Set sail on a new journey | Micron leads high-quality development and sets sail with concentration

China, 9th Mar 2023, King NewsWire – From the beginning of its establishment, the company has clearly defined the development idea of “market-oriented, technology-driven”, and attaches great importance to customer product experience, technological innovation and R & D investment. Persist in technology precipitation and resource accumulation in R&D, supply chain, sales, service, etc., and continuously strengthen technology and product innovation. Until 2022, the company has more than 300 independent intellectual property rights, including more than 10 international patents, which are still increasing. In 2018, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China pointed out in the novelty investigation report that Micron’s metal grid copper super-large capacitive touch screen can fill the gap in the domestic industry and is the first in the country. The company’s 86-inch metal grid copper multi-point capacitive touch screen won the first place in the CES Innovation Award selected by the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association in 2019. In 2022, our company participated in the “Technical Specifications for Interactive Panel Touch System” led by China’s largest touch machine company, and gave professional advice on the formulation of capacitive touch parameters, which was adopted.


Technology is the high ground, and technology is the future. Strong technological strength is driving the rapid development of the company. The company insists on product research and development and innovation, in order to bring better touch experience to users. Therefore, our footprints are not only all over the motherland, but also overseas, to the world, to the whole world, to bring more shocking tactile feasts to customers.

From January 31 to February 3, Integrated System Europe 2023 (hereinafter referred to as ISE), the world’s largest AV and system integration exhibition, was held on January 31 Kicking off in Barcelona, Spain, this edition has the largest number of exhibition spaces and attendee registrations to date. As the first important international exhibition in 2023, our company brought many innovative Metal Mesh products and related touch solutions to the exhibition site, attracting many professionals and local media to watch and experience.

As a national-level “professional, special and new” small giant enterprise, Micron’s products are leading in technology and have a good touch experience. They provide solutions for many users and play an important role in promoting the development of informatization in different industries. In the future, Micron will continue to accelerate technological innovation, research and development, and transformation of achievements, deepen user needs, deepen industrial layout, actively implement the “going out” strategy, accelerate the pace of overseas market development, and provide global customers with higher quality, more reliable, Sustainable products and solutions, handing out the “shining business card” of China’s touch industry to users all over the world!

Micron is committed to providing high-quality products, considerate services and professional solutions to customers in various industries around the world. At present, Micron products have been widely used in many professional fields such as smart education, smart business, smart track, smart home, smart retail, self-service terminals, automotive electronics, military industrial control medical equipment, etc., and the products are exported to 100+ countries around the world. Now it is an excellent supplier for the cooperation and supply of many international brand customers.

As the first international exhibition in the new year of 2023, the 4-day ISE exhibition is just a starting point. In the future, Micron will comprehensively carry out brand activities around the world to expand market channels, adhering to the spirit of ingenuity, innovation and integration, and bringing more interesting products to users. Value-added services to promote higher-quality development of industry and economy!

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