HubinNetwork to launch its game – Hubinio to revolutionize the P2E gaming industry


Kaunas, Lithuania, 5th Dec 2022 – Since almost ten years ago, the global gaming market has been expanding steadily, with the entire industry now worth $135 billion. As this business has evolved, new profitable intersections have emerged. Play2Earn is the name of one of these intersections, where blockchain technology and gaming meet. The rising popularity of NFTs is one factor that has gained enormous popularity within the cryptocurrency community and that has led to an increase in P2E. 

The popularity of P2E games has significantly increased thanks to HubinNetwork and the broader surge of popular culture that NFTs have experienced. HubinNetwork is a game creation business which incorporates NFTs’ features into its games. Players of various ages find the games it makes to be intriguing and thrilling. 

HubinNetwork is getting ready to release the Hubinio game, which can change the gaming industry and give Crypto communities a pleasant and exciting experience. The game is backed by the DTC group which is a web3 incubator.. Hubinio is comparable to and brings back fond memories. The PinkSale Fairlaunch will be held from  3rd December 2022 to 8th December 2022. 

HubinNetwork can transform the gaming industry and offer a fun and engaging experience for Crypto communities and gamers all over the world thanks to its ecosystem’s first beneficial utilities like P2E, NFTs and Staking. At their core, HubinNetwork’s games not only let you have fun, but they also let you actively earn prizes like cryptos or NFTs, which has caused communities to swarm to the site.

Hubinio – P2E Game incorporating NFTs

Hubinio is the initial HubinNetwork ecosystem Play2Earn product. It is an online multiplayer action game similar to the classic It employs HubinNetwork’s native Token $HBN and is a real-time strategy game set in a distinctive ecosystem. People will be able to purchase NFTs and use them as skins to change the appearance of their cells, as well as play the lottery for a chance to win prizes.

The game Hubinio puts a strong emphasis on fostering social connection. Players have control over one or more spherical cells on a map that looks like a Petri dish. The objective is to consume as much agar and cells that are smaller than the player’s cell while avoiding being consumed by larger ones to accumulate as much mass as possible. Each player starts with one cell, but if it accumulates enough mass, they can divide it in half, giving them control over two cells. The winner of each 15-minute round is the last player to hold the top rank until the game resets. After each round, the top 3 players receive awards in the form of $HBN tokens; the more players who participate in the game, the better the prizes. In a weekly tournament the most active and productive users are eligible to win significant sums of $HBN tokens and distinctive NFTs, which can be used as skins in games. Hubinio is a great game for encouraging community interaction and utilizing P2E and NFT features.

HubinNetwork will be doing two tokens giveaway campaigns for its users of $3000 each. These campaigns are: Airdrop Campaign with the aim to spread awareness about the project and to get more people trading in it when it lists on an exchange and Referral Campaign that rewards existing customers for spreading the word about the Hubinio.

Total winners and rewards for Airdrop campaign are as follows:

  • $3000 worth of Tokens Airdropped to top 50 entries.
  • 1st place receives $300 worth of tokens
  • 2nd place receives $200 worth of tokens
  • 3rd place receives $150 worth of tokens
  • Remaining top 47 entries receives $50 worth of tokens

Total winners and rewards for Referral campaign are as follows:

  • 50 HBN each for 1000 randomly selected participants 
  • 170 HBN each for 100 referrers

Future of Hubinio

It’s not surprising that this sector has great numbers to its name, much like any other that receives the level of media attention and community support that Play 2 Earn does. NFT-based card games or collection challenges are more popular, which makes it no surprise that this has become a key component of blockchain gaming given the present popularity of NFTs. NFTs are the main characters of the powerups that players can use in-game, and this is the foundation around which many gaming platforms have built their games. With this said, there seems to be a bright future for HubinNetwork and their games in the age of Play 2 Earn.


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