Astra Nova backed by Hedera launched over 240k USD worth Airdrop campaign

Road Town, British Virgin Islands, United Kingdom, 20th Dec 2022, King NewsWire30 million Revive Tokens RVV will be airdropped to qualified users.

Users who participate in the airdrop also have a chance to be included in the allow list for the Deviants Mint Pass NFT.

The allow list permits users to claim a Deviant for 0.099 ETH rather than the 0.2 ETH public mint cost.

Astra Nova, the first true Web3 MetaRPG game built on Hedera, will be airdropping 240k USD worth of its in-game token RVV, as it embarks on its journey to revolutionize blockchain gaming.

Blockchain games’ prominence is primarily due to the play-to-earn (P2E) model. However, as the industry has seen, P2E games tend to lose a majority of their user base over time. The reason for this is such games are merely played for the sake of extracting a monetary reward. In other words, most players are disinterested in playing and reinvesting assets in the actual game, which causes the game economy’s eventual collapse.

Astra Nova looks to bring a crucial ingredient missing among blockchain games: fun. The developers created an engaging world that immerses players in the game’s ever-evolving storyline. They have also incorporated AAA quality graphics, thanks to the same game engine powering Fortnite, Unreal Engine. The developers are also proactively seeking feedback from their community to improve the game. As mentioned, Astra Nova is built on Hedera, which is a public ledger for maximum efficiency and stability. 

RVV Tokens Airdrop

To grow its community before its official public launch, Astra Nova has begun its airdrop campaign on Dec. 15, where it plans to distribute in-game tokens to qualifying users. 30 million Revive Tokens RVV will be given away, and the reward pool breakdown is as follows:

Tier 1 – 20,000 RVV each for 150 winners buying 3 Deviants Mint Passes 

Tier 2 – 3,000 RVV each for 4,000 winners buying 1 Deviants Mint Pass.

Tier 3 – Total 15,000,000 RVV for 20,000 winners selected randomly.

RVV tokens will be the main currency for in-game transactions, such as purchasing NFTs, power-ups, and upgrades. Those who participate in the event will also include a chance to be added to the allowlist for the Deviants Mint Pass.

Deviants NFT

The game is built around a fantasy mirror of the real world, with a post-apocalyptic theme.

Astra Nova is the last home of life in the game’s universe, and its first inhabitants are the Deviants, which are the game’s playable characters. Players would need a Deviant to access Astra Nova. Deviants are in-game NFTs inhabiting the Ethereum and Hedera chain, with a total supply of 10,000 unique beings. Much like in classic RPGs, these characters can be upgraded to increase their attributes to better progress in the game. The Devianta allowlist mentioned earlier would let users mint Deviants Mint Pass for 0.099 ETH instead of its 0.2 ETH public mint price. About 4,000 NFTs will be allocated solely for the Deviants Mint Pass allowlist.

Users who want to qualify for both the airdrop and the allowlist, which will take place between Jan. 3 to Jan 20, can do so by completing the required steps on this pageAside from an Ethereum wallet, a Hedera wallet is required, such as Blade Wallet.

About Astra Nova

Astra Nova is a free-to-play Web3 MetaRPG on Hedera. It features AAA graphics and is built on Unreal Engine 5. The game stretches gaming experiences with its ever-evolving storyline, unique action adventure quests, multiplayer battle royales, stealth missions, speed runs, special quests tailored to NFTs, solo missions, customizable RPG character races, and a lot more. Astra Nova has several partners and backers, including Hedera Hashgraph, Microsoft for Startup founders, Nvidia inception program, Polygon DAO, BTS Ventures, Wise Crypto, Blade Wallet, GameEon, and several Indie Game Studios.

About Hedera

Hedera is a distributed ledger that utilizes its patented consensus algorithm, Hashgraph, which addresses the fundamental performance bottlenecks of a blockchain, allowing for higher scalability. It offers Solidity-based smart contracts, token and consensus services for building and deploying decentralized applications. Hedera is governed by leading organizations such as IBM, Google, LG, Standard Bank, Chainlink Labs, Boeing, Tata Communications, Ubisoft, Shinhan Bank, and others.




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