Action Actor Abraham Justice Alleges Hate crime on set of Lioness in Baltimore

Talented American action actor and stuntman, Abraham Justice, presses criminal charges as he alleges being a victim of hate crime on a new project titled, “Lioness,” for being non binary

United States, 4th Dec 2022 – It is not the best of times for producers of an upcoming movie project titled Lioness in Baltimore following allegations by Abraham Justice that he was victimized on the set of the production of the film on November 18, 2022. In a related development, the action actor is pressing criminal charges against the suspect, with the production company and screen actor’s guild investigating the matter.

The entertainment industry has undoubtedly had its fair share of cases pertaining to discrimination based on several grounds. Despite efforts by different stakeholders to put an end to the phenomenon and ensure every actor or crew member is assessed solely based on their performance, the ugly head of discrimination and related acts continues to emerge. This was the situation on Friday, November 18th 2022, following an incident between Abraham Justice and a member of the Lioness crew.

Abraham Justice has made his mark in the movie industry as an actor and stuntman, working with big name filmmakers particularly in the action genre. His talent and professionalism have endeared him to film producers and directors across the industry. Abraham’s notable works include (Backseat 2018), (Recovery 2018), (Escape Room 2017), and (The Adventure of Tin Tin), practically stealing the show on all occasions. He has acted in over 50 movies and performed stunts in 29, establishing his mastery of the craft. Consequently, the allegations of hate crime by an actor of his caliber as expectedly raised eye brows in the movie industry.

The world awaits the outcome of the investigations by the production company and screen actor’s guild, especially as the action actor already pressed criminal charges against the suspect.

To learn more about Abraham Justice and his works, visit IMDB.

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Abraham Justice is an American actor known for his stunts in action movies. He spent his young adulthood in Egypt before moving to the United States to fulfil his dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood.

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