Squidoshi: The New Frontier in the Gaming and Cryptocurrency Space

United States, 14th Feb 2023 – Introduction: Squidoshi is a cutting-edge Bep-20 GameFi ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the gaming and cryptocurrency space through its innovative approach to token staking, NFT marketplace, and financial asset investment. The project economy rewards both token holders and gamers through a network of earning mechanisms that are built into the entire ecosystem.Squidoshi’s unique dual-reward concept, a first of its kind, bridges the gap between gamers and traditional investors, connecting both worlds into a single, integrated ecosystem. The project is designed to maximize its potential by combining two enthusiastic communities and revolutionizing the cryptocurrency space through its built-in partnership contract mechanism and investment asset infrastructure.


Squidoshi’s whitepaper is comprehensive and provides a roadmap for the project’s future direction. The document outlines the project’s mission, vision, and detailed components in simple, easy-to-read language. The whitepaper is currently under development and the Game Design Document (GDD) is undergoing a detailed review and design modification to give the public a glimpse into the game ecosystem and its incredible potential.

Game Ecosystem

Squidoshi’s underwater gaming ecosystem is a first-of-its-kind on the BEP-20 network. The game offers players a unique underwater gaming experience while bringing a real solution to the GameFi world.The game planet is an NFT 3D RPG open-world game that allows players to use their NFT avatars. The project aims to address the constant sell pressure on the native tokens used as rewards within the ecosystem by providing players with the in-game token called Doshi Bits (DB). These tokens can be staked within the player’s game bank to earn a share of the NFT and real asset investment revenues/gains deposited to the project’s treasury.
Dual Reward Vault

Squidoshi’s dual reward staking is a revolutionary concept that leverages a unique contract algorithm, a first of its kind, to bring tremendous value to the cryptocurrency space. The platform allows holders to gain access to more SQDI utility right from launch, as well as other sustainment features such as generating revenue from advertisements on the platform and other use cases that will be implemented after the project’s launch. The vault will be consistently upgraded with advanced features as funding becomes available.

Economy and Sustainability

Squidoshi’s primary objective is to build buy pressure through long-term marketing partnerships with reputable firms and agencies with solid track records and sustainable marketing plans. The project leaders aim to expand their project’s use cases and adoption to a wider audience to increase brand exposure, native token trading activity, trade volume, and taxes, thus sustaining the project in the long run. The team will commit all of its marketing resources to achieving maximum project exposure and listing on all DEX and CEX.


The Squidoshi team consists of 50 years of combined experience in the crypto and project management space and is based in the US, Canada, and UK. Information on the team can be found on the official website, www.squidoshi.com.


Squidoshi is set to launch in 2023. The exact launch date has not been announced yet. The total token supply will be 1,000,000,000.00, with a starting market capitalization of around $200k. The ICO will consist of four rounds, starting with an exclusive private sale reserved for selected investors. Those interested in participating in the sale can contact the team members on Telegram or Twitter for access to the private sale link. The next rounds of sales will be on VC rounds, DAO Maker, and Pink sale 

Those interested in joining the sale should contact the team member below on Telegram or Twitter for access to the private sale link as this sale is exclusive.  

•  https://t.me/bobbyfries41

•  https://twitter.com/CryptoGod41

The next rounds of sales will be on VC see rounds, DAO Maker, and Pink sale. 





Media Contact

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