Dr.Blackman’s XMAS TOWN – “Spamerica’s Demockery”

Being inside “the belly of the beast”, up front and personal as we all crowd onto the same escalator, descending into the bowels of the farcical fleecing of XMAS TOWN, Spamerica’s Demockery. Where the pork barrel is ‘huge’, ballooning into a self-realized embodying template for the real time, tribalism/populism, ism of ism’s,  “Dope Buster’s”, Stay Puft’s ugly twin, an orange colored “Marshmallow Man”, known as “Donald Puffoon”. And as we make the descent on the escalator, it turns into a roller coaster ride, driven by Congresswoman, Margarine Sluthate, where every day is Xmas in XMAS TOWN and Donald Puffoon, morph’s into, El Presidente Don T-Rump, “Dope Buster’s:”, one and only. Frankenshmuck!

Xmas Town – Spamerica’s Demockery is fantasy and sci fi, with a satirical corkscrew, popping the cork on a “Farce Deck”, ginning it up and spinning, in a twisted game of 52 pickup, with only one card in the deck, the ace of spades, brilliantly written by the incomparable, inimitable. Dr.Blackman.

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