Crazy Mars Squirrel X Smart Wearable Devices, Open a New Era of Health Management

United States, 8th Dec 2022 – As a representative of the value-centered NFT2.0 era, Crazy Mars Squirrel is steadily promoting its commercial landing. The other day, it has announced that its NFT numbered #20 had officially signed a cooperation agreement with the Australian company Wearable Research & Technology Pty Ltd. The cooperation aiming to co-brand with the latter’s smart wearable technology products using electromagnetic laws will expand the brand influence of both parties and facilitate the development of smart health devices in the long run.

Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT#20
It is reported that Wearable Research & Technology Pty Ltd is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Its predecessor was the Creative Integration Center of a distributed workforce composed of laboratory teams from seven Australian universities, with an experienced independent research team. In 2021, the Center received investment from VCs and established a new industry research team in Sydney. The scientific research group under its supervision developed smart sportswear based on the research findings of Australian medical wearables and ESA electromagnetic induction technology, which can accurately transmit specific high-quality current signals (imitating the nerve signals after exercise), allowing users to achieve painless passive exercise and improve physical fitness and shape.

Nowadays, NFT is becoming a new carrier of popular culture and a welcomed culture communicator for international brands that enjoy high popularity among young people pursuing fashion and individuality. With diverse application scenarios and natural advantages, Crazy Mars Squirrel has integrated with ESA Smart Tech Sportwear to guide the latter to enter the Web3 field and expand its market share, with the ultimate goal to improve its market performance and brand awareness at the same time.

As a dark horse NFT project that has stitched an industrial triumph from a bear market, Crazy Mars Squirrel has its success closely bound to a courageous powerful team. It is known that once Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs were launched, numerous NFT collectors and investors competed to purchase. Within hours after its first launch on OpenSea, a total of 100 NFTs were sold out and the series quickly achieved the shining 1st place in popularity and 24-hour trading volume. As of press time, the floor price of Crazy Mars Squirrel on OpenSea has risen to 8.48ETH, with the trading volume exceeding 632ETH. Its remarkable achievement has undoubtedly brought soothing hope to the industry that has long lost in the cold crypto winter.

As leading enterprises in respective industries, Crazy Mars Squirrel and Wearable Research & Technology have built a strong alliance with deep insights into consumption and Gen Z, to make an emotional connection with young people through the deeply layered artistic expression of the brands. With the empowerment of Crazy Mars Squirrel, Wearable Research & Technology can not only deepen the connotation of its brand culture but also make hi-tech fitness further integrate with intelligence and digitalization. With the evolvement of the “NFT + Smart Health” mode, it can be expected that the mode will be applied to more physical business fields, setting higher industrial benchmarks.

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