Movii Technology Revolutionizes Entertainment Marketing

Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States, 20th Dec 2022, King NewsWireAs the entertainment industry sees a major power shift to digital OTT platforms, Movii unravels the complex algorithms for reaching the masses

The Future of Entertainment Marketing.


Movii Technology, LLC, located in the heart of California’s entertainment industry, recently completed four years of successful operations. After announcing plans to go global, specifically expanding into the Asian industry, the platform recently made news for its new age marketing based on cost-benefit analysis.

MoviiTechnology is a 5-year old cultural company whose main business is helping to promote films that have not yet been released. As of the second quarter of 2022, the total assets of the company have exceeded US$850 million, forming a cultural industry pattern of large-scale operation. The company has formed a high-asset value-added movie promotion industry chain in Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Turkmenistan, Spain, Turkey, Peru, Guatemala, Iran, Romania, the United Kingdom, Italy and other countries, with wonderful movie news at all times, value-added market demand and box office guarantee, enhanced traffic introduction for cash, personal online viewing innovation revenue, offline agent operation, cinema alliance The company’s business promotion, movie streaming, and Hollywood international superstars and a number of international theaters around the world have signed a cooperative alliance for MoviiTechnology to achieve win-win cooperation.

As Movii Technology is gradually recognized by the international market in 2022, Movii has also received a lot of interest from investment institutions and fund organizations, who believe it will be a bright star in the international film market in the future.

Movii’s Board of Directors has also indicated in its senior-level meetings that it will soon begin to lay out its global regional subsidiaries to create more value for the community and the film industry.

In addition to the above important information, we also learned that Movii’s ambition is not only that, Movii has plans to enter the film and television creation field in the near future, directly participating in the shooting and distribution of movies.

Most importantly, Movii will soon create a foundation for these great projects, so let’s wait and see!

Since the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis, the world has witnessed a huge power shift in many ways. The entertainment industry has been the most severely affected: movie theaters have been shut down, releases have been delayed, and many other films have been released on digital platforms. The fact that the affected film culture was not resurrected by the Covid-19 crisis suggests that the digital world of cinema has been all but accepted by audiences. This raises the question of how to maintain the same commercial charts as cinema releases.

As the entertainment industry gears up for a power shift, Movii Technology work with globally recognized streaming giants to bring a simplified approach to an otherwise complex algorithm that helps movies reach the masses before public release.

‘We were founded in 2018 with one goal in mind to articulate: to be the symbol of global entertainment. We brought an unprecedented approach that many people had doubts about, and rightly so. But over the years, Movii has helped more than 1,200 movies become popular on the Internet, witnessing a significant increase in ratings. The motto must be either think about the future or bite the bullet. We’re here to guarantee results with our state-of-the-art marketing methods.’ -Movii Technologies, LLC team.

Movii has been using the formula of increasing demand to help get higher ratings as different types of “upcoming movies” that viewers can choose from based on their personal preferences. It has taken a viral approach to social media to build and expand the online presence of movies scheduled for release, making it a trend that maximizes viewership. With a success rate approaching 80%, building momentum for an upcoming movie into the top 10, Movii has built a reputation as a reliable strategic marketing partner in the entertainment industry.

Movii also broke major headlines in 2021 when it received national recognition and attracted the interest of entertainment giants who showed interest in partnering with Movii to promote the entertainment industry with its unparalleled services and received favorable reviews.

Joseph McKenzie, co-founder and lead director of Movii Technologies, Inc. shares plans for the future.

For more details and information, please visit their website, A Larger Than Life Entertainment Industry.


About Movii Technology LLC

Movii Technology LLC is a new age marketing platform based in California. Founded in 2018 with a vision to revolutionize the traditional marketing mechanics of the entertainment industry, Movii has helped achieve over 1,200 films to gather audience attention online prior to public release with an 80% success rate in building momentum for films to rank in the top 10 in just 4 years.


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