The Revolutionary Launch of FROGPAY is changing the Way of Payments and Transections in Web 3.0

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 13th Dec 2022, King NewsWire –  FROGPAY has changed the old method of payments and transections in the block chain and web 3.0 and introduced the one and only of its kind of payment and transection method that is the most secured and trusted method ever. FROGPAY, bringing about a revolutionary change, offers a secured way for the people who send and receive crypto payments because its world’s first decentralized charge back (Refund) method where senders of the crypto payment can ask for the returned of payment if they feel that they are being deceived (same as PAYPAL) by other parties. Therefore, the risk of loss completely eliminates if you transect your crypto payments with FROGPAY.

The former methods of crypto transactions are quite risky and people are facing so much frauds and loses of payments. Do you think once are these methods of payments are totally secured? Either your precious earnings and transection are in the safe hands or you are just walking with the crowd and believing everything is secured? All these confusions and trust issues have been sorted out and resolved by FROGPAY the world’s first decentralized charge-back option in the block chain that is bringing the revolution in the crypto payments and transection market.  They are the pioneer of launching this type of crypto payment service that is completely secured and people can trust on FROGPAY for transecting their hard earned crypto currency. Now you can send crypto payments to any stranger without having any doubt because FROGPAY is there to safeguard your payments. You can say this is the PAYPAL of web 3.0.

FROGPAY is the innovative decentralized payment system that is providing the first ever amazing charge back (Refund) option in block chain that is backed up by the JDM Governance system, if you have any doubt regarding your payment you can ask for the return at any time. Since the Bitcoin is introduced FROGPAY is the only platform that eliminates the risk of losing your money and get scammed by someone you don’t know earlier. 

FROGPAY is the only best way to send and receive crypto payments in the block chain. People can make the most of this service on the different platforms without having doubt on losing the money.

  • Peer to Peer 
  • E-commerce Platforms
  • Physical Malls and Shopping Centers and many more

FROGPAY not only provide the facility of crypto payment transactions but also offers their users the opportunity to earn with FROGPAY by judging the transactions. The most attractive features of FROGPAY are,

  • Protecting Peer to Peer Payments
  • Opportunity to earn by judging the transection 
  • User friendly but Child Protected UI and UX 

So, you don’t need to be worried about getting scammed with strangers and losing your crypto payments FROGPAY will handle all your risks. This launch is changing the history of transection. For ROAD MAP and in-depth details visit the website below and enter in the community that is totally risk free and secured/ 

Media Contact

Organization: FrogPay

Contact Person: Antonino Balí

Email: [email protected]


City: Dubai

Country: United Arab Emirates

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