Introduction to Project Torch: Feelture to integrate Blockchain with other advanced technologies

Project Background

Openness and decentralization are the goals of blockchain development, and the more technical and community power of Web3 is creating a decentralized world led by a community of users.

Project Introduction

Blueprint Feelture is a Web3-based, community-led co-build venture that aims to create a grand blueprint for the future Web3 Asia Pacific Community Initiative. It will build an ecological environment with a truly global scale through the all-round layout of SmartCity+SocialFi+GameFi+Metaverse+DAO with the participation and cooperation of community users.

Blueprint will be developed with an open attitude, while giving back the generated traffic and consensus value to users and communities. This will be a plan of continuous self-evolution, and the new economic blueprint will be drawn and written.

Ecological Layout

1.0 Project Torch

The project torch will adopt community-driven, application scene burning destruction, and extreme deflation mechanism to protect users’ rights and interests, and then gather global consensus, expand user groups, and achieve the purpose of fireflies lighting up Web3.

2.0 Project Torch(burning)

After the accumulation of 1.0 project torch, Blueprint Feelture will really step into the stage of significant expansion, transforming more consensus into the value of.

1. Smart City project:Lead community users to build meta-universe cities, thereby living and creating various benefits.

2. Web3 Social project: A powerful decentralized network of relationships that will have interconnectedness beyond Web2.

3. Game-fi: Develop games and encourage social play in the metaverse.

(At the beginning of the ecology, a limited number of 10,000 cards will be issued, and the users who hold the cards will get many pioneering rights in ecological development).

Future Economic Model

Total issuance of 100 million Fture Community Pass tokens

96 million for community user growth

1 million airdropped to card holding users

3 million for ecological construction

Introduction to Project Torch

Feelture integrates blockchain and other advanced technologies, ingeniously invents the on-chain splitting model, relies on a powerful ecological matrix, and automatically executes output and burns through smart contracts to create a token deflation model. In addition, Feelture will create a favorable situation for the continuous rise of token prices through a new trading framework. An open, transparent and decentralized Web3 value mechanism will be popular.

Project Torch Mechanism

1. Burn to destroy

2. Extreme deflation

3. Multilateral support

4. Appreciation

1. Destroy Issues

Users purchase tokens, destroy them in Dapp and receive the corresponding token standard income.

30-Day Destruction Contract – 100 yields 120 tokens

60-Day Destruction Contract – 100 yields 150 tokens

100-Day Destruction Contract – 100 yields 200 tokens

2. Burning revaluation contracts

The user burns the token, triggering the burning appreciation contract, so the amount of currency decreases, the price of currency naturally appreciates, and the unilateral continuous rise.

If the whole network burns out – future unit price

1000 Fture – up 0.005U

10,000 Fture – up 0.05U

100,000 Fture – up 0.5U

1 million Fture – up 5U

10 million Fture – up 50U

By analogy, all Fture burned by users are destroyed in a black hole, and this data is open and transparent on the chain.

3. Revenue collection contract

1) Users can generate income by burning and burning tokens: they are collected through contracts. Tokens released by burning must be claimed within 24 hours.

2) Users will be 100% forced to sell after the first collection.

3) Before the second release collection, there must be a record of 50% of the amount sold yesterday in the DAPP to continue claiming. The repurchased tokens will be burned at any time, and long-term holders will enjoy the premium benefits brought by the growth of the currency.

4. Trading Pending Sell Desk

The tokens received daily are automatically added to the pending pool according to the contract and the collection time, and the buyer and seller must agree on the transaction amount, which is determined by real-time data. Note that a maximum of 500 tokens can be purchased in a single transaction.

5. Handling fees

Buying fee is 0%.

Selling fee is 5%.

A handling fee of 5% of the sale amount will be deducted for each listed sale.

1% of this amount is used for V5 member dividend rewards

1% is distributed to shareholders

2.5% for technical team rewards

0.5% goes to the Foundation as an operating fund

6. Market Revenue Mechanism

Dynamic mechanism

Direct tweet sharing

Take a generation of 10% of the destruction volume of accelerated release

The second generation shares indirectly

Take the accelerated release of 5% of the destruction amount

7. Community Rewards

LV1: All cell rewards reach a cumulative performance of 30,000 U and the new destruction volume under all umbrellas is accelerated by 2%.

LV2: All cell rewards reach a total of 100,000 U, and new destruction volume under all umbrellas is accelerated by 4%.

LV3: All cell rewards reach a total of 300,000 U, and new destruction volume under all shields is accelerated by 6%.

LV4: All cell rewards reach a cumulative performance of 1 million U, and new destruction volume under all umbrellas is accelerated by 8%.

LV5: All cell rewards reach a cumulative performance of 3 million U and receive a 9% acceleration of all new destruction under the umbrella and a 1% handling fee dividend.