An Article Read the Rise of Crazy Mars Squirrel

United States, 23rd Dec 2022 – On December 20th, Venus, the head of the Crazy Mars Squirrel team, tweeted that “Crazy Mars Squirrel will create a pathway forging the rapid growth of cultural value and business value of NFTs, making NFTs the passcards to enter the Web3 world so that human beings can be guided to digital civilization.”

This is not only a great vision but also the purpose that the Crazy Mars Squirrel team is practicing. Whereas, what’s driving the rise of the Crazy Mars Squirrel?

Comply with the Cultural Psychology of the Transforming Era
The world is undergoing radical changes unseen in a century. The application of blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing has accelerated the arrival of digital civilization. In the meantime, the Web2-driven global Internet economy has peaked. The advantages of centralized platforms due to information asymmetry are exacerbating monopoly and the loss of user trust. Accelerating towards the Web3 world has been the trend sought after by people worldwide.

Against this background, Web3 has formed extensive influence with increasing market attention. As a native NFT project of Web3, Crazy Mars Squirrel well responds to the mass’s sentiment to keep pace with the times and embrace Web3, thus having won the favor of the market. It endows digital identities with a cosmic vision, and focuses on the subversive transformation of emerging businesses, leading mankind to migrate from industrial to digital civilization.

Adapt to the Market – Transition to Digital Business
Focusing on the physical markets, the industrial economy creates value through the exploitation and utilization of natural resources. As the digital economy is scouring the globe, traditional business models will be restructured completely. Based on the advanced new business paradigm of Web3, Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT granulates the traditional commercial business and injects magical power to catalyze its digitization. As a result, it expands the massive resource connections brought by the digital market, helps enterprises establish new profit models, increases business volume, and promotes the digitalization of traditional business.

Meet the Needs of the Circle Transferring from Industrial to Digital Civilization
In this era of major changes, people are at a loss in the Web2 world. Once experience becomes ineffective in guiding actions, what is the foundation of independence and freedom? The optimal solution might be to give full play to collective wisdom in continuous exploration. Through Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs, digital upstarts and Web3 pioneers from all over the world spontaneously formed mutual assistance Crazy Mars Squirrel DAO, a community sharing a consensus.

Equipped with high-dimensional intelligence, Crazy Mars Squirrel DAO members constantly upgrade their cognition, develop new Metaverse skills, and lead the development of digital civilization. By participating in DAO governance, NFT holders exercise their right to vote on the development and management of the Crazy Mars Squirrel project and brand, and meanwhile entering a high-end circle of “digital upstarts”.

Share an Altruism Sentiment 
Great causes are dedicated to solving the problems of human society. Altruism always evokes enthusiastic responses. Crazy Mars Squirrel comes from high-dimensional culture and adheres to the connotation of Wbe3 and altruistic thinking. It promotes the all-around improvement of enterprises and individuals in cognitive, business, social, and other fields. As told by the project leader, “the existence of Crazy Mars Squirrel is essentially for guiding humans from the industrial civilization to digital civilization. And by creating infinite possibilities in the Web3 era, it shares with NFT holders the dividends of the digital business.”

Summed up, the key reason why Crazy Mars Squirrel can maintain its growth momentum in the crypto winter lies in its answering to the needs of the time as well as the mutual trust and confidence between the project and relevant participants. More importantly, with unique positioning and strong adaptability, Crazy Mars Squirrel could well bridge Web2 and Web3, connect industrial and digital civilization, and link virtual and reality. In this way, it effectively accelerates the migration of human beings into the Web3 world while giving play to its economic and investment value. 

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