How is this Heymedica platform revolutionizing the way patients connect with their doctors?

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Bucharest, Romania, 7th Jan 2023 – The way patients and doctors connect is changing. With the help of AI-driven platforms, patients are getting more personalized care from their doctors.

Heymedica is an AI-driven platform that connects all your health information in one place so patients can make informed decisions about their treatment, monitor their progress, and manage their overall well-being. 

For the first time ever, uses the power of technology around Europe and artificial intelligence to analyze data and identify patterns that can predict health issues of its users before they occur.

In its first phase of development, Heymedica has in the data base, more than 500K hospitals, pharmacies, family doctors, clinics, specialists, dentists and medical laboratories across Europe, giving millions of patients, a unique possibility to select the best medical services, with just one click.

Patients who join Heymedica can:

  • -Search for a doctor based on location, specialty, language spoken 
  • -Receive notifications when it’s time to refill prescriptions or schedule an appointment with your doctor
  • -Have access to a comprehensive medical history 
  • -Benefit from real-time appointments with specialists at our hospital partner locations around the world. 
  • Monitor your health risk levels 24/24.

Its easy-to-use interface allows medical professionals who join the platform, to schedule appointments directly from their phone and make sure your patients are satisfied with the service they received. 

“We’re revolutionizing how doctors connect with patients through our platform which offers increased market exposure, a relevant rating system, market reports, real-time statistics, communication module, feedback from patients and real-time scheduling management system—all of which can help doctors increase their visibility and grow their practices while providing an invaluable service to their patients” Heymedica specialist said.

“The evolution of the medical industry is being driven by technology, and it’s time for you to join the platform that’s revolutionizing the way doctors connect with patients.”

The platform will soon have an upgraded AI assistant that can be used in conjunction with current medical technologies that will help patients manage their health by using information gathered from various sources like biometric sensors and medical records.

Heymedica is a platform for healthcare providers to connect with patients, share information, and collaborate on care. 

It’s easy to join the platform—just go to and follow the instructions!

Join the first European Health Platform!

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