Metla Has Launched ‘A.I. Your App’ To Help Users Build Apps

Dubai, UAEUsers can now enjoy a unique experience of Hologram powered app that will give a range of features unlike anything else in the market.

Metla has announced its intention to launch its new platform A.I. Your App, which will finally bring mobile apps to life. Using a proprietary A.I. technology, users can now build their own virtual reality-based app to bring their ideas to life. 

Build in the mold of; the new platform will introduce users to its A.I. Product Manager, who will help users simplify their journey by aiding them at every step. It will also contain an admin panel to make the task easier for users and will also provide a range of features such as MVP, prototypes, and more to help the users.

Now, starting at just $900 per month, their team will create an A.I.-enabled app that will be delivered in 6-8 weeks. They will also offer made-to-order custom app-building packages that users can use to build their apps without any manual intervention. 

Speaking about his app, the founder of the company, Frank Stefano Fourie, says, “We will bring your vision to reality! Using A.I. will give you bonafide means to build your apps more cost-effectively and quickly. Aided by an A.I. product expert, you can now turn your app ideas into a working prototype in days. In our ideal world, you would order an app just like you would a pizza. We are committed to creating a custom app using an assembly line similar to the one used to construct cars.

He adds, “Our product specialists work closely with you at every stage to create the unique software your company requires. Get a ready-to-use package with all the features you require to sell online, including a website and applications, and we never take a percentage of your sales.”

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Company Name: A.I. Your App

Contact Person: Frank Stefano Fourie 

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