The world’s first FIDO2 system using Finger vein authentication dominates the worldwide market

Seoul, South Korea  — Vein-X, the FIDO2 system, using finger vein authentication, leads the market for its fast authentication speed, minimal data capacity, and reliability in low-light settings.

eTunnel Inc (Vein-X), a South Korean security specialist company, started building the world’s first FIDO2 (Fast Identity Online) system using finger vein authentication in November 2021. The FIDO2 system is based on an ISMS-P-compliant system structure and supports RESTful communication. It is expected to be used in all sectors needing identity verification, with no mobile and online settings constraints, and it’s highly secured.

As an alternative to using passwords when logging in online, FIDO2 is a secure authentication system. More than 300 organizations from across the globe, including Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Trustkey, and BlackBerry, formed the FIDO Alliance to create these standardized protocols for user authentication.

Based on FIDO2, biometric authentication uses separate private key and public key pairs, making it difficult for third parties to access even if a terminal device is lost.

By comparing and analyzing 3D blood flow patterns of the fingers, finger vein authentication removes the risk of authentication data being tampered with or replicated, leaving no trace during the process.

Biometric authentication technologies are gaining popularity globally as a response to the rising tide of cybercrime and data breaches. The financial authorities and banks of South Korea are encouraging the obligatory use of biometric authentication, while Japan has adopted a policy mandating biometric authentication for all online payments.

Finger vein authentication is deemed superior to other biometric authentication technologies, such as fingerprint and iris scanning and face recognition, due to its minimal replication risk, high user acceptability, and simple implementation. eTunnel Inc.’s (Vein-X) finger identification technology is currently industry-leading because of its quick authentication speed, small data capacity, and reliability even in low-light conditions (below 20,000 Lux, -20°C60°C).

A high-level authentication technique that directly uses the finger vein patterns as a private key without keeping the private key separately is being researched and developed. 

“In addition to merging our finger vein authentication technology with FIDO2, we are researching and developing a next-generation authentication technique that directly employs the vein recognition result value in the pair of private and public keys utilized by FIDO2,” stated WooYeol Cho, the CEO of eTunnel.

“We are also working on an ultra-thin module in the form of a film to replace the authenticator so that when it is placed on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets in the future, anybody may easily utilize the finger vein authentication technique everywhere, anytime in their daily life.”

FIDO2 is now being utilized in various applications because it is one of the most secure and usable identity authentication methods ever built. It is considered the best option for identity verification in the Web 3.0 era and is used for login, access, financial, and more security.

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