Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 24th May 2023 – Creative Women Platform, an international women’s organisation in UK that supports women and their professional journeys through business networking, connections and mentorship opportunities, launched the World’s First Image Scientist Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal’s book ‘Prim and Powerful’ at the grand Royal Reflections global event in London on the 12th of May 2023 at the Royal Automobile Club.The global event was in the august presence of HRH Princess Michael of Kent, HRH Princess Katarina, Princess Katya Galitzine, Princess Councillor Peace Essien, HRH Queen Ronke Ademiluyi, Lady Colin Campbell and Olga Balakleets, Founder & CEO of CW Platform amongst many prolific women business leaders and experts of the world. The event marked the coronation of King Charles III, a milestone in British history, wherein renowned women leaders and experts in different areas of business shared their thoughts through presentations and panels. On this important occasion, Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal was also honoured with the prestigious ‘Creative Women Excellence Award’ for outstanding innovative work and contribution to global society.

Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal, the ‘World’s First Image Scientist’ has been honoured with numerous international and national awards for excellence and exemplary work in the world of innovation, research, education and social impact including the Karmaveer Chakra Award by the United Nations and iCongo. She has also been bestowed with the prestigious ‘World Innovation Award – Hall of Fame Honour’ 2019; ‘Bharat Gaurav Award’ 2021, ‘Innovative Education Leadership Award for Excellence in Social Innovation & Global Impact’ 2019’; World Education Award 2018 for Innovation; ‘Global Woman of Worth’ Honour 2021, ‘Shiksha Bharati Award’ 2020, ‘1000 Women of Asia Award’ 2021, ‘Naari Udyamita Puraskar’ 2018, WEF Exceptional Leader of Excellence Award 2021, ‘Indian Excellence Award’ 2021, ‘Maharashtra Ratna Puraskar’ 2023 and ‘The Most Inspiring Woman of the Earth’ 2022 amongst others.

Dr. Kuiljeit has also been awarded the distinguished honour of ‘Genius Polymath’ for being an Image Scientist, an Aviator, an Educationist, an Author, a Creative Director and an Entrepreneur amongst other diverse roles that she performs. Dr. Kuiljeit is also an Independent Director certified by IICA, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. She is the National President of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry for Life Skills, the G-100 India Chairperson for Values & Volunteerism, and the ALL India Chairperson for Image Management.

Dr. Kuiljeit is the first PhD holder in Image Management, with three master’s degrees in diverse areas like Business Administration, Journalism and Mass Communications, and English Literature, apart from several other contrasting certifications to her credit, she has about three decades of work experience exploring a diverse career path in Image Management, Aviation Education, Information Technology, Advertising, Media, Research and Education.

Her extensive research has contributed to the world of academia and management, specifically the Science of PRIM (Persona and Image Management), the multidisciplinary subject that she has pioneered, as well as life skills and strategic self-management for augmentation of an individual’s persona and image. She is on a mission to make a difference to the persona and image of the people of the world to be more self-reliant, confident, authentic, powerful and incredible versions of themselves. She has created innovative models and scientifically devised concepts like PRIM, D-PRIM, PRIMEA, PRIMPACT Integrated Transformational Model, TILSOM Framework and PIQ, the world’s first ever Persona and Image Quotient and has been applauded in India and the world over, for her work and volume of contribution in making a powerful difference to the persona and image of individuals and enhancement of life skills.

This Impact Strategist’s mantra of ‘selfless contribution’ and desire to make a positive difference to global society led her on her personal mission to help individuals, in particular, the youth and women to understand the science of PRIM in order to be able to make a powerful difference to their entire persona and image, as well as amplify their life skills in a sustainable manner. In line with her global mission she authored ‘PRIM and POWERFUL’ a not-for-profit book, to kindle the potential of the youth and professionals across industries and profiles towards enhancing their inner, outer and social skills, creating great impact, and making them productive contributors to their nations.

Dr. Kuiljeit dreams of a global society where the image of every person is so potent that it articulates stability, authenticity and sustainability. Her book covers the various elements of persona, image and strategic self-management which will help people to enhance their self-worth and soar into the skies on the wings of confidence. It will also augment their professional journey as well as enrich their employability skills and build their coping mechanisms in life. This book is the ‘first of its kind’ ever in the world and will be reaching people across latitudes and longitudes digitally as well as in printed versions. It is also planned to circulate in universities across the world for the benefit of students and their future in today’s dynamic world.

As a thought leader, celebrity mentor and transformation speaker, Dr. Kuiljeit has passionately engaged with society at all levels to build their self-concept, mind set and resolve to be meaningful contributors to their communities and countries. As office bearer of multiple women organisations in India and around the world, she works towards bringing about policies and creating a robust eco system for empowerment of women globally.

Rarely does one come across an individual whose personality and achievements are ‘Limited Edition’. Simply exceptional and amazingly incredible, Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal, the Polymath, Impact Strategist and ‘Scientist-preneur’, authenticates the remarkable mix of intelligence, talent, progressive thought, dynamism and perseverance in conjunction with a humble and giving heart that endeavours to selflessly contribute to humanity in some way or the other.

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