New Blockchain Launch to Reduce Harm Done By Gold Mining

The mainnet associated with the Element blockchain officially launched on March 1, 2023, which means the Element blockchain is now prepared for when Nodes become operational on March 17, 2023.


Lehi, Utah, United States, 13th Mar 2023, King NewsWireThe launch of the Element Blockchain allows Element United to utilize blockchain technology as part of their mission to reduce the harmful impact of precious metal mining worldwide. 

As of now, each step of the mining process—from excavation to end product— does irreparable harm to the planet, vulnerable communities, and workers in the mines themselves (many of whom are underage.) In order to reduce this harm, every step of the mining supply chain must change. 

Because blockchain transactions are associated with an immutable ledger that cannot be manipulated or altered, the efficacy and transactability of Element United products can be verified on the Element Blockchain and leveraged as part of the Element United digital marketplace. 

Element United will soon be launching multiple high-impact products designed to solve problems embedded in the modern mining industry. These products will include the Element Ethical Mining Certification (EEMC) which will use blockchain technology and additional safeguards to ensure the adoption of safe and environmentally sustainable protocols in existing mines. 

The EEMC certification program will help ensure ethical mining practices throughout production and improve credibility between multiple stakeholders in the mining-to-consumer ecosystem.

Additional products will include a future carbon offset program, in which carbon credits and offsets are verified on the blockchain and potentially tokenized. By tokenizing carbon credits on a blockchain, Element can verify the offsets and make transactions more efficient, help increase then usage and efficacy of carbon credits, and prevent double-counting claims. 

Element United is also creating an EVault system of NFTs  to track the journey of in-ground resources such as precious metals and elements from mines to finished jewelry pieces or other consumer goods. This would allow manufacturers and owners to have proof of origin and ownership, provide digital evidence for warranties, and verify the ethical and sustainable sourcing of mined resources. 

Lastly, Element United will soon be releasing Gold Crew Atlas, which is a free-to-play idle browser game where players can earn Element Digital Rewards from a pool of Element Digital Rewards owned by Element United, which can be turned in for real gold and silver or other NFTs. Element United has bigger plans to grow this digital economy and marketplace, such as using augmented/virtual reality and AI to create mobile and Indie gaming experiences.

The recently launched Element Blockchain combines proof-of-authority, a hyper-fast immutable ledger, and a proof-of-action Node network. 

Element United’s innovative products benefit from the functionality of powerful Element Node Software. Element Nodes are licensed software applications that allow operators to connect to the Element Blockchain and do computational work to facilitate validation of transactions on the blockchain and, in return, algorithmically earn rewards that can be exchanged in the Element United digital marketplace. 

As Element Nodes confirm actions associated with transactions on the blockchain, and because the transactions are validated and immutably recorded, a substantial amount of trust regarding the accuracy and efficacy of the transactions provides certainty enabling Element United to help deliver tangible solutions to the issues of environmental destruction, exploitation, and corruption inherent in the mining of precious metals. 

The mining of precious elements and metals like lithium, cobalt, gold, copper, and silver is still a necessary part of our economic system. Everything from our phones and computers to our life-saving medical devices and transportation systems require significant amounts of precious metals to function. 

But that does not mean we can ignore the global devastation and human exploitation caused by mining. The launch of the Element blockchain is the next step in creating verifiable, tangible solutions that benefit both individuals and the planet.

Element United is hosting an in-person and global livestream event to celebrate the activation of the Element Node Network. Interested individuals can register to participate in the event on March 17th, where they’ll get access to the latest updates and announcements regarding the Element blockchain and all Element United products. Register HERE for the livestream event, or RSVP HERE to attend the event in-person. 


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