The Musical Journey of J Bert and the Creation of Bert Music

Dallas, TX, 18th April 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, In the 21st century, it is wonderful to see so many people finding fulfillment in a music career;  one such person is J Bert. J Bert is an American-French singer, rapper, songwriter, and musician  making waves in the music industry thanks to his exceptional abilities. 

Junior Kissi was brought into this world on April 22, 1998; however, he is better recognized by  his stage name, J Bert. Because his parents got a divorce when he was young, his early years  were quite complex and involved relocation. 

After that, he moved to France to live with his uncle. As he got older, he developed a taste for  music, and he soon found himself bopping along to the tunes of artists such as Sexion d’Assaut,  Jay-Z, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., and 50 Cent. After some time, his musical preferences shifted as  he started to like Drake and Future. 


J Bert made his debut on October 3, 2018, with the release of his album “The Kairos.” This  marked the beginning of J Bert’s career as a recording artist. 

The song “Stump It” was included on the artist’s second studio album, titled “Vision,” which the  artist also co-produced with Detty K. 

J. Bert shot to popularity immediately as a result of the success of this particular song. This song  quickly gained popularity across various social media platforms, leading to the creation of  entertaining memes. “Stump it” was also number one on the charts in 48 countries since its  release on Apple Music and Spotify. 

The significance of this on J Bert’s career as a musician cannot be overstated. After some time, J  Bert came up with his third album on December 28, 2020, titled “Eighty-Eight,” which likewise  received widespread appreciation from critics and audiences alike. 


J Bert has been putting out a continuous stream of new tracks under the “Bert Music” label since  the beginning of the year. It is highly expected that any of his albums will be in the top 100 on  Apple Music and Spotify in 2022. 

If we talk about J Bert’s net worth, he is valued at slightly more than one hundred thousand  dollars. The current worth of his BMW X6 is well over $40,000. He was also a featured artist at 

the Afrimma Awards, which took place in Dallas. So many achievements at such a young age are  something to look up to for emerging artists and musicians. 

J. Bert also established the record label “Bert Music” to assist aspiring musicians with  difficulties in the music industry, whether those difficulties were financial, creative, or a  combination of the two. 

The primary objective of the Bert Music label is to support emerging musicians by providing  them with a platform on which to perform and a channel via which their music can be distributed  to the audience. 

The release date of the newest album by J. Bert, which is titled “What’s Next,” was October 15,  2021. The Dallas rapper’s song “Love Her” was another one of his hits, and it was the song that  also added to his popularity and fan following. 

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