Supermind Bolsters Marketing and Content Capabilities With Key Hires

Supermind announces the addition of key talent for senior leadership positions, including Executive Vice President, Vice President of Content, Creative Director, Senior Editor, and Senior SEO Manager, rapidly growing its content and technical expertise. The team collectively brings 35 years of leadership, creative, technical, and marketing knowledge to bear, escalating Supermind’s audience growth capabilities.

Dover, DE, United States, 28th Dec 2022, King NewsWire – Supermind announces the addition of new key talent for senior leadership positions, including Executive Vice President, Vice President of Content, Creative Director, Senior Editor, and Senior SEO Manager, rapidly growing its content and technical expertise. The team collectively brings 35 years of leadership, creative, technical, and marketing knowledge to bear, escalating Supermind’s audience growth capabilities.

“We’re excited to announce several key new hires to support our mission of demystifying alternative mental wellness modalities, including psychedelics and their therapeutic and medicinal uses, while providing centralized educational content and practitioner ratings and reviews. Ultimately, the aim is to increase awareness, reduce harm, and enable those seeking options to make informed decisions.” – Jeff Smith, CEO 

Executive Vice President, Kevin Berk, brings twenty years of leadership and expertise in operations, web design and development, and content production within the mental and behavioral health spaces to the Supermind team. 

As the Executive Vice President of Recovery Brands, Kevin helped build that organization from the ground up, eventually growing his team to 100+ employees. Kevin helped to ensure that Recovery Brands maintained its dedication to ethical digital marketing within the addiction treatment space. He and his teams designed and maintained over a dozen informational websites and treatment provider directories, culminating in a $56 million acquisition within four years.

Having worked with consortiums of all types and sizes, ranging from local startups to grassroots nonprofits and international organizations such as Promax, Autism Speaks, Recovery Brands, and American Addiction Centers, his wide range of skills and his deep understanding of ethical marketing will greatly enhance Supermind’s ability to execute its primary mission. 

Vice President of Content, Roth Cornet, is a creative leader, strategic planner, and executive with 16 years of experience in production, publishing, and digital marketing. As the VP of Content at Fandom, a chief player in the entertainment industry, reaching more than 700 million visitors per month, she led the development and execution of a content strategy rooted in data, emerging trends, and a passion for exceptional creative material. She directed an Emmy-nominated creative team to double revenue contribution in three years.

Roth has held positions at companies ranging AMC Theatres, NBC Universal, and IGN, and has appeared as an expert on outlets such as NPR, BBC, Inside Edition, FOX, and THR. She will leverage her expertise, network of industry contacts, and passion to help Supermind grow. While also assisting her new team in meaningfully impacting the rapidly emerging psychedelic industry while steering the ongoing development of the company’s mental health and wellness properties. Her leadership will prove instrumental to moving the organization’s goals forward and helping Supermind establish itself as a leading source for factual, engaging, and, importantly, ethically-minded content. 

Supermind’s Senior Editor, David Connell, is a U.S. Air Force veteran, author of Cooking with Magic: The Psilocybin Cookbook, content marketer, copywriter, and editor with over six years of experience in the psychedelics and ketamine spaces. David succeeded by following his passion for the written word into an early writing career focused on creating engaging, and factual content with integrity. As the Senior Copywriter for Ketamine Media, David oversaw the content development, editorial, and social media marketing teams. David brings that experience into his work on the launch of Supermind’s property.

His teams delivered beautifully crafted marketing materials for national ketamine and psychedelic-assisted therapy brands, such as Revitalist (CALM.CN), Irwin Naturals (IWINF), and APS Ketamine. David was also the lead content and launch strategist for the American Association of Psychedelics, spearheading their inaugural conference’s marketing and creative strategy.

As a veteran with 14 years of service, David has struggled with PTSD and depression. Especially during his initial years after separating from the military. After failing to find successful outcomes using traditional antidepressant treatment, he began exploring psychedelics as an alternative. As the Senior Editor for the launch of, David’s deep understanding of the ketamine and psychedelic medicine spaces, patient needs, and industry trends will greatly aid in creating the best, most accurate ketamine platform in the nation. 

Creative Director Mason Brown is a seasoned creative strategist with a keen eye for brand building and product design. He has worked with organizations of all sizes, from established brands to startups, to implement and deploy wonderfully crafted and strategically brilliant work. Mason has partnered with industry-leading juggernauts like Lyft, Airbnb, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, AMEX, Delta Airlines, Microsoft Health, NASA, and more. Mason’s seasoned creative abilities and knowledge will go far in helping Supermind achieve its goals and mission across the breadth of the organization’s various brands and properties. 

Claire Beutel is a Senior SEO Manager skilled at developing innovative organic marketing strategies that drive engagement and education and help users discover the things for which they are most passionate. With more than ten years of experience in digital marketing, she has helped hundreds of businesses grow their online presence and increase meaningful engagement with their core audiences. Claire’s passion for data-driven outreach has helped businesses build the foundation for their success through organic traffic and developing dynamic networks with deeply connected communities.

Claire has succeeded within various industries, working with clients such as the Denver Broncos and online music giant Sweetwater. Furthermore, Claire successfully managed directory services representing over one thousand optometry and eye care providers for She is passionate about implementing technical SEO recommendations and creating quality content that drives organic traffic and revenue. Claire’s contributions will directly impact the fast-paced expansion of Supermind’s platforms and properties, bringing knowledge and direly needed information to the public. 

With the latest addition of this new talent, the team’s combined skills, knowledge, and passion will help Supermind continue building its position as a leading source of engaging, educational content and resources within the psychedelic medicine and wellness spaces. 

About Supermind Platforms

Supermind is a venture-backed, content and data-enabled technology startup building trusted access points to mental wellness and psychedelic medicine, starting with (launching Q1 2023), to massively scale consumer education and patient enrollment in psychedelic-assisted therapy. Our mission is to support consumers through a lifetime of wellness while enabling professionals to attract an abundance of patients. We believe in a future in which humanity has found safe, ethical, and sustainable ways to tap into the potential for healing and growth offered by psychedelic medicine and evidence-based alternative care modalities.

Curating the best and the brightest from the fields of mental and behavioral health, psychedelics research and clinical practice, content, creative, marketing, and technology to build the leading platforms in our industry is my most exciting mission to date. The scale of our positive impact will be an incredible reward to all involved.” – Jeff Smith.

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