The project behind BNBDOG$ proves to be very consistent and bring good possibilities

United States, 4th Jan 2023 – both in the short, medium and long term.The numerous utilities are the advantage compared to similar walk to earn projects, we can highlight the only NFT project in which the SAFU smart contract of the Token that feeds the daily rewards for users who have a staked BNBDOG$ NFT, with transparency and immutable blockchain function, in BNB rewards! The Project also brings an App that allows users to monitor distances and set goals for your daily dog walk and (only for BNBDOG$ NFT owners) to receive BNBDOG$ Tokens daily for walking your dogs, it also makes it possible to share with family and friends! It also has a weather and fitness widget.

Reflection Token

pay BNB to coinholders without them having to move any money, sign up to any staking pool, or even having to check their crypto wallet. Reflections are financed by a 4% tax on any transaction in the native token. The tax is redistributed instantly to coin holders, according to the size of their holding. Aside from passive income generation advantages, BNBDOG$ reflection token also help to prevent large price drops. This is both because taxes discourage whales (individuals holding a large amount of a specific coin) from selling up their positions and encourage investors to hold onto tokens for greater reflection in the future. BNBDOG$ Reflection token keep investors loyal to the project. Reflection mechanisms employ smart contracts that automatically distribute tokens across holders’ wallets and Also to the BNBDOG$ NFT Staking Pool. Blockchain technology makes the process instant, transparent, and publicly audited.




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