NUGEN Coin’s (NUGEN Universe) Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Kent Guinn, the Mayor of Ocala, Florida

Nugencoin (NUGEN Universe LLC) has officially announced the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of their new office in Florida has been successfully inaugurated by Kent Guinn, The Mayor of Ocala, Florida on 5 December 2022. They have also achieved the new listing of their NUGEN Coin (native utility token of NUGEN Ecosystem) on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, and the launch of their Metaverse, Nugenverse!

Could there be a better occasion for the NUGEN Universe? Definitely a moment to cherish all life.

NUGEN Universe LLC, a successful crypto initiative, has officially confirmed that they had a ribbon cutting ceremony with Kent Guinn, the Mayor of Ocala, Florida, on 5 December 2022. This ribbon cutting ceremony was planned at their Florida office as a matter of celebrating their launch of BRITTO Bank, new listing of NUGEN Coin (native utility token of NUGEN Ecosystem) on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, and the launch of NUGEN Universe.

With the beta launch of Nugenverse, their official metaverse platform, and the NFT marketplace in the previous weeks, it is good to see NUGEN Universe expanding its forte unceasingly with the real-time products to give crypto admirers a whole new experience. Most importantly, NUGEN Universe completes the checklist by following their strict roadmap at all times, and this significantly increases the trust factor among the global audience.

“This is a fantastic start to our long-standing vision. We are super-thrilled to introduce our state-of-the-art BRITTO Bank and vibrant NUGEN Universe. Also, we believe CoinMarketCap and Coingecko listing will be excellent news for our community members,” says Fazil M Jabar, CEO of NUGEN Universe.

One of the main events of the ceremony is to announce the roll out of BRITTO Bank. NUGEN Universe has acquired BRITTO, a trusted and prestigious financial capital, to bestow advanced and seamless web3.0 banking solutions. BRITTO Bank is one of the fully-functioning fintech institutions in the NUGEN-BRITTO ecosystem, which will be open exclusively for the people of the United States. Following the US, BRITTO Bank will also be launched in the United Kingdom, Slovakia, and Canada. NUGEN firmly believes that their vision to empower people to use cryptocurrencies for their day-to-day lives will come into effect through such sophisticated web3 banking solutions.

On the other side, NUGEN coin, the indigenous token of the NUGEN Universe, has been listed on the globally recognized crypto listing websites, which are CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. This is very big news for the holders and the early adopters of the project. The real-world utilities and digital world utilities of the NUGEN coin provides genuine value to the holder’s portfolio and increases its worth over a period of time. It bestows instant access to all the services across all products available under their hub, thereby forming the equation: One coin = numerous perks.

Furthermore, Shamla Tech is one of the masterminds behind NUGEN Universe who strives to bring their roadmap into reality. Shamla Tech is a leading metaverse development and blockchain development company with a wide range of clientele across the US market and other parts of the world. This strong collaboration will further launch other products that are in the pipeline, and NUGEN Universe will not rest until it accomplishes its dream of “everyday crypto,” right from purchasing toothbrushes in the morning to paying restaurant bills in the evening.

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