Mir Lakhmir Baloch Zamurani; A Crypto Millionaire and CEO of Mir Sons and Co, Supporting The Needy in Balochistan, Pakistan.

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Pakistan, 2nd Feb 2023 – When the world feels heavy, it’s easy to question whether it’s worthwhile to have faith in humanity. For every bad news story encountered, it’s worth always taking an extra step and looking for the helpers and time after time, no matter what is happening in the world, we always find countless examples of people making a difference in the world just like Mir Lakhmir Baloch Zamurani, CEO of Mir Sons and Co have done over the years in Balochistan with his brother Noor Ahmed Baloch, who is the founder of the company. Despite seeing the weight of the world, he still has a lot of hope for humanity.

Mir Lakhmir Baloch Zamurani is a well-impassioned young Baloch; from Balochistan, Zamuran, and is trying to make a change and become the voice of the voiceless; at this youthful age, by contributing and aiding those in need. The young entrepreneur has helped more than 1000+ people in Balochistan and Sindh, Provinces of Pakistan by providing masks and 1000+ rations in different local towns. Unfortunately, it wasn’t covered anywhere as he is not a public figure. The way he reflects on the current situations in Balochistan is really inspirational.

Mir Lakhmir Baloch Zamurani; has completed his law degree from the University of Essex, United Kingdom. He has a good investment record in cryptocurrency, which he first started investing 2 years ago, such as how he earned his first million dollars from Cryptocurrency at a very young age, but nothing stated his social work. He was fascinated by the technology of Blockchains and how he could make a name for himself and become an expert on the industry as a whole and on the other hand, create room to help the needy. Indeed, he truly is the voice of the voiceless. 

According to him, his investments are not only lying in crypto, but also in the agriculture sector of Pakistan, where he inherited his father’s business as an official heir, managing his factories, hotels, and let properties in Pakistan and globally~ “Nothing would have been possible without the help of my elder brother, Mir Noor Ahmed,” he says.

“The biggest challenge of my life was losing my father, at the age of 22 years old. He was a warrior and gave me the spirit to overcome all the difficulties in life. To be very honest, I see myself after 5 years at a top of the mountain in a mansion proving everyone wrong, who always led me down in life since the beginning,’ he added. 

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Mir Lakhmir advises his followers to get into crypto right now, as 2022 is the best time to invest in crypto. ‘It’s giving its buyer an opportunity that I don’t think we would get after 2023, this is history right now with what’s going on with the crypto market, ‘he says. ‘I believe entering the crypto market was one of my best moves, as I tried everything during my university years to make money online, but always ended up losing it. From binary trading to stocks, everything failed. I’m blessed that, at a very young age, I got the chance to make my own first million. My goal is to reach the 100 million clubs just from my crypto portfolio, and much more in the future,’ he says.

Once Mir Lakhmir graduated in 2021, he got more serious about his cryptocurrency portfolio, he says, that’s when I got lucky when both bitcoin and ether had recently plunged in value. Polkadot skyrocketed to $50, making it to its ATH in value and I ended up making my first $100,000 from my crypto Portfolio, and it went on after that.

Despite Mir Lakhmir’s great following and everything, one could ask why the local media doesn’t promote him. But for obvious reasons he is not doing it for the local media or any attention. Even though over the years he has promoted his work himself on his social media platforms, but not have those intentions. His intentions are to help those in need, be a voice for the voiceless, and bring a change by giving a realization to the people who see his work, it doesn’t matter what you give and provide, but you tried to make a difference. 

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Mir Lakhmir has also concerned himself greatly with the current affairs of Pakistan and what it is that keeps the people always negative on the international headlines, he stated, ‘War and cultural violence are penetrated or imposed in Balochistan and other provinces through absolute centralism of state power; that has torn apart every social institution, moral and ethical values of society. The fellow citizens of Pakistan are stuck in a bubble of politics; where are being fed lies each second of their lives. People from native lands are dragged and confronted in a war of terror that takes innocent lives. Doesn’t matter if you are a worker, farmer, or student.’

It’s really inspiring that at the age of 22, he has achieved so much so, that a person in their 30s realizes of doing it. The world really needs young people like him all over because if they have a pattern of thinking; like this at their age, they are the hope of our modern world.

Mir Lakhmir showcases his lifestyle by encouraging all and sundry via his Instagram account, https://www.instagram.com/mirlakhmirbaloch/?next=%2F#

The bits of advice he always gives to his followers are stated as follows;

  • Trust nobody
  • Only you can do it, no one is going to do it for you
  • Take the risk, be a risk taker
  • Always keep your family close
  • Don’t give up

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