AstroPets Launches Its Highly Anticipated Jurassic Collection on Explosif

Pensacola , Florida, USA — AstroPets aims to pioneer the future of the NFT Gaming Industry.

The blockchain gaming industry is set to reach $65.7 billion by 2027 (source). Still in its nascent stage, NFT Gaming Industry is set for a massive expansion. To take advantage of this opportunity, AstroPets have decided to make early movements with the launch of its highly anticipated jurassic Collection on The collection is in line of AstroPets motto “In order to win the game, you must change the game.”

AstroPets is the FIRST cross-chain mobile Play-to-Earn gaming project that is designed to onboard traditional gamers into the WEB-3 ecosystem by launching in Apple IOS. The project is comprised of five different collections that feature a total of 2,000 unique NFTs, distributed equally across Cardano, Solana, BSC, Ethereum, and Bitcoin blockchains. AstroPets is committed to enhancing interoperability across maior smart contract blockchains to expand its market reach, unify the WEB-3 gaming landscape, and deliver innovative infrastructure to the sector.

AstroPets addresses the critical challenge of accessibility and interoperability within the WEB-3 gaming industry. A significant portion of present play-to-earn (P2E) gaming projects fail to engage mainstream or traditional gamers, as these projects predominantly focus on browser-based or Android devices. This limited accessibility hinders the transition of these gamers to the WEB-3 gaming sphere, compounded by their unfamiliarity with cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). To overcome these barriers, AstroPets is launching the FIRST mobile NFT game on Apple’s platform. This strategic move aims to facilitate the entry of traditional gamers into the WEB-3 gaming ecosystem by offering a familiar and convenient gaming environment.

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