Solve.Care Celebrates Remarkable Achievements, Ending 2022 on a High

Tallinn, Estonia, December 30, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Solve.Care – a healthcare platform company that leverages blockchain to deliver better care – has successfully ended the year on a high note by demonstrating the company’s strength, resilience, and ability to overcome the challenges the crypto winter has brought. Several remarkable achievements in 2022 has helped Solve.Care set a solid foundation for the company to welcome the upcoming year with further transformation and growth.

2022 marked the start of a much dreaded “crypto winter,” resulting in the collapse of numerous well-known enterprises. Although the challenging environment had a devastating impact across the cryptocurrency industry, it has also been an opportunity for many value-based projects to prove themselves.

In the last few months, toward the end of the year, Solve.Care launched a series of announcements on great advancements in their development. Following the company’s vision of redefining care coordination, streamlining access to care for all stakeholders, while empowering consumers and reducing administration costs, fraud and waste by billions, the company has shown how they are addressing the complex problems that plague healthcare around the world.

One of the key highlights is the major release of Care.Wallet, a health management application that is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Care.Wallet is designed to be a life-long companion for users with the goal of gaining better control over their healthcare journey while retaining ownership of their healthcare data. The app serves as a gateway to a diverse range of Web3 healthcare networks on the Solve.Care platform and acts as a personalized healthcare administrator for individuals and providers. Through Care.Wallet, users can easily set up a Care.Circle, to connect with friends, family, and healthcare providers so that they can monitor their health in a more effective way.

Commenting on Care.Wallet as one of the biggest news from Solve.Care in 2022. Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care said: “Care.Wallet represents another breakthrough in Web3 development for healthcare. It is a major milestone for Solve.Care in delivering better care for users globally. Users can rest assured in the knowledge that their data is secure and decentralized using blockchain technology no matter which healthcare network they access on our Care.Platform.”

Not stopping there, on 26th December 2022, Solve.Care continued to assert its position as a pioneer in applying innovative approaches to healthcare by launching the first public Web3 Care.Network on the Solve.Care Platform using the revolutionary Care.Protocol – an immutable, decentralized application protocol that governs a Care.Network.

Tracing back to 2019, the company collaborated with one of the world’s leading research-driven pharmaceutical companies – Boehringer Ingelheim – to launch a diabetes management network for more than 25,000 patients in the Arizona Care Network (ACN), a leading accountable care organization in the U.S.. The network was dedicated to the well-being of patients with type 2 diabetes, helping them manage their chronic condition, as well as optimize and coordinate care with their families and physicians.

The key advantage to ensure mass accessibility and proliferation of Care.Networks on a global scale is that they can be easily authored by clinicians with unprecedented speed without the need for any complex technical Web3 or blockchain knowledge. All data is stored on decentralized individual nodes, where all interactions and transactions are automatically tokenized.

Just prior to the end of 2022, Solve.Care announced the integration of the Care.Platform with QuickBooks. With the strong and long-time experience of QuickBooks in deploying electronic payment functions, online banking, and reconciliation, this integration has enabled the platform to be eCommerce ready, making it easier for users to manage the financial aspects of running a digital healthcare network.

The company has consistently demonstrated its resolve in achieving its mission of making healthcare work better for the patient, providers, and business. By providing a platform that enables a complete seamless interoperable ecosystem for patient-centric care, all three pillars of healthcare – clinical, administrative and payments – are addressed.

2022 has been a remarkable year for Solve.Care. The company was awarded “Enterprise Transformation Award” at the 2022 Web3 and Blockchain Transformation Awards, “Healthtech Company of the Year” by Global Business Tech Awards, “Best Digital Leadership in Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” for the eHealthcare Leadership Awards, along with a host of various other awards recognizing its continuous contributions to both the healthcare and the blockchain and crypto industries.

Building on all these advancements made in 2022, it is expected that 2023 will continue to be a fruitful year for the global blockchain healthcare company when its major healthcare clients adopt the Care.Platform to roll out digital healthcare networks. With clients such as insurance companies, hospitals, employers, and government agencies, the economic effect on healthcare costs is expected be significant when all these clients author and operate their own Care Networks.

It is also expected that the SOLVE token, an ERC20 token, and the utility token for the Solve.Care Platform, will garner greater utility as more clients adopt the Care.Platform. The token enables a global payment system on the Solve.Care Platform and creates a unique ecosystem between healthcare providers, developers, government programs, B2B clients, patients and more. In the Solve.Care ecosystem, the token is used as Gas, Fee, and Payment.

Ever since entering the market in 2017, Solve.Care has proven that it was not drawn to blockchain due to the hype but because of the understanding of how the technology can bring viable, beneficial and cost-effective solutions to healthcare. The goal of improving global public health is what inspires and drives all working at Solve.Care. The company is on the right track to continue improving global healthcare and blockchain industry in 2023 and all the coming years.

About Solve.Care

Solve.Care is the creator of a healthcare relationship management platform that uses blockchain to redefine care coordination, improve access to care, reduce benefit administration costs, streamline payments, and help reduce fraud and waste in healthcare around the world. The Care.Platform allows for the quick and cost-effective creation and deployment of decentralized digital health networks called Care,Networks, for patient-centric care based on medical conditions, economic and social needs, and other tailored eligibility criteria, creating an entire healthcare ecosystem. It is also the first company in the world to successfully deploy digital currency and blockchain technology for value-based healthcare payments. Solve.Care is a multiple award-winning company, receiving accolades such as: ‘Enterprise Transformation Award’ at the 2022 Web3 and Blockchain Transformation Awards, ‘Corporate Wellness Software of the Year’ at the 2022 Innovatech Awards, BRI’s ‘Industry Solution of the Year 2020’, SSOW Impact Award’s ‘Technology of the Year 2020’, and many more. For more information, please visit

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