The allegation against Harish Jagtani has proved to be false

Tax department measures recently against investment of undisclosed money in a Builders’ Group had been at the central point of attention, spurring media speculations. The manner in which such an initiative was carried out by the tax sleuths, and the subsequent media reportage in fact turned out to be unwarranted. The process had, sadly, maligned character assassination of those who were dragged into the row.

The media began running half-baked stories on Harish Jagtani, pinpointing his arrest following the Income Tax survey on a bunch of builders. The allegation was that Jagtani was among the people who had invested huge amounts of ‘undeclared money’ in a project related to the renowned Builders Group of Jaipur.

But these charges proved to be false. It has come to light that the Income Tax Department’s proceedings were on a large builder who had put in money on a project on the land belonging to the Harish Jagtani group. The much-publicised proceedings just got extended to the group as well. In reality, Harish Jagtani had nothing to do with the charges imposed on him and his group. Actually, the Income Tax survey came to a close in a faster manner, thanks to the cooperation from Harish Jagtani, the main promoter-director of the Harish Jagtani group.

Earlier, the media went to town saying that Jagtani had invested large amounts of unaccounted money in the project related to Builders Group. Jagtani, who is a reputed businessman in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), runs various businesses and also has a multi-speciality hospital in the African country. Besides, it also needs to be noted that there exists no stock exchange in DRC and none of his companies is listed elsewhere around the globe too.

Maintaining his position as a responsible citizen of India, Jagtani wholeheartedly cooperated with the tax officials. Reports have however alleged that Harish was trying to run. Jagtani is of the belief that the malicious campaign against him has been fake and unnecessary. Now that the reality has come to light, he hopes the media would desist from carrying out such unwarranted, false campaigns.