PPC Experts at The Brains Unveil 4 Ways To Improve Paid Performance and Engagement

London, UK – January 27, 2023 – Times are getting tougher for businesses in the UK and abroad, and difficult decisions are being made about marketing spend. But is now the time to cut back? What if your ads aren’t currently working out the way you thought they would? Surely the best business decision would be to abandon paid advertising and invest elsewhere?

While this avenue of logic might seem sensible at the outset, turning your back on PPC entirely might result in you losing further money. Most marketers are aware of the fact that PPC is an extremely successful form of marketing, even in a recession, as it can be tailored to the specific needs of each individual. You stand to see great ROI using PPC – but you need to be doing it correctly.

The PPC experts at The Brains discuss, in a recent post, four practical ways to improve PPC campaigns, as well as giving top tips on doing so. The methods include A/B testing, negative keywords and conversion tracking. The Brains also discuss what factors affect PPC performance and engagement, to give business owners a wider appreciation of the area of PPC and how it works alongside other marketing strategies.

Simone Spence, Senior Account Manager for PPC at  The Brains, says:

“Knowing how to improve PPC campaigns is essential to creating winning ads that convert and provide a healthy return on investment (ROI). Many marketers fall into the trap of assuming that a poorly performing ad should be scrapped entirely, but this isn’t the case. With some base knowledge and strategy know-how from a leading PPC and SEO agency, you can improve PPC performance and turn a failing ad into a high performing one that generates plenty of engagement.”

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