Metabank is building the strongest business in global community consensus finance

With the innovative development of the global market, more and more social players are getting involved in and talking about the construction and development of the meta-universe.The mainstream discourse ties it to cryptocurrencies and their decentralized trading model. The role of smart contracts in replacing traditional financial institutions is amplified and exaggerated, with metaphysical arguments of “returning power to the people” and “fairness and transparency”.

The term Financial Technology (FinTech) originated in the 1990s up until 2016, when the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the central body of global financial governance, officially defined the term. That is, FinTech is the technological innovation in financial services and the resulting new business models, business processes or products, and thus has a significant impact on financial markets, financial institutions and financial services.

Metabank distinguishes itself from all existing meta-universe financial development systems by moving away from a top-down development system and choosing to establish a bottom-up development approach. Metabank is currently in the market phase of building community consensus and creating a global community culture IP and global Metabank asset system.The entire Metabank asset valuation has reached hundreds of millions of dollars and the pool of funds deposited on Pancakeswap has reached $3 million. It is one of the largest community IP asset projects in the world.

MetaBank wants to create a fun community culture IP asset that gives everyone a fair chance and doesn’t subject investors to price manipulation again.

By building the WEB3 metaverse banking system, we establish cultural community IP assets, unite the power of the community against the financial monopoly of the central institution, and devolve the power and benefits of the market to each community member and asset holder.

Metabank promotes the awareness and influence of MetaBank Coin in the global scale, and promotes the development of MetaBank’s projects and communities. The MBKC that unites the power of countless communities will incubate more ecological outbreaks that are conducive to ordinary users’ participation and investment.

Metabank’s eco-governance token Metabank Coin, AKA MBKC, is held by over 15,000 backers from around the world since its launch. As more and more MBKC holders join the MBKC community, its price will complete a wealth explosion hundreds of times, just like SHIB, when Metabank will be shared by tens of thousands of multi-millionaires worldwide using the new WEB3 financial system supported by Metabank.

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