RelyFund Trading Bot – Earn 2% USDC in Daily Stable and Reliable Income


United States, 19th Dec 2022 – RelyFund provides a DeFi AI trading bot which is a genuine advantage for everyone who uses it.

To get a profit-optimized returns on ETH/BSC/Avalanche Networks, deposit USDC and let our automated DeFi techs’ techniques work your money for you. Contract funds are automatically distributed to Al trading and technical yield farming software.

With the correct tools, gaining cryptocurrency is simple. This specific part of financial technology was something RelyFund intended to make readily available to everyone, especially when there’s a down market. Join our community, an excellent staff is waiting to assist you right away!

Features That We Offer To Our Clients

Here are some features that we offer to our valuable clients. Please have a look at them!

• Stability

Smart contract automation ensures complete stability and security with every transaction. Modern yield trade aggregation transactions and surface contractual engagement are primarily automated, verified, and tested by years of rigorous back testing and monitoring assessment. RelyFund utilizes a process with a combination of different stablecoins’ leverage to achieve profit values through highly strategic and well-integrated code.

• RelyBot Trading

Over the past two or more years, our “RelyBot” has been back-tested and has produced promising outcomes. Some of Silicon Valley’s most remarkable minds have developed cuttingedge financial technology that is part of the next generation in fin-tech. This software is proven to be effective and optimized for a variety of formats.

We use a system composed of numerous technical tools that use futures trading, unconstrained incremental trading, aggregation of multiple LP pools and yield farms, and hard-coded safety features to achieve consistent and reliable profits. Our RelyBot works in each field with incredible accuracy, searching for the best possibilities, 24 hours around the clock, seven days a week.

• Strategic Positioning

We’ve built a database with hundreds of contracts traded, low-risk farm aggregators with large potential yields, and established particular entry and exit criteria. Our trading bot continuously enters and exits positions while scanning and searching all of these pairs and farms for specific possibilities to ensure a consistent output of ongoing growth. We have been testing for some time now, and multiple versions have brought us to what we now consider “The Solution” to true wealth generation.

While our bots can generate passive income at much higher rates, the risk increases as APY rates rise. Since 2% per day is on the low end of what our bots can produce, we prioritize consistency and safety above all else.

• Expert Team And Support

Our crew has undergone thorough screening and selection. Two Co-Founders are managing our trading community. The best development and trading team we could find has been chosen. We have worked with our primary developers to produce something exceptional with outstanding programming and computer science credentials.

In addition, our trading strategist, Jared, a Wall Street genius, despite his modest demeanor, has over ten years of strategic trading experience in stocks and Forex. He has studied the stock. We created this cutting-edge software jointly. And now we want to share it with everyone in the Def universe. Or do we call this the “metaverse”?

• Safety and Security

With the help of dependable financial software and smart contracts, everything is autonomous, aside from hitting “deposit”. A percentage of the funds invested get directly allocated to RelyBot for autonomous trading and arbitration. The Treasury, where users can make claims, receives all

earnings afterwards.

We’ve deployed specific fail-safeguards to ensure that daily return and customer payments are always secure. Users can withdraw their original amount whenever they want, following their lockup period. On our platform, things go better than expected. We tried to make this as riskfree as possible for our users!

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