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Plato Farm completed its $5 million IDO in 13 hours!

At 15:00 UTC on January 14, 2022, Plato Farm launched IDO, and more than 5,000 users fought for the IDO quota. Affected by this IDO, the gas fee on the ETH chain soared by 30% for a short period of time. In 13 hours, a total of 1 million PLATO tokens were all sold out.

About the IDO:

Total supply: 1 million

Fundraising: $5 million

Price: $5

Quota per participant: $500-$5000

About the IDO participants:

Participants who completed the KYC: 100,000

Participants who passed the KYC: 13,000

Participants who lined up in the IDO: 5,600

Participants who successfully completed the IDO: 2,547

Plato Farm is an NFT game that supports the HRC721, HRC1155, and ERC1155 protocols. Players need to grow crops and raise livestock on their farms to earn MARK and PLATO tokens. The current valuation of Plato Farm is $300 million, and has obtained investments from well-known institutional investors such as Chronos Ventures, BlockVenture, Huobi VenturesFormless, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, OP Crypto, Web4 Ventures, Cipholio Ventures, ZBS Capital, Chain Broker, CryptoDep, Vadym Piholenko, Gagarin Crypto, Gcrypto Media, Top 7 ICO, Block Patch, Incrypted , Bitwired, Magic Enterprises, CryptoPhd, etc.

Plato Farm allows players or communities to set up their own guilds. It allows players to provide commissions or rent NFTs to other players, and hire other players to play the game, so as to increase their income. Token holders can hire other players to play for them, so that they can make a profit without playing the game, and the hired player can play the game without any investment.

In the game, players can choose characters according to their specialties. They can elect a leadership committee through guilds or DAO governance, who will decide the best way or best people to spend the money. The Treasury shall be set up to make governance recommendations. Different characters will have different capital needs. Some players will focus on accumulating or harvesting certain types of products. Through the division of labor, Plato Farm is more in line with the working reality in the real world, thereby making the development more efficient, and generating more income.

Development potential when compared with its peers.

Comparison with FarmsWorld, another farming blockchain game:

The game is currently in the pre-launch of the GAMMA version, and players can only participate through ways like whitelisting. As of this writing, the total number of NFT transactions has been 1,067,981. Over 20,000 addresses hold the NFT assets of the game.

After analyzing multiple indicators such as the number of registered users, daily active users, and the number of addresses holding the NFTs, it can be seen that the market performances of the two projects are similar. FarmersWorld is currently with more registered users and the price of NFT is higher. The basic investment threshold of PlatoFarm is 200U~500U, while that of the FarmersWorld is above 4000U. If the number of users and the NFT prices of Plato Farm and FarmersWorld are similar, the market value of PLATO will be 8~20 times that of Farmersworld, reaching $6 billion to $16 billion.

The outstanding market value of Plato Farm’s peers is about $800 million. If this is the case for PLATO, its price will at least reach 100U, or even reach the 400U in theory, an 80X increase from the IDO,

The tokenomics of MARK

MARK is the circulating token in Palto Farm. It serves as the medium of exchange in the game. General items and props in the game are anchored to MARK, and players must use MARK to purchase these items. When players use Mark to buy items, Mark will be repurchased and burned by the system. The only way to get MARK is to complete missions and work in the game (through planting, breeding, processing, etc.). The ratio of MARK earned by completing tasks and working is 2:8. The output of MARK is based on the increase or decrease of the game’s GDP. When the game GDP increases, the MARK supply will increase according to the F(X) function, and when the game GDP decreases, the MARK supply will decrease according to the F(X) function. Whatever the case is, the daily output will not exceed 10 million.

Whether to increase the MARK supply is determined by the game GDP. Each additional issuance will be written into the blockchain, be publicized, and be able to check on the chain. Therefore, with the boom of the game ecology, the MARK will only affect the user experience reasonably and will bring more income sources to users.

Besides the gaming income, MARK can also help players to earn other income in Plato Farm, such as being staked for PLATO mining.

Price estimation of PLATO

At the beginning of PLATO’s listing, there were only 2 million PLATOs in circulation, and was only open to the private placement, with a 5% of monthly release. For other releasing information, please check the above figure. According to its IDO platform Tokensoft, an international public offering platform, the IDO price was only 5U per PLATO. All told, the outstanding market value of PLATO was only $10 million. If it can reach the same outstanding market value as its peers, that is, $800 million, the price of Plato shall reach 400U! Besides, players need to consume PLATO to buy NFTs in the game. This will greatly reduce the outstanding number of PLATO, making it even rarer and more valuable. Therefore, its price is bound to rise from the 5U IDO price, and shoot up to 100U, a 20X increase! Its outstanding market cap will reach $200 million! It seems that Plato Farm must consider controlling the rapid growth of PLATO prices, in order to maintain healthy and reasonable growth.

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Through web3.0, Melos Studio strives to hold up the lost empire of music

Compared with other artists, music creators are more vulnerable to frustration and to lose their creative passion. Since the very beginning of human civilization, music has accompanied human society and undergone various changes. However, most of the time we don’t even know the creators of many familiar melodies and music around us, and society seldom pays attention to or gives back to them.

This has plagued many music creators, and is the main reason why the music industry has become a lost empire.

The Music Industry Is Built on Artists, but Shuns Creators

The following is a quote from Dave Edwards on Future:

“The music business has practiced reductive and punitive copyright policies and failed at building immersive, community-based ecosystems on top of its substantial IP. In its current form, music is seen as disposable, easily replaceable not just with video games but podcasts, audiobooks, and news.

The music industry must fundamentally reconsider what both copyright and major project releases look like today. By creating universal copyright “rails” to unlock user-generated content (UGC) at scale, the music industry can reclaim its reputation for innovation, convincingly compete with other forms of entertainment, and forge a new, fan-focused future.”

With the ever-changing Internet, music creators are gradually shunned by the “attention economy”. On one hand, it is difficult for individuals to compete with huge streaming media platforms, copyright companies, and professional celebrity teams. On the other hand, affected by various algorithms, the income of music creators has begun to plummet, and many musicians have to cater to the market demands.

There is an urgent need for a new ecology to support music creators with material feedback and help them to maintain their creative passion.

Web3 is regarded as the clarion call for the revolution of creator economy

Sounds of Longinus is a trilogy album released by a mystery  music creator named John Keynes in the Discord community of Melos. The first song, Song of Destruction, was minted into 4000 NFTs. With the support of Melos, those NFTs were grabbed within 15 seconds.

However, what has attracted the attention and  continuous discussion from the community is the deeper reason behind Melos’ support for such a mysterious musician.

“Melos gives music lovers like us a platform to freely and openly showcase our musical values, and I would like to release a few pieces of music I have written on the Melos platform as my debut stage. My current plan is to upload three pieces of music, and then, I will disappear like Satoshi Nakamoto, the only true god on the blockchain, to pay my tribute to him.

I will call this trilogy: Sounds of Longinus

I believe that the goodness of mankind can create the future; I believe that God will give His kindness and peace to all of us, and I firmly believe that everyone will be happy.

But still, with the heaviest heat, I will write music, and may more people awaken.

That the heavens will ring with hymns and sweet music.

And I will no longer even sing. —Epitaph for Keynes

The above is the declaration made by John Keynes before the release of Song of Destruction. The declaration attracted the attention of the Discord community administrator, who contacted the Melos official. Melos and John Keynes reached an agreement that the Music NFT would be publicly distributed on Melos Studio and free to mint. John Keynes would use the digital royalties to support musicians and charities on the Melos Music NFT platform.

From the declaration and his name, John Keynes, it can be seen that he had studied the entire Web3.0 creation and the music NFT platforms, before he decided to release his music on Melos. Melos and its fans thanked his trust in their unique ways.

He hopes to use music to convey culture, carry culture, and even to reach people’s hearts and souls more directly than words, so as to have a wider influence on people’s thinking and actions. John Keynes’ behavior has given Web3.0 a more profound meaning-to use his royalties to support and motivate future musicians.

Melos is striving to hold up the lost empire of music

The act of John Keynes is like the clarion call for revolution. There are also many details in the market which have proved the correctness of this difficult yet necessary revolution.

But the music consumption experience in 2021 is not fundamentally different from that 40 years ago. There is still a lack of mechanisms to directly support musicians, and there are almost no measures taken to attract consumers to pay.

Almost everyone knows that musicians can only receive an average of less than 3% of the commercial value generated by the copyright of their creation.

However, looking at the economic and cultural wealth created by top musicians from a macro level, it reveals a completely different reality.

From a cultural perspective, musicians are the most powerful creators across all cultural industries. 3 of the top 4 most followed Twitter accounts are musicians. 23 of the top 50 Instagram accounts are musicians, while only 6 are athletes. When the followers of all mainstream social media platforms add up, the trend remains the same: musicians are the most followed people in the world.

The top music creators are one of the wealthiest celebrities in the world. However, the strange thing is that their wealth is rarely driven by the music itself: a creator conveys great cultural importance through their music, but the importance is reflected in a completely different industry.

The deeper reason for this phenomenon is that streaming media makes it difficult for music creators to make a living, let alone to make a fortune. This is why the music industry must fundamentally think about the potential for interactivity, community building, and immersion.

On FUTURE, a content sharing platform directly managed by A16Z, Dave Edwards summarized his thoughts on the music industry under the WEB3.0 creator economy with the following sentence:

“I am calling for the industry to invest in building the technological backbone—the ‘copyright rails’—that will enable limitless remixing, meddling, and reinterpretation of any commercial work while ensuring the original rights holders are compensated.”

After carefully observing this sentence, “enable limitless remixing, meddling, and reinterpretation of any commercial work while ensuring the original rights holders are compensated”. Isn’t this just the application scenario of the Melos DNAtree for music NFT? !

The above quotes are from an article by Dave Edwards, which was published in FUTURE on October 5, 2021. In the end, I will quote Dave Edwards and John Keynes on Discord to sum up this article.

“Music has an inherent and powerful advantage: its creators are the arbiters of pop culture, driving our collective reality forward with their creations, memes, and syntax. The combination of music’s cultural influence with a more progressive view of what music can be in the 21st century would likely be a truly powerful force for the industry, artists, and fans around the world. It’s one I sincerely hope we get to see.”

 —-Dave Edwards

“At a time when I am at a loss for the rights and benefits of being a musician, I see the opportunities that Melos brings to the music industry, which is one of the reasons why I am here to speak out.”

Hopefully my little efforts, with the help of Melos, will lead to more opportunities for more musicians and people who care about the community.”

—John Keynes

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Create Your Own Signature Scent With Perfume Workshop

As part of Singapore’s Floral Heritage celebration, create a one-of-a-kind scent that matches your perfume personality at Perfume Workshop. From team building to romantic date activity for couples, Perfume Workshop offers perfume making workshops for any event.

The uniqueness and aim of Perfume Workshop’s perfume making activity is to best match a specific perfume scent to an individual’s personality. To know what perfume personality match you are, we conduct a perfume personality test based on MBTI (Myers Briggs) before starting any workshops. A similar test can also be found on our website for those interested in finding out. Depending on your perfume personality type – citrus, fresh, floral, woody, and oriental – we want to help you enjoy while crafting a signature scent that you will use daily. Most of our perfume oils’ ingredients are themed around celebrating Asian ingredients and include the 266 variants of orchids native to Singapore as well as orchids from other parts of Asia. Our perfumes are also categorized according to gender, so the ingredients used might differ accordingly.

Perfume Workshop offers perfume making workshops for various events. The workshops are popular among bridal showers and couples seeking something unique. With the social distancing restriction, we also provide a virtual perfume workshop in which we will deliver the necessary perfume making kit straight to your doorstep. The workshop will be conducted through zoom. You can make soaps, diffusers, and scented candles with the kit. It is a great team-building activity to promote corporate wellness and allow colleagues to better understand and empathise with one another. We also offer aromatherapy activities held at our headquarter or at your own location.

Fragrance plays a vital role in our life. We aim to help connect our attendees better with their sense of smell. Smell and emotions have been found to be processed by the same cortex of the brain. Scientific studies have shown that aromas impact our mood and emotions. A happy person sleeps better, recovers faster, and is generally in a more relaxed state of mind. The right scent can help promote a general improvement in mental health.

As part of celebrating Singapore’s floral heritage, we have partnered with Sentosa in their upcoming attraction, Scentopia. Currently, open only to Sentosa Island and NTUC cardholders, Scentopia has unique interactive exhibits and perfume making workshops that allow guests to craft Singapore perfumes unique to individuals uniquely. Suppose you are interested in attending any of our workshops. In that case, we also conduct them at our main headquarters at Goodman Art Center. For more information on the workshops we offer, go to to find out more.

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Discover An Aromatic World With Scentopia Singapore, New tourist attraction at Sentosa

Explore the fabulous world of aromas as Sentosa unveils its latest attraction, Scentopia, to invite guests to celebrate Singapore’s floral heritage. The newest attraction on the island will consist of guided tours, interactive exhibits, and workshops.

Located along Siloso Beach, Scentopia promises fun and interactive activities that introduce guests to familiar scents unique to Singapore. There will be four free interactive tours throughout the day, each lasting approximately 15 minutes. Our in-house guides will bring guests through our scented exhibits. The exhibits are divided into three sections with over 300 augmented-reality (AR) enabled artworks. All you require is a smart device and the Facebook application to enjoy this unique experience.

As digitalization and personalization are becoming popular in Singapore, Scentopia also aims to bring touchless innovation to our guests. Guests can create their very own unique perfume, bath oil, room scent, candle, and reed diffuser through a state-of-the-art digitized perfume making machine at a cost. Using an individual perfume personality assessment, the system will decide the type of scent that best suits you. From there, guests are given 20 choices out of 6000 scents to choose from, where two different scented cocktail samples are made for them to decide. Guests then can take the selected sample design to the perfume making bar station, where there will be a perfumer who will mix and pack the perfume cocktail into a 100ml bottle for you to bring home. There will be 50-80% discounted tickets for perfume making at various sales channels.

Singapore fragrance is a universal language. Wherever we go, we identify easily with Singapore, primarily through Singlish and the smell of food. Scentopia’s theme centres around fragrances found in Singapore. Scentopia also organizes workshops and parties. Scentopia is currently open to Sentosa and NTUC cardholders only. So stay tuned for more updates and check for more information.

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Privapp Network Announces Their Most-Awaited Wallet and Game Release in January

Privapp Network is all set for its remarkable journey into the mass-scale adoption of Web 3.0 on a worldwide scale. This new generation of privacy-based web technologies is believed to be the future of Web 3.0, marking its position with the introduction of their robust and proficient application. Web 3.0 has been, more or less, a topic with mixed critique. Privapp Network is obsessed and guided in changing the direction, eventually bringing the whole world to talk about the project and its sustenance.

To make sure Privapp and Web 3.0 are proceeding in the right direction, the network is continually working on developing the application and the complete ecosystem. The tools and use cases offered by Privapp are quite straightforward and to-the-point, which is a direct representation of a modern-day digital solution. Privapp is focused on bringing privacy-based web technologies, living up as an answer to all downsides of the contemporary Internet.

Privapp is an answer to the future of Web 3.0, as stated above. However, what makes it a promising investment is its approach to development. Privapp has been working on its Wallet and official game for a while, nearing its release in January 2022. What makes Privapp valuable is its diligence in providing privacy-based technology at all levels. Not only does the project focus on its dedicated domains, but it also features its personal hosting and browser for extending all major development and browsing experience across Web 3.0.

This revolutionary project has a lot planned for its ecosystem. With the plausible announcements and developments across the network, Privapp is a two-year Web 3.0 project that has built a very convincing role in the Web 3.0 ecosystem. The project has based every tool and feature across the concept of “privacy.” The project has designed a complete plan for its users. Once the users buy their domain across the network, they can set up their websites and present the world with their work and talent, similar to how people operate across websites. However, this ecosystem is yet to be presented within Privapp Network by February 2022. Privapp is looking forward to introducing their demo version of their ecosystem by February.

The network believes that 2022 is going to be the year Privapp flourishes as the project of the future. While directing many users into its ecosystem, the project actually wants to make a difference in the Web 3.0 community with its privacy-based systems. For this, Privapp looks forward to a near launch of their Web Hosting services. With all the use cases defined, developers at Privapp believe that the time for the world to be known of this revolutionary venture has come.

With ascertained announcements, Privapp Network wishes as many investors as possible into the network before the estimated launches of the use cases across the network.

About the Company

Privapp Network, a company based in Switzerland, is based on its vision of providing the world with a new idea for Web 3.0. The project has set up a secure system of services within an ecosystem of decentralized cryptocurrency. As it operates with its dedicated token and system, the network is looking forward to adding in different services relating to web technologies while combining them with the existing crypto ecosystems for bringing the community into Web 3.0 services.

Media Contact:

Privapp Network
Website  | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram

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Facebook’s rebranding itself into Meta has pushed the keyword “Metaverse” to the top position of the  buzzworld list. While there are many different interpretations of this concept, the commonly accepted one refers to a technological effort that brings our experience in this physical world (i.e., this universe) up and beyond (i.e., meta). 

Current implementations of metaverse mostly focus on Video games and Virtual reality. Second Life, a video game debuting almost two decades ago and incorporating various aspects of social media into a persistent virtual world, is typically referred to as the first metaverse. Multiplayer online games with involved social functions are another example. Besides Video games, Virtual reality (VR) is another key beneficiary of the metaverse development. Facebook Horizon, a social VR launched in 2019, and Microsoft’s 2017 AltspaceVR acquisition are among the first initiatives. Nonetheless, the potential implementations and use-cases of metaverse go far beyond video games and virtual reality. In fact, the potential is as great as bringing a form of immortality to our every existence. Philosophically speaking, our existence comprises not only our bodies, but also souls and minds. While medical advances have made significant progress in prolonging our life-expectation, other technologies have brought to the table various discussions surrounding mind uploading, or whole brain emulation, which represents one’s mental state in digital form. Now, by fusioning the power of exponential technologies which are Blockchain and AI, we can create an intelligence metaverse in which our minds dwell. Never before there is such a quest that is as ambitious and long-lastingly impactful as Intelligence Metaverse. 

If the above line of arguments sound somewhat science-fiction to you, rest assured that it is not. A recent Crypto ft. Artificial Intelligent project called ZenFi AI sets out to do exactly just that. They aim to construct a so-called Intelligent Metaverse. ZenFi AI’s initiative comprises of three key  pillars:

First, there must be a way to somehow extract and transfer human’s intelligence onto the blockchain. ZenFi AI combines computational neuroscience and neuroinformatics to emulate human beings’ mental state by a series of computer codes. By bringing such codes on-chain, and denoting them under a format of NFTs, ZENFI AI can tokenize human intelligence and store its representation on an everlasting storage of blockchain.

The second  pillar focuses on providing incentives and serves as an economic backbone for ZenFi’s metaverse, which is simply called Train-To-Earn. Once created, an intelligent NFT may continue to learn, adapt and evolve. In our Train-to-Earn incentive model, one can either pay others to provide valuable dataset on which their own intelligent NFTs could learn and train. Alternatively, one can also let their well-trained intelligent NFTs interact with others, providing intelligent services, thereby earning service fee.  

The third pillar revolves around interactions and exchanges between its inhabitant entities. Intelligent NFTs in our metaverse shall be able to provide intelligent services. In the current blockchains’ architecture, smart contracts or other autonomous agents are not able to communicate with the real world solely by themselves. The contemporary solutions are Oracles. However, these oracles will eventually pale in comparison with the intelligent NFTs that offer intelligence services in the intelligent metaverse. 

The project announces its native token, called ZENFI, and stated that the public offerings will be open in approximately 4 weeks from this time of writing. It is too early to judge if this will make a bang, but it is definitely worthy of our attention.

Media Contacts

  • Website: 
  • Email:
  • Twitter: 
  • Telegram:
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King Forever Announces an Entertaining Decentralized Ecosystems

Cape Coral, Florida, 16 Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, KING FOREVER is dedicated to building sustainable, user-centric and entertaining decentralized ecosystems.

The game is founded on the belief that gamification shouldn’t just be a gimmick. Motivated by creating games that above all, are fun and easy to use, KING FOREVER emphasizes the importance of generating value through fun to attract players beyond the die-hard crypto trading industry.

An RPG-style game on the Binance Smart Chain, KING FOREVER is a standalone and innovative platform that delivers a gaming experience and top-notch interfaces that allow gamers to have fun while producing profits.

A community-driven, automatic yield generating hyper-deflationary token created on the Binance Smart Chain, don’t confuse kingforever with other shit-coins/meme coins just because it is a hyper-deflationary token, the team behind the token loves the idea of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing games (MMORPG) and cryptocurrency as they both have the ability to disrupt barriers and build global communities. Kingforever implements multiple cutting-edge cryptocurrency mechanisms such as seamless yield generation through reflection, automatic liquidity pool, deflationary tokenomics, and more.


Kingforever strives to be the largest adventure role-playing game ever to be built on the Binance Smart Chain, to play the game you will need the $KFR, kingforever token- a solid utility token with manual highlights and burns. $KFR has been carefully designed to be an ideal investment that will grow exponentially in the upcoming years along with new utilities over time because of the continued development to make $KFR the perfect coin.


After a lot of extensive research, kingforever identified several issues with existing yield generation tokens and has come up with a solution for the same,

Centralized control?

The king believes in Decentralized governance: Most of the tokens launched on the Binance Smart Chain are controlled by a small team of people. Investing in such projects requires you to put your trust in the team and most of the time you don’t even know how they look, you only hear their voices on Voice sessions they host, all in all, their identities are anonymous to the public. Even if they do disclose their identities to the public, they hold the keys to the contract and can manipulate certain parameters or even drain the liquidity in turn rugging the project, leaving investors at the mercy of developers just doesn’t sound right, so what’s different with $KFR? First and foremost the team behind kingforever is doxxed, which means their identities are publicly known and secondly they have already released a roadmap that gives insight into how they plan to fully decentralize their protocol, they have developed their smart contract in such a manner that it is fully ready for decentralized governance.

Security threats are the least of your worries: Since most of the tokens launched in the Binance Smart Chain space require the investors to trust that the contract owners don’t pose any malicious intent since BSC is known for most of the scams that happen in the crypto space.


With a total supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000 tokens, $KFR is subjected to a total tax of 13 percent which further breaks down into 3 percent holder rewards, which means that 3 percent of every transaction is redistributed to the token holder. That means you can earn more $KFR just by holding them in your wallet, 2% percent will be used for manual buybacks, 4 percent will go to the marketing, and the rest of the 4 percent will be used to stabilize the liquidity pool, furthermore, the initial liquidity is locked for  3 years.


The team behind $KFR has planned it from the start that the kingforever will be undertaken by decentralized governance once the token is self-sustainable and fully developed. The team has implemented multiple safeguards, the owner of the contract that is the team is publicly doxxed, there are no pre-launch sales, and half of the liquidity is locked. The second half of the liquidity is not permanently locked due to upcoming near-future developments like a new decentralized exchange (DEX). Timed locking will allow the team to re-evaluate the landscape at timed intervals to see if any changes are required, any planned changes will be voted on for investor’s approval. If no changes are required, the wallets will be locked again immediately. Other than that $KFR will be audited by Certik or Tech rate.





PR Contact –

Dave Ruiz

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Introducing – $SIMP, the #1 Entertainment Token

$SIMP offers a unique solution to the issues faced by creators and consumers. By using blockchain technology to power their payment processing service for content providers, $SIMP aims to restore the freedom of content platforms to excite and entertain in an online social setting without interference from traditional financial institutions.

Ending Chargebacks and Extortionate Fees

To circumvent high-percentage transaction fees charged banks and payment providers for processing adult transactions, the $SIMP Token: 

  • Creates a bridging transaction between creators and banks, preventing transactions from being labelled as “high risk,” and protecting creators from the exorbitant fee structures that come with such designations.
  • Offers consumers the ability to protect their identity when purchasing content online and secure their right to privacy. Once the tokens are moved from an exchange to a DeFi wallet, they cease to be attached anything bearing the $SIMP holder’s personal information.
  • Eliminates the potential for “friendly frauds,” chargebacks, and illegitimate refunds by denying any third party the ability to move tokens between any two users without their owner digitally signing off on the transaction at the time it occurs.
  • Removes the ability of malicious third-parties to execute the theft of financial information through the use of legitimate-looking payment forms on deceptive websites designed to capture and fraudulently use credit card information.

The Core Team

The $SIMP team boasts a roster of highly dedicated, capable and skilled professionals who have publicly stated in the project’s whitepaper their plans for $SIMP to reach a minimum market capitalization target value of $150m, and expressed optimism about the token reaching significantly higher values in 2022 and beyond.

As of this writing, the team consists of:

CEO Ben Sansom: Ben has worked with some of the biggest names in corporate, sports, and entertainment over the course of his 8 year marketing career, with his primary focus being the setup and explosive growth of start-up projects.

COO James Hague: James is a qualified accountant with experience in numerous industries including commodities, gaming, and high-end sports cars. James brings with him the strong network he’s developed throughout his career, including through his work with some of the highest-performing McKinsey consultants in the Transformational sector.

Lead Developer Thomas Sileghem: Thomas has 7 years of experience in Web & Software Development apart from being involved in blockchain development for over 6 years, Thomas was responsible for building PocketStars & RocketStars and led the integration of $SIMP onto both the platforms.

Angel Investor: $SIMP’s anonymous investor has built and scaled businesses that are collectively worth billions of dollars. Having been a key component in multiple Silicon Valley startups, this investor offers highly valuable consultation to the team, and continues to leverage their extensive network within the tech, finance and crypto sectors to support the continued expansion of $SIMP.

$SIMP’s Rapidly-Developing Network

Having been integrated as a payment method on two content platforms, PocketStars and RocketStars, since its’ October launch, $SIMP has demonstrated its’ viability both as a stable payment processing tool and as a sustainable crypto token in a notably volatile market. This network of partnerships continues to grow with the recent announcement that popular retailer Phreak will also begin accepting the token as payment on their website. 

Additional partnerships include the digital business card provider Slink and xxxNifty, which controls a large NFT marketplace.

These brands offered some remarks on their partnerships with $SIMP:

SLINK – Your Digital Business Card

“Many PocketStars content creators were already using the Slink Platform, so it only seemed like a natural progression to build and develop our partnership with $SIMP. For the future, deeper integrations between ourselves will see $SIMP being pushed to our mainstream users as a simple and reliable payment service.”

PHREAK – Adult Fantasy Toys

“We are delighted to be partnering with $SIMP, bringing more pleasure to a wider Phreak community. We’ve worked with PocketStars creators several times before, so it was important for us to support and help them with the amazing work they’re doing, but also important to know how these guys see the world and how much they care about providing quality products and services.”

In late November, $SIMP began trading on BitMart, a Top-40 centralized crypto exchange by volume, and the development team announced yesterday that the token will also be listed on LBank, a truly trusted CEX.

Content creators have expressed a dire need for a secure, anonymous payment method that will allow them to earn a living on fair terms and protect consumers’ right to privacy; $SIMP is uniquely positioned to offer solutions to problems within the industry that have been, until now, unavoidable.

Magnetizing Talent

In addition to the many brand relationships the $SIMP team is cultivating, they have found themselves receiving numerous correspondences from $SIMP holders with great interest in joining the team on their mission.

In the last month, two new recruits have joined the team full-time: 

Head of Talent, Poppy Evans: With a following of over 100,000 generated over just two years in the adult industry, Poppy has developed a strong passion for the income security of fellow creators. Her perspective allows the team to examine its’ development course from a creator’s perspective and ensure that the team’s actions are perpetually in line with its’ stated mission and values.

Director of Content, Matthew Killinger: In addition to his writing talent, Matthew brings with him the flexible planning and organizational abilities developed over the course of his building management career, and consistently enables the simultaneous execution of multiple projects with efficacy.

Powering the Payment Processing Solution

The $SIMP team is constantly evaluating means to improve their already-functional payment processing system, and have embarked on a campaign to optimize it for ease-of-use, convenience, and efficiency as they pursue mass adoption across their host platforms.

The most imminent upgrades, announced in the company’s recently-released Whitepaper 2.0, will bring: 

  • The addition of an on-ramp, allowing credit cards to be used on platform for fiat-to-crypto transactions without the need for a crypto exchange
  • A $SIMP/USD toggle, allowing creators and retailers to split their earnings between USD and $SIMP at a percentage of their choosing
  • UI improvements, and several new interfaces designed to make every interaction with $SIMP as simple and intuitive as possible.

NFTs and expansion into the Metaverse

In addition to building a cryptocurrency token, $SIMP has announced the development of an NFT marketplace, where they intend to collaborate with PocketStars creators to mint NFTs tied to real-life content creators and underpinned by collectability, customization mechanics, and gamification to offer a truly unique product in an emerging market.

The optimized payment processing solution will be the bedrock that $SIMP’s adult Metaverse is built upon. Once established, the world will include NFT marketplaces, merchandise stores, and social hangouts such as the $SIMP Lounge. 

Upon the injection of their core community and 16,000+ content creators, it will become a living, breathing world; the $SIMP Metaverse, first of its’ kind.

The Whitepaper

In keeping with their dedication to transparency, the $SIMP team has published one of the most well-written, cohesive, and in-depth whitepapers seen in the market to date. If you would like further details on the project, they can be found within this 37-page document at


Content creators have expressed a dire need for a secure, anonymous payment method that will allow them to earn a living on fair terms and protect consumers’ right to privacy; $SIMP is uniquely positioned to offer solutions to problems within the industry that have been, until now, unavoidable.

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Proof of Fusion to Reveal the Largest Humanitarian Activation in History

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates– Proof of Fusion is an impact-driven organization that focuses on the world’s most important causes while creating a better future for humanity through blockchain technology. In partnership with BigCityBeats, the inaugural Proof of Fusion event taking place trackside during Formula One this weekend on Yas Island will formally announce the launch of Space Club Kitchen invented by Bernd Breiter, the first international, global and orbital event connecting restaurants and kitchens around the world with the International Space Station (ISS) to inspire one of the biggest food donations in history and serve over one billion meals to those in need in a single day. Space Club Kitchen will take place in March of 2022 and live stream from the ISS to more than 50 iconic event locations around the globe to billions of viewers in what is predicted to be the largest humanitarian activation in modern day history. Space Club Kitchen has partnered with the largest chef association in the world to work with over 12.5 million chefs who will cook the same recipe alongside over 50 celebrity chefs while streaming live with astronaut, Dr. Matthias Maurer and his space colleagues from the ISS.

“We bring the whole world to one table and thus unite through the two universal languages: Music and Culinary, all of humanity,’ – Bernd Breiter, CEO and Founder of BigCityBeats.

In the renowned Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Proof of Fusion is bringing together global leaders in blockchain, investment, charity and government alongside recognized celebrities and entertainers to create a one-of-a-kind experience for its inaugural event taking place, the Rich List Terrace at W Hotel on Yas Island tomorrow evening, Saturday, December 11th during the historic Formula One race weekend.

The organization has brought together the most well-respected and recognized partners to put on this unique experience creating a network effect guided by the top ‘network of networks’ organizations in the fields of sport, investment, blockchain, media, and entertainment. Fittingly, the Title Sponsor of this inaugural event is Unbounded Network, a decentralized platform that brings leading blockchain technologies, organizations and projects together. Unbounded Network connects users, apps and ecosystems across multiple blockchain networks in a seamless way and is about to show-case its cross-chain Unbounded Wallet{TM} at the event.

Proof of Fusion’s ‘network of networks’ initiative has guided the organization to activate the sports and entertainment ecosystem through (i) Formula One which playing host to the its first event, (ii) the DAVOS ecosystem through Richard Strombeck, co-Founder of Neoflow Asset Management, (iii) the blockchain ecosystem through Draper Goren Holm and (iv) the media ecosystem through an exclusive strategic media partnership for the Middle East with ITP Live. ITP Live is a subsidiary of ITP Media Group, the largest media company in the Middle East, with a portfolio of more than 75 brands, over 225 iconic events per year and a monthly audience reach of 104.6 million in the Gulf Region and beyond. Disruptive World is a strategic partner of Proof of Fusion to provide additional support with incubating and accelerating all aspects of the greater organization.

“We have chosen to host our first-ever Proof of Fusion event in Abu Dhabi because the UAE is a melting pot of international cultures and is globally recognized as a leader in driving technology and cultural initiatives that support a better future for all of humanity. With the UAE’s 2030 vision of building an open, efficient, effective and globally integrated business environment, we are well aligned and in sync with all that the UAE stands for in its mission as the global hub for the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said Evan Klassen, co-Founder of Proof of Fusion.

The Founders of Proof of Fusion, Evan Klassen (international investor and serial entrepreneur), Matthias Mende (Founder of the Bonuz Market) and Bally Singh (Founder of Richlist) are excited to launch this event and activate global ecosystems to further humanitarian causes through world leaders, innovators and new technologies.

Surprise celebrities will be announced as well as new partnerships throughout the star-studded evening Saturday, December 11th.

About Proof of Fusion

Proof of Fusion is the alchemical crucible for co-creating magic at the intersection of all noble pursuits. Proof of Fusion is a one-of-a-kind event studio that brings entrepreneurs, thought leaders in blockchain, crypto and NFT, philanthropists, visionaries, entertainers, artists, investors and government leaders together for unique experiences that all revolve around changing the world for good and creating a better future for humanity. Learn more at

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Unbounded: Official Sponsor of the First Proof of Fusion Global Event at the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Unbounded Network Foundation is proud to sponsor a star-studded event held on December 11th at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, during the F1 race weekend to demonstrate the potential of merging the world of cryptos and NFTs with Sports, Technology, and Entertainment.

The creation of Unbounded Network stemmed from the urge of connecting resources, knowledge, and intelligence beyond any boundaries, the same urge that pushed its founder, Jonathan Levi, an early blockchain entrepreneur, to embark on a professional and personal journey of transition from building isolated proprietary systems for banks and other financial institutions to building shared marketplaces with highly collaborative tools.

Since its foundation in 2018, the highly scalable, decentralized, and cross-chain Unbounded platform helped to connect users, apps, and ecosystems across multiple blockchain networks, even when they reside on different clouds, and gradually connected multiple blockchains together. Unbounded created a hybrid model of public and permissioned access control management that enables the best-of-all-worlds blockchain experience, for users and developers alike.

Unbounded looked at the world without the bounds and beyond sectorial logic made of crypto silos and watertight compartments,” explains Levi. “And this vision became stronger and more essential once the global crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic proved the detrimental toll of isolation, siloes and lack of connectivity. There is a better way.


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Around 3.4 billion people were locked down, forced to go through very tough measures (expensive PCR tests, varying numbers of vaccines, and stressful lifestyle changes) – in order to travel again, to see their loved ones. In other words: just to connect with others.

The World has learned that the power of togetherness comes to play at a larger impact when resources are shared and made accessible to everyone, especially on a global scale. That is exactly Unbounded’s mission: EVERY NETWORK. CONNECTED.

Because creating fusion is at the heart of Unbounded’s vision, the Company recognizes the ground-breaking value of an event like ‘Proof of Fusion’ that brings together different worlds that open up to connect on many levels. The worlds of cryptos and NFTs merge with Sports and Entertainment to unfold the magical potential that only sharing and alchemy of different disciplines can generate.

This is why Unbound is proud to be the main sponsor of this event, which shares Unbounded Network’s open mindset and ultimate mission of creating a better world through innovative crypto technologies, networking, and empowerment of individuals and entire communities.

During the ‘Proof of Fusion’ event, Unbounded is going to showcase the upcoming Unbounded Wallet and its integration with MiPasa – the collaborative data science platform as well as with Papillon – the collaborative web-based, cross-chain, development tool.

Sign up here to apply for early access to the Unbounded WalletTM beta program.



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