Stanford Raffles Group, Inc Announces that ZudgeZury Is Now Available on the AppStore and Google Play

Stanford Raffles Group, Inc is pleased to announce that ZudgeZury, a revolutionary real-time conflict resolution lifestyle application has been released on the Apple App Store and Google Play.  Users will now be able to share their problems in real time and ask for advice from Zury/Zudge experts or similar consumers.  With a marketing twist to the terms “Judge” and “Jury”, ZudgeZury presents a real-time conflict resolution lifestyle app that is gaining traction and users.


Integrating Social Benefits and Experiences


ZudgeZury blew up the media space in the Fall of 2022 with the soft launch of a Social Media application that combines and integrates members across all demographics and cultural groups. The rapid growth in the number of active users led to the successful launch in the popular Google Play and Apple AppStore.


ZudgeZury users acquire credits through in-app purchases and are also able to exchange the ZudgeZury Utility Coin (ZZC) for the same credits to access in-app products and services. These include expedited or live consultation by peer consumers or influencers, and purchasing digital gifts and emoticons. Zudges and Zury are also rewarded with social ranks, ratings & gifts.


The initial target users will be from the United States, Canada, and Europe with more markets opening up as the user base grows.


Support for Decision Making


ZudgeZury presents a convenient tool for the everyday user, especially useful if the user has dilemmas with decision-making in various areas, ranging from deciding the location for a romantic evening to buying a tourist package. With the IOS, Android, and Web platforms, ZudgeZury is readily available to almost every user with access to a mobile device or personal computer. Corporations can use ZudgeZury for Strategic Consumer decision making as well.



The app download and use is absolutely free, with users choosing to pay credits for premium features or subscribing to the VIP program. With a few updated versions already in the stores, the ZudgeZury team is enhancing the consumer experience with more features.


Zudges/Zury are given a time window to review asynchronous concerns or conduct a live hearing with the user 1 on 1. The user provides the options and ultimately takes the responsibility for each decision made with recommendations from the Zudge/Zury. This is stipulated in the Terms and Conditions accepted at Sign Up.


About ZudgeZury


The release of the ZudgeZury app in the app stores is a refreshing reset of the Social Media platform scene in view of the lack of creativity and differentiation of available apps.   ZudgeZury is especially welcomed by people who often face dilemmas in solving everyday tasks or for Corporate Strategic Consumer decision making. Users with Dating, Family, Shopping and Travel concerns have been the first to embrace the ZudgeZury concept.


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