Christian based Author LaSheka L. Hollingsworth is introducing the world to her third book “No, Body’s Burden” that has Southern Flare with a hint of Paranormal activity. Enjoy!

Houston, Texas- Christian Author LaSheka L. Hollingsworth has another amazing book that will leave each reader looking for more. Author Hollingsworth’s first two novels “What If” and “God, is this Relationship Worth My Time” are two entertaining reads that showcase the ups and downs of life as a Christian. Also, the books discuss past trials and tribulations in relationships. The third book “No, Body’s Burden” will give the reader an insight into Northern Louisiana culture, College Life, Suicide, Marriage, and Mental Health. Just recently, she started a Kindle Vella Series “Invisible Love Story” that takes place in the 1800’s on a Northern Louisiana Plantation. The Kindle Vella will be added as a published book in the near future. There is something very intriguing about a paranormal story that takes place on a plantation, but the story includes a love story that will never be separated. Author Hollingsworth is always creating work that anyone would enjoy.

Author Hollingsworth always enjoyed the arts, but didn’t think of becoming a writer until a close friend read one of her poems. With her family and friends she continues to be a motivational speaker to the youth in the community. Throughout her writing career she has given writing tools to help other Indie Authors begin their start as published authors. Hollingsworth has a goal to write more literature that people from different backgrounds can enjoy, and that is regardless of race. Author Hollingsworth, plans to write content that represents African Americans in a more positive light. Three time published Author Hollingsworth, has a goal to show other little black boys, and black girls that it is possible to publish a book. Hollingsworth has a shown future Indie Authors that it doesn’t take a million dollars to self-publish, but it definitely does take a lot of work to market oneself. Each book can be purchased on Amazon. Both “What If” and “No, Body’s Burden” are available on Kindle E-BOOK. Get a copy today!!

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