DeFi NFT Platform Honor World Launches New Play-to-Earn Games on its Platform

Singapore, Singapore / Honor World, an innovative GameFi platform that combines NFT & DEFI introduces 2 new Play-to-Earn Games on its platform namely NFT Farm & Dragon Treasure. One more game NFT Park is next in line for the launch. With the introduction of these new Play-to-Earn gaming titles, Honor World continues to grow as an NFT & DeFi platform.


Honor World


Honor World’s plans to effectively integrate De-Fi, NFTs, and Game-Fi to deliver a sustainable Play-to-Earn model to users. And the number of users registering on the platform and the total volume of transactions are growing every day.


About the Honor World Ecosystem

Developed on the Artibrum blockchain, Honor World follows the principles of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), wherein the power lies in the hands of the community. Artibrum seemed the optimal network for a project of this magnitude and importance, primarily owing to its enhanced speed, security, and lower transaction fees. 


Decentralized projects offer all involved parties an option to contribute to the growth of the platform, and the same is the case with Honor World. It encourages everyone to participate and assist in the development. They can create NFTs, showcase them on the platform, and get rewarded. Besides, developers can create games on Honor World, with the platform providing the infrastructure and resources for it. And the best part, users get voting rights on critical changes and can decide the future course of the project. Another vital aspect of Honor World that separates it from the rest is that members enjoy true ownership of the assets, i.e., the platform’s native token and the core NFTs.


Certik, one of the top auditing firms in the blockchain space, has already audited Honor World, including its smart contracts, and it was smooth sailing for the latter. Besides the audit, the team regularly scrutinizes every single aspect of the project for issues that might hamper the user experience or growth of the platform and eliminates them in due time.


Honor World offers exciting and mesmerizing gameplay with farms, abundant resources, dragons lurking around in the mountain, and countless treasures waiting to be discovered.


Staking and Farming on Honor World


Staking has long been considered a viable solution to earn a passive income, and Honor World just made things a lot easier. The idea behind staking is to add one’s holding to the dedicated pool, which adds liquidity and facilitates the verification of transactions in the ecosystem. And users get rewarded for playing their part. Remember, the rewards increase with the TVL (Total Value Locked), so make sure to stake as much as possible and secure a steady stream of revenue.


Tokenomics in Honor World

Tokenomics is a critical aspect, and unless it suits the requirements of the project and the end user, along with being market-friendly, the project can’t really take off. After splendid research, Honor World has developed one of the best tokenomics ever seen in the De-Fi gaming space. 


The total supply of the token is capped at 1,000,000,000, which will follow a release schedule, i.e., 40% would be available in the first year, 22.5% in the second, 17.5% in the third year, and 12.5% and 7.5% in the fourth and fifth year respectively.  


In addition to that, to ensure a sustainable model, Honor World will regularly buy back tokens through the DAO vault using the ETH/USDC funds, all of which will be burned, thus reducing the total number of tokens in circulation. When this happens, the value of the remaining tokens will increase. Also, most of the in-game token consumption will, too, be burned to reduce the total number further. 


With a well-researched economic model, user-oriented gameplay, and policies in line with the market dynamics, Honor World is all set to revolutionize the blockchain gaming space.


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