Upcoming Carbon Web3 Browser Promises to Blaze the Trail in Privacy and Speed

NEW YORK, NY, January 15, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Carbon recently announced the upcoming launch of its new Carbon Web3 browser. By utilizing blockchain technology, Carbon browser can provide faster, more private and secure web browsing to the masses. The new privacy focused browser is gaining popularity for blazingly fast speed and unprecedented security. The Carbon browser is a web3 browser that has in-built multi chain wallet, offers immersive experience to its users and allows them to securely browse through web3 Dapps.

As the number of cryptocurrency and blockchain users increase through the decade, the need for web browsers that support decentralized apps (Dapps) and other Web3-based products or services will increase. Chief among them are web browsers, where most Dapp front ends can be accessed.

Web3 browsers support the growing demand from users who are supporting and building the future of the internet. They allow users to control their data and how it is shared with websites. Moreover, users can determine where and how they spend their self-custodied crypto assets through Web3 browsers as both third party and internal crypto wallets are supported through these browsers.

Carbon X Labs, the team behind the new Carbon Web3 browser, believe enough is not yet being done to provide greater privacy and grant users the control and decentralization they need to feel truly safe while surfing the internet. Carbon browser is a fast, private, and secure web browser, which is also free and open source, based on a custom fork of Chromium.

Carbon browser launched in 2016 as a web2 browser on the playstore. Since then, Carbon has gained over 5M+ downloads and 1M+ MAUs (monthly active users). The team at Carbon are now pivoting to provide a web 3 browser to cater for the growing demand from web 3 and crypto users.

“We’re excited to bring our users the next major update in the Carbon roadmap, our web 3 browser launching 2023 with 100% privacy, decentralized browsing and browse to earn rewards. ” – Nobrac, Project Lead.

Carbon is solving the privacy issue with its built-in VPN, dVPN, firewall, and ToR network connectivity. The Carbon team also believes it is solving the decentralization problem apparent in other browsers by hosting its files with Polygon Edge, a decentralized supercloud by Polygon, and also Akash Network, an open-source and decentralized cloud computing platform built using the Cosmos. Moreover, since Carbon does not require users to KYC to receive tokens, it ensures an equal distribution of CSIX to more users around the world than even the leading Brave Web3 browser, which requires users to undergo KYC to receive BAT token rewards.

There are a few upgrades scheduled to make the Carbon Web3 browser the best on the market. Some of those upgrades include:

  1. Enhanced AdBlock performance
  2. The use of CSIX to upgrade to Carbon Pro for greater privacy options and more browse to earn rewards
  3. ERC-20 token, ERC-721/115s token, BEP-20 token, Bitcoin, and ETH support on Carbon’s built-in multichain crypto wallet
  4. Cross-chain atomic swaps and token bridging
  5. Phishing protection and a secure clipboard
  6. And many more!

The Carbon Web3 browser is set to be the next major competitor with Brave browser, which has garnered over 20 million daily active users in just a few short years since it launched. The three tenets of the Carbon Web3 browser are: fast browsing speed, small file sizes, and simple UX design because the team believes that as the tech-savvy Gen Z rushes into adulthood, they will be eager to self-custody and value the safety of their personal information.

Be sure to check out the Carbon Web3 browser which is currently available on Android devices. It will soon be available on iOS, Mac OS, and PC.

Also, read the whitepaper which details the mission and vision of the Carbon team, tokenomics of the CSIX token, the advanced ad marketplace, and anything else you might want to know about the development schedule for the browser. Be sure to contact Carbon at [email protected] with any further questions and follow on social media.

Whitepaper: https://carbon.website/whitepaper/

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