Blokbet partners Nzvedaz BFT in crypto betting: Pre-Sale to world class betting opens

BlokBet- a blockchain based decentralized betting platform has launched a pre-sale of their token BBT. Currently Round 2 is underway and ends on the 26th of December 2022. There are other three rounds to follow the pre-sale will end on the 17th January 2023. BBT  will power BlokBet’s  world-class betting platform which will be decentralised and can be used solely with crypto-currency. BlokBet has also partnered with The Big Five Token and alongside our native currency the BBT, BFT holders will be able to create, participate and validate bets on BlokBet platform. Running for only four weeks, the end of the pre-sale will witness the launch of a powerful partnership which will catapult crypto-betting globally.

The pre-sale will run from 12th December 2023 to 17th January 2023.

Users can participate in the pre-sale through the Blockbet online platform on:

The pre-sale has 4 stages, each stage running for a seven days. The pre-sale has the following price stage:

Stage 1 –  Token Allocation 60000000

Stage 2 –  Token Allocation 60000000

Stage 1 –  Token Allocation 75000000

Stage 1 –  Token Allocation 75000000

Total Allocation for presale 270000000


Presale Round 1 Opens: 12/12/2022

Presale Closes: 12th January 2023.

Besides sport betting, the platform will create other odds around human interest events, political events, global social events among other exciting events that are of interest.

Online betting’s growth is being fuelled by the absence of red tape thereby facilitating easy payments. The Business Research Company indicates that the global online gambling market grew from $73.42 billion in 2021 to $81.08 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.4%. Phenomenal growth is expected in 2023 and beyond. The increasing adoption of smartphones with the improved internet accessibility is driving the online gambling market.

Blockbet is coming into this market to bring diversity and offer unparalleled services, which will enable users to participate in placed bets. As the platform grows, users will also be able to place their own bets, brining to reality peer-to-peer betting, where all participants benefit.

Regular sportsbooks require punters to use fiat money, with Blokbet, all bets will be placed using cryptocurrency namely BFT, BNB, and Blockbet. Cryptocurrency  has significant benefits that include anonymity, security, fast payments and transparency.

The dapp we will built will be Web 3.0 powered enabling punters to seamlessly connect their digital wallets. It will be a decentralised betting platform permissionless. Our system will enable user to create bets, peer to peer meaning no house will have an advantage.

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