“Oaky Doak, God – I’m Listening”: A Book of Daily Devotions for Horse Enthusiasts and Christians

Four Oaks, NC: Erin M. Doak releases “Oaky Doak, God – I’m Listening,” a new book of daily devotions for horse enthusiasts and Christians.

In her latest book, author Erin M. Doak shares her journey of faith and the lessons she’s learned through her experiences running a rescue farm. “Oaky Doak, God – I’m Listening” is a collection of daily devotions that offers readers a chance to connect with their faith while also exploring the beauty of horses.

The book features stunning photographs of the horses and farm, along with thought-provoking messages and heartwarming stories. Erin’s passion for horses and her unwavering faith are evident throughout the book, offering readers a chance to find hope and inspiration in their daily lives.

Erin and Steven not only rehabilitate horses and donkeys but also welcome visitors to their farm who want to learn more about these animals. They provide tours that offer people of all ages the opportunity to interact with the animals and gain insight into their experiences. The Doaks aim to increase awareness about the cruel reality of the slaughter pipeline through their story and farm tours. Their hope is that visitors leave Oaky Doak Farm with a deeper understanding of this issue and the role they can play in making a difference.

“Oaky Doak, God – I’m Listening” is now available for purchase. Don’t miss your chance to connect with your faith and discover the beauty of horses through Erin’s inspiring daily devotions. Get your copy today.

Oaky Doak, God  is now available in ebook on all major publishing platforms on 3rd March 2023 including Amazon and Kindle.

For more information or to get more information from the author, email [email protected]or call 919-946-0084.

Contact: Erin M. Doak

Phone: 919-946-0084