INTDESTCOIN Announces Last Private Sale and Unveils Innovative Blend of Technologies

Istanbul, Turkey, 22nd Jun 2023 – INTDESTCOIN (INTD), a revolutionary digital ecosystem transcending geographical boundaries, is excited to announce its last and most significant private sale. With ongoing development of 30 supporting projects, INTDESTCOIN aims to become a leading player in the digital currency and blockchain space.

INTDESTCOIN’s strength lies in its innovative blend of singular technologies that push beyond current limitations. The project’s objective is to create a borderless digital ecosystem, allowing the validation of any digital content. As a reference currency for various cash services such as dApp, DeFi, AI, and NFT, INTD is set to become a go-to digital currency and platform for financial services and blockchain-based solutions.

One of the standout features of INTD is its plan to migrate to its own blockchain called XCHAIN, aiming for greater independence and advanced capabilities beyond traditional blockchains. XCHAIN, a revolutionary technology developed by INTDESTCOIN, addresses the key challenges of private blockchains, scalability, security, and interoperability.

The last private sale presents a unique investment opportunity for interested individuals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The sale will be conducted in two stages, with the first stage running from June 15th to July 15th and the second stage from July 25th to August 15th. Purchases can be made using MATIC, USDT, USDC, or DAI on the Polygon network.

Key details of the private sale include:

Minimum purchase: 100 INTD

Maximum purchase: 555,000 INTD

First stage sales tiers:

TIER 1: $0.18

TIER 2: $0.29

TIER 3: $0.35

Second stage: Fixed price of $0.46


100-5000 INTD: 10% bonus of the total purchase

5000-10000 INTD: 15% bonus of the total purchase

To participate in the private sale, interested individuals can visit the dedicated buy page at BUY.INTDESTCOIN.COM.

INTDESTCOIN’s comprehensive marketing strategy aims to increase awareness and adoption of INTD and its ecosystem. Tactics include content marketing through blog posts, articles, and explainer videos, social media engagement, influencer marketing, public relations activities, search engine optimization, partnerships and collaborations, paid advertising campaigns, educational initiatives, airdrops, referral programs, and transparent communication with the community.

With a diverse focus encompassing blockchain, artificial intelligence, metaverse, gaming, and renewable energy, INTDESTCOIN is positioned to tap into multiple technology sectors with significant growth potential. The project’s competitive advantages lie in its expertise, continuous research and development, comprehensive analysis, new generation technology areas, social responsibility, and commitment to confidentiality and security.

INTDESTCOIN’s product viability is supported by its comprehensive ecosystem, economic incentives for holders, scalable and secure infrastructure, user-friendly features, and support for NFT and token creation. The project’s strong team and management, coupled with its future-focused vision, further contribute to its success in the market.

Revenue streams for the project include income generation through various INTDEST services and other tools. Additionally, future token sales will be utilized to expand services, develop data centers, and introduce new generation web services.

INTDESTCOIN’s last private sale marks an important milestone for the project, positioning it for success and prominence as leading crypto exchanges soon. The project’s innovative technologies and comprehensive approach set it apart and paved the way for a bright future in the blockchain and digital currency landscape.


INTDESTCOIN (INTD) is a revolutionary digital ecosystem built on the Polygon blockchain. With its versatile INTD token, INTDESTCOIN aims to redefine decentralized finance, NFTs, artificial intelligence, and other digital content services. The project’s comprehensive ecosystem, secure infrastructure, and future-focused vision position INTDESTCOIN as a leading player in the blockchain and technology landscape.

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