol. The pooled lending and borrowing mechanism we are developing allows users to borrow and pool assets, and this can be used for a variety of DeFi applications as well.
  4. ERC-20 / BEP-20 to Cardano converter. Project owners wishing to migrate their coins from Ethereum or Binance to the Cardano blockchain can do so with just a few clicks using our ERC-20 to Cardano Token Bridge.
  5. Peer To Pool, Pool To Peer Lending Protocol (P2P). Pooled lending contracts will make decentralized lending and crypto loans much easier to establish, as users can borrow pooled assets and pay them back at a specified time with interest.
  6. NFT Marketplace. Rave token holders can be able to list their $RAVE NFts, set a price and sell it on our marketplace.

Ravendex shall be available for trading on Bitmart exchange on the 10th of January 2022.

The Ravendex protocol will be powered by the $Rave token which is currently trading on p2pb2b and the price can be checked using Coinmarketcap.

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Contact Channels: 

Company Name: Ravendex Labs

Contact Name: Raven


Location: Dublin, Ireland


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“Meet ABGA, Create the Future” Asia Blockchain Game Alliance (ABGA) Kickoff Ceremony Held Successfully in Singapore

On January 6 2022, Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) Kickoff ceremony “Meet ABGA and Create the Future” was held successfully in Singapore.

Singapore is known as the Lion City. It is the financial centre of Asia and gathers many technological innovation companies and talents. ABGA invited Diamond and Platinum members, cooperative media and community partners, and special guests to witness the kickoff of ABGA. At the same time, many international venture capital firms and senior investors in the blockchain field, blockchain game industry pioneers, leading media platforms, industry experts in the blockchain field, and game developers focusing on technology will all meet here. Everyone had an in-depth sharing and discussion on the blockchain game field and jointly discussed the infinite possibilities of the blockchain game field in the future.

As a non-profit blockchain game alliance, ABGA was jointly initiated by leading blockchain and game industry institutions. It aims to gather industry information, screen excellent teams and companies, broaden investment horizons, promote the development of the blockchain game industry, and help Asia Power’s high-quality projects and teams are based in Asia and go to the world. Since the online pre-establishment conference at the end of November, ABGA has attracted other outstanding top organizations in the currency circle to join as diamond and platinum members. In the future, ABGA will also work with more like-minded members to enthusiastically participate in constructing the blockchain game ecosystem and grow together with the industry. Unite the Asian power of the industry to better integrate into the global blockchain game ecology and work together to promote the vigorous development and future of the worldwide blockchain game industry!

The conference was presided over by Yoka Zhou, Secretary-General of ABGA. The Kickoff Ceremony is divided into four parts: guest keynote speeches, round table discussion, ABGA launching ceremony, and free exchange reception.

ABGA President, Ninth City shareholders, YGG Singapore Director Roland Ong gave opening speeches. Roland first listed the relevant data of the current market: Up to now, the transaction volume of GameFi NFT has reached 10.7 billion US dollars. In the third quarter of 2021, the NFT transaction volume has accounted for 9% of the total expenditure of the global game industry. Meanwhile, 18 million NFT gamers have contributed an average of $600 to the NFT gaming market, and billions of gamers in Asia are stepping into the gaming metaverse. Roland said that the blockchain game field is a blue ocean full of opportunities, but at the same time, he also pointed out the many challenges that the industry is currently facing. First, there is still a gap between the number of NFT game guilds and players in blockchain games compared with the traditional game field. Traditional players have not found a clear development direction in the game metaverse. Secondly, the current NFT game guild only participates in some popular NFT games, which is likely to miss good games that may last longer or have more potential. For NFT game studios, finding suitable marketing channels to promote and build effective awareness of their games is significant.

Afterwards, experts from different fields in the industry launched an excellent roundtable discussion on the theme of “New breakthrough dimensions for blockchain gaming in the current metaverse order.” They discussed the reasons behind the popularity of GameFi, compared the differences between blockchain games and traditional games, discussed how to promote the development of GameFi from multiple perspectives, and looked forward to the development path of the GameFi market in the next 3-5 years, etc. A series of hot topics aroused the brainstorming of the audience on and off the stage.

Simon Li, the early initiator of ABGA, executive vice president of ABGA, and the founder of Chain Capital has moderated this roundtable. Speakers included Joshua Ho, advisor of YGGSEA; Prakash, CEO of blockchain game launchpad Enjinstarter; Lawrence, GameFi & Defi Director of Razer; and Nicholas Khoo, managing director of Khoo Capital. The excellent discussion also led many guests to think deeply. Yang from Morgan Stanley also put forward her views and discussed them with the roundtable guests.

After this fruitful discussion, ABGA Executive Chairman, Co-founder of Bitrise Capital, Kevin Shao, delivered a speech. He said that the blockchain gaming industry is doing very well in 2021, with many successful projects like Axie Infinity, Mobox, and My Neighbor Alice. The new trend in the crypto market is gradually shifting to the field of blockchain games, which may be the best way for the masses to enter the crypto world. At present, there are thousands of blockchain game projects on the market. It is not easy for VCs, exchanges, and even the market to select potential projects for docking, investment, and promotion. At the same time, many game studios have entered the crypto market from the traditional game market. They can create great blockchain games and endow the blockchain game industry with more value.

However, due to the lack of relevant industry knowledge, many newcomers It’s hard to survive in new territory. Also, the industry needs some standards, professional thought, and guidance to steer it in the right direction. To this end, at the end of November 2021, the Asian Blockchain Game Alliance ABGA was officially announced. Kevin emphasized that ABGA is an investment portal for investment institutions that can provide many opportunities. Through platforms like ABGA, institutions can obtain industry information, screen, filter top teams, and companies, broaden their investment horizons, and promote blockchain games. Industry development. For start-up teams, ABGA is an incubator and accelerator. Good projects can obtain high-quality financing, guidance, and industry exposure by connecting with the enormous mature blockchain game institutions covering upstream and downstream in the alliance. In conclusion, he stated that ABGA’s vision is to build a blockchain gaming ecosystem and grow with the industry.

At the end of the meeting, we ushered in the launching ceremony of the ABGA. With the 5-second countdown on the big screen, all the guests present lit up the ABGA customized Huawei bracelet in their hands to witness the official kickoff of Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance!

So far, on January 6, 2022, the Kickoff ceremony of ABGA, “Meet ABGA, Create the Future” came to a successful conclusion. In the future, ABGA  will continue to hold related alliance activities, with at least three mega-events in Singapore, a gamefi hackathon, a game competition for award-winning hackathon games and an annual awards ceremony at the end of the year, to build a blockchain game bridge in Asia and the world.



Exceptional Support:

YGG; Huobi Ventures; KuCoin; Polygon; Plutus.VC; MEXC Pioneer; FBG Capital; Enjinstarter; Spark Digital Capital; Bitrise Capital; Avatar Capital; Waterdrop Capital; Mint Ventures; The9; Chain Capital; Protocol Labs; Cryptomeria Labs; Koi Capital; BKEX; Chain Capital; Hatten; Monsta Chain; Westworld Capital; IBG; Atlantis; MetaGame Arena; CryptoBuddy and NFTb, etc.

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Son of Doge V2 Launches on Binance Smart Chain

Cape Coral, Florida, 8 Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Son of Doge V2 (SODV2) is a brand-new cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain. Which had its relaunch 4 days ago and has one of the strongest Chinese communities in the space for a project still well within its infancy.

SON OF DOGE V2 first and foremost is a community-driven project with the sole task of protecting the community, this is achieved by providing a safe environment for all. The team behind Son Of Doge v2 aims to innovate the BSC by building a project which provides a safe area for investor research, and a fun, entertaining, and especially rewarding experience for everyone involved.

The project has a solid and loyal base and is preparing to ride the market correction to its core goal. Son of Doge V2 is not playing around, with their single token staking ready to be launched within the next 48 hours and hosted directly on their website. They are already listed on CMC, CoinGecko, and Feixhaou, and are an official partner of Btok, with huge Btok advertising planned for 2022. On top of all of this, they have also booked their Certik Audit, which will be underway this week.

What happened in V1, and why is there a relaunch? 

V1 was a huge success, within 48 hours hitting a 100x to reach a 29m Market Cap, however, the founder, designer, publicist, Feixiaohao, and social media manager all left the project which created fear within the community. The remaining team banded together and locked their tokens to maintain trust whilst doing their absolute best to ensure the investors were safe. Once the new developer checked, it was realized that the original contract was ridden with issues that needed addressing. So, the team decided a relaunch with a contract that was created with a thoughtful vision was needed, ensuring easy listing on CEXs as well as many other key features.

What is planned for Son of Doge V2? 

The Son of Doge V2 is working to ensure that he leaves a much stronger mark on the world than his father, with utility being at the forefront of his vision. The staking will be live within days of this press release, and that will be a way for all early adopters to earn staking rewards while protecting the chart and ensuring a strong floor is held. With an NFT collection already underway, and NFT staking in the near future, The Son of Doge team will deliver one of the strongest eco-systems that the BSC has ever seen, and huge parts are already in development.

NFT marketplace exchange

SOD plans to have a very rare and exclusive NFT drop that will feature three different tiers, these NFTs will be unique and will enable the holders of the token to purchase them, sell them, or use them in the Son of Doge Decentralized Marketplace, the team plans to launch an Android as well as an IOS app for a better and handy user experience for their investors and users.


Son of doge v2 charges a nominal transaction tax of 8 percent on every buy and sell which further fuels the marketing and development of the project as apart from the 2 percent from the 8 percent total is used to feed the reflection rewards whereas rest of the 6 percent is used to further the development and marketing of the project.

Staking Explained

SOD has come up with a unique structure to couple reflection rewards with staking, and the holders receive rewards just by holding the token in their wallets which can be further staked to take advantage of the high Annual Percentage Yields.

Are there any risks involved? 

As with any new project in its infancy, there are always risks involved. The crypto space is unpredictable and can fluctuate. However, the reason the team has prioritized staking is as a way to protect investors. Staking will ensure that a large percentage of available supply is vested and therefore restrict the chart volatility. This is the reasoning as to why Staking was the first utility in their roadmap, as the Son of Doge is aiming to create a safe place for investors, and will introduce everything they can to ensure this happens. Anyone can buy Son of Doge V2 on Pancakeswap and Poocoin, but be sure to visit their website at to find out more information.



Media Contact

SOD Media Team
Email –

SOD Development Email

PR Contact  

Dave Ruiz

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