Catch up the New Read from Nicole Thornes – Lets Emotionally Connect with Your Loss

Maryland, Berlin, —Nicole Thornes is a budding author who has brought up a masterpiece, Daddy’s Home, which holds something for everyone who gets to read it. There’s no stronger bond then the one where people connect over the loss, demise, sacrifice, grief, and dismal. Nicole has shared her story from top to bottom and her write up instills a ray of hope amongst the readers who feel broke after each rejection. Daddy’s Home effectively conveys the range of emotions people experience when they lose a loved one. Although there is a lot of optimism and hope, it does not ignore the stark reality of catastrophic ends.

Nicole has established Positive Passing, LLC, with an aim to assist those who are suffering due to any loss, be it personal or professional. The organization is open to provide support in various domains including companionship, coordinating a circle of support, legacy projects, facilitating Advance Care Planning, meal preparations and light housework, assistance finding pet care, running quick errands, assistance with facilitating rides and accompanying to healthcare visits, Memorial portraiture, Keeping bedside vigil at the end.

In her novel, Nicole Thornes skillfully tells a tragic tale of loss and death. Family members’ points of view are featured, as well as the emotional anguish they go through after losing a loved one. The story gives due respect to all the brothers and sisters who lost their lives while performing their duties.

Daddy’s Home is now available in ebook on all major publishing platforms on 20th December, 2022 including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kindle.

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