Unlimited Flight Plan Released By Apollo Travels INC

Cutting Business Travel expenses by more than 60% annually, FOUNDER/CEO Fardin “Fhar” Talha Apollo Travels INC have launched their “Unlimited Flight Club”. A membership based program that offers businesses and frequent flyers 35% off international business class and 20% off domestic business class per ticket per flight.

Businesses are always looking to do anything to cut costs in hopes to maximize revenue. For years it has always been about who is giving the best deal and which supplier is offering the best bulk rate that can help a business cut their annual costs. However, one expense has always been uncuttable… business trip flights. “Why are we booking multiple flights throughout the year from an airline but still paying the same price as a person who is only flying once a year?” is a question both Founder/CEO Fardin “Fhar” Talha and COO Taseen Seeam have asked themselves multiple times. “Why is there no such thing as an unlimited flight club where professionals who travel frequently on business trips can pay a discounted bulk price?” asks Fardin “Fhar” Talha.

Now with the power of partnerships supplied by Apollo Travels INC, companies and businesses can cut expenses in the category of flights. Apollo Travels INC offers both single memberships for frequent leisure travelers and corporate partnerships for businesses who fly multiple executives/employees yearly. Single memberships can be purchased thru the Apollo Travels Website. Businesses that need multiple memberships can contact Apollo Travels INC thru the website to structure out a personalized “corporate deal”. Apollo Travels INC also provides a personal travel concierge to every member.

About The Founders

Fardin “Fhar” Talha is a business minded Avantgarde. At only 20 years of age he has accomplished high financial feats through his successful business ventures starting from the age of 17. “The road to success hasn’t been a straight one for me, but in life there are only two things one can do… Adapt & Overcome. For every venture that I go on I have multiple routes planned. Not every road leads to the destination, but the ones planned outside the box tend to have the highest success rate. Apollo Travels is an outcome of the outside the box philosophy.”

Taseen Seeam, Baruch College Zicklin School Of Business Graduate, helps oversee the operational/technical aspects of Apollo Travels INC. “ It is said that for every dollar a company has spent on business travel in 2022, there was a $2.90 profit increase. With the savings from Apollo Travels, that $2.90 in profit increase can turn to upwards of $4.00 profit per $1 spent per business trip. We can help cut the annual costs of your business travel expenses by 60% and even more. Not only do we help maximize your revenue, we take it one step further and supply you with a personal travel concierge to handle the paper aspects of booking a flight so that all you worry about is making it on time to the boarding gate ”

Media Contact

Organization: Apollo Travels INC

Contact Person: Fardin “Fhar” Talha

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.apollotravels.net/

City: NYC

Country: United States

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