Genesis is building metaverse community and launches Genesis spontaneous currency and AI trading platform

Seeing opportunities in the metaverse, Genesis takes an important step towards building a metaverse community by entering the segment. The Genesis spontaneous currency interview airdrop is scheduled for December 1, 2022 and the estimated official launch date of Genesis spontaneous currency: within the first quarter of 2023, the launch will be completed in New York, USA, and Genesis will apply the complete ecosystem to the token.

GNSB Issuance Mechanism

Token name:GNSB

Token type:Ethereum Blockchain ERC20

Total number of issues: 1 billion pieces

Issue Price: 0.1USDT

GNSB creates a new generation of sharing tools for quantitative trading strategies, combining intelligent investment with AI quantitative trading systems. By evaluating their investment preferences and risk levels, users choose to understand the strategy portfolio, historical net value, historical and current day positions of the strategy portfolio made by the AI quantitative trading strategy system under the same risk appetite. After a free trial, customers pay Genesis a certain amount of GNS Coin on a monthly basis as a service fee. For Genesis strategic partner exchanges, the exchange can help investors follow Genesis’ strategy portfolio with one click and return a certain commission to GNSB in the form of GNS Coin.

At a corporate level, Genesis has also announced that the GENESIS AI Intelligent quantitative trading platform is not part of the same company as Genesis Global. The company’s composition and funding are not linked in any way.

In the future, Genesis AI will create a comprehensive application value, decentralize the application cooperation of major physical industries, and jointly build overall application ecology of blockchain + intelligent quantification + industry!

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