PandoProject Releases Worldwide Blockchain Accessibility Solution

Singapore, 24th Mar 2023 – The PandoProject community-focused platform has announced the launch of its solution aimed at solving the problem of online technology accessibility. The project intends to leverage its community-powered solution to help global users access blockchain-based resources like Decentralized File System, File Editing, File Storing, File Streaming, AI, Security, IoT and Metaverses.

The PandoProject was conceived in 2018 as a solution to the growing need for blockchain accessibility by online users worldwide. Given the fact that 37% of the world lack accessibility to the technology made available online, and due to the increase in the rising costs of infrastructure, and poor video and data delivery, PandoProject introduced its native community-powered solution, which was launched November 15th, 2021.

The PandoProject aims to make Plug-and-Play blockchain solutions available to a broader audience of users. The presence of BaaS makes it possible for an application or a system to have storing, transcoding and live streaming services provided in a decentralized manner – a feature that the PandoProject includes and utilizes via smart contracts that grant new attribution models to DApps. A Private IPFS- decentralized and distributed, peer-to-peer system is also utilized along with native Pando Network protocols – the PNC20, which mimics classic TRC20 or any other networks that people use to send cryptocurrencies. The exception is that the network supports native project PTX fungible token, while the PNC721 is for NFTs which will be utilized within the upcoming PandoProject NFT Platform.

The Rametron node holders of the PandoProject create a bridge to use and build with blockchain. The Rametrons generate PTX by utilizing excess bandwidth and processing power to help stream, store and transcode video and data files across the PandoProject. There are for four types of Rametrons in service; Rametron Mobile for advertisement and gaming, Rametron Lite for transcoding data files and videos; Rametron Pro is for storing and data transferring purposes; Rametron Enterprise supports live streaming.

The platform is also open to developers, who can migrate or deploy Apps, websites, platforms, software and systems on the PandoProject Blockchain via Plug-and-Play.

The entire PandoProject Ecosystem utilizes their native token, the PTX, which is currently listed in LBank and Probit Exchanges. It is the only form of transaction for all Pando DApp users and is only generated by the PandoProject Nodes, ensuring controlled circulation and supply, negating the possibility of inflation. Such an approach creates extremely high demand and allows the PTX to be volatility-resistant by taking advantage of its underlying Proof-of-Stake protocol, which is also more rewarding for PandoProject node holders.

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