Pocket Radar Has Launched Their Newest Innovation in Speed Tracking Technology

Track speed in sports and traffic like never before with Pocket Radar.

Santa Rosa, California, United States, – Pocket Radar has launched a top-of-the-line speed-tracking device for measuring speed in various sports. This pocket-measuring device is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, and it still provides the same accuracy as law enforcement radar guns, which are fairly expensive to acquire.

Pocket Radar speed gun cricket sensor, designed for tracking the bowler’s speed, can be incredibly helpful in increasing their performance and can also be used to enhance their training experience. Pocket Radar devices only need a push of a button to be operated and can even be linked with smartphone devices for analytics and better shareability.

The devices built by Pocket Radar are made in a way that makes them perfect for use by players, coaches, fans, traffic officials, and even the general public. The simple interface makes their products incredibly simple and convenient to use for different activities. Their products, the Smart Coach Radar, the Pro Radar System, and the Ball Coach, are all made keeping in mind the needs of the athletes, be they professional level ones or amateurs. The products made by Pocket Radar are accessible enough to be used easily by everybody and accurate enough to be used professionally as well.

Pocket Radar does not limit itself to just making speed-measuring technology for sports; they also have a line of traffic speed-measuring instruments that even civilians can purchase to monitor the traffic in their residential, school, or work area. “According to the Foundation for Traffic Safety, the average risk of death for a pedestrian is only 10% at a vehicle impact speed of 23mph but jumps to a 90% likelihood of death at 58mph.

About Pocket Radar

When it comes to speed tracking technology, Pocket Radar, Inc. is one of the biggest names in their field. No matter the application, they provide an affordable, convenient and easy-to-use solution for speed-based training thanks to their pro-performance radar technology. Pocket Radar was founded out of necessity when one of the founder’s friends needed to track the pitching of their child. Soon the founders realized that accurate speed tracking should be a tool accessible to everyone and not just law enforcement.

Pocket Radar is a brand trusted to deliver accurate results by high-school and collegiate programs all over the country, and this trust is built upon their independently tested and certified products. Pocket Radar uses the same official test lab for quality checking their products as the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). It is also the same lab that certifies all the radar guns used by law enforcement in the United States and Canada.  

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