Enters The Market With Innovative Gift Cards And Tickets NFT Technology

Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland, 18th Dec 2022 TravelCard is the next-generation NFT platform that focuses on implementing NFT technology in gift cards, tickets, hotel bookings and more. Their ecosystem is based on $TC utility token, on which the project has just announced the Pre-Sale Whitelist campaign. enters the market with game-changing solution in gift cards and ticket industry, all powered by $TC token.

With the development of technology, our everyday life and travels have become easier, however, the process of purchasing services related to getting from point to point or acquiring gift cards has remained unchanged for many years.

It seems like TravelCard brings a unique real-life usage that could be mainstream to this extensive space by combining centralized goods like tickets, gift cards, and bookings with the decentralized solutions of blockchain technology.

The TravelCard’s team describes the platform’s mission with these words: 

“Bringing the real value of the NFT technology to the mainstream and providing seamless experiences for customers”

How does TravelCard work?

TravelCard introduces a new type of NFT product, which is called “Convertible NTFs”. 

The main idea is storing the value of centralized services and products with the trusted, secured and easy-to-use decentralized solution.

If you own a Convertible NFT, you can burn the token and claim it as a fully working ticket for your travels, a gift card for your favorite e-shopping platform, or a pre-paid booking card for your luxury hotel. The product is already fully functioning and live on the project’s website.

In addition to all of these, TravelCard also introduced a Marketplace, where you can buy and sell aforementioned Convertible NFTs, without the need to claim them. So by buying a TravelCard’s product, you will not only have a unique NFT to collect but also a gift card to spend or a ticket to travel. 

The project also released Staking for Rewards, where you can get unique rewards for staking ERC20 tokens. Apart from that, more future products were announced as a part of TravelCard’s ecosystem, such as:

  • TravelCard Plugin – web browser extension that enables you to find the best travel deals and vouchers
  • Custodial Wallet – tool for onboarding users outside of web3 space
  • Web3 Flight and Accommodation Search Engine  – web3 native platform, with the option of paying in Crypto payments, where for payments in $TC token, users receive a high discount.
  • Whitelabel Solution – TravelCard solutions in the white label variant, with the possibility of adapting to the customer’s needs.
  • NFT with Lifetime Access – lifetime access to airport zones, class upgrade guarantee, free parking at the airport and much more in a form of NFT drops
  • Event planner – tool that will allow users to create an event and distribute entry tickets to this event in the form of convertible NFTs.
  • SBT Card – soulbound token which will serve as a non-transferable NFT token to collect miles for travel, with possibility to win various rewards and bonuses.

TravelCard’s Roadmap And Tokenomics

TravelCard started its research and development phases in January 2022. Since then, the platform has done its ground job for $TC token and their ecosystem. 

As for today, TravelCard released three fully working products – Convertible NFTs, marketplace, and Staking for Rewards system. Seven more products are scheduled to be implemented as well, all bringing different revenue streams to the platform’s treasury. 

Now it is $TC token Pre-sale time for this groundbreaking NFT platform.

$TC – TravelCard’s utility token is an Ethereum-based, ERC-20 token that comes with a strong, user-oriented treasure model. $TC token has auto-reflect, auto-locked liquidity pool, and burn mechanisms, which will bring a deflationary effect to the token price. 

Moreover, to put more effort into the strategy of releasing $TC Tokens, TravelCard designed 3 types of vestings instead of just one standard linear. Everyone will be able to choose the type of vesting that suits his investment strategy.

How to Participate in a Pre-Sale?

TravelCard has already finished its Seed Sale with 70-thousand USD hardcap. The $TC token pre-sale will be held in two stages:

Stage 1 (Private A) will be held in January 2023 with $0.02 token price. 

The platform is most active on their Telegram and Twitter accounts. For more information about the Sales and the whitelisting campaigns, you can join TravelCard’s community and learn more about the project on their website. 

Pre-Sale: 06, January 2023

TravelCard Website

TravelCard Twitter

TravelCard Telegram


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