A TEDx Talk Worth Watching: “Building Connections Between Generations”

If you’re looking for a good TEDx talk, Leo Liu’s talk “Building Connections Between Generations” or TEDxEustis looks at a familiar idea in a new way. By taking this idea and contrasting it with topical issues, he draws a connection between the two, and makes the case that for progress to be made, an understanding has to happen between the generations. Liu’s talk is well thought out and detailed, and will have you considering familiar questions from new angles.

United States, 2nd Jan 2023 – There are many great TEDx events being held all over the country on a regular basis, so slowing down and focusing on any one of them can be overwhelming. Every speaker at a TEDx event is guaranteed to have a wonderful, new idea that is worthy of your full consideration, but there are some that are truly remarkable even by this high standard. At a TEDx Event held in 2022, TEDxEustis, a talk that truly stands out is “Generational Division” by Leo Liu.

In Leo’s talk, he approaches a very familiar topic, disagreements between the different generations, in a completely new light. He doesn’t view these disagreements as inevitable, but preventable, and makes a case that we need to work to solve them before they get worse than we can imagine. Leo’s talk is lengthy, but well-paced and imaginative, and he covers a lot of ground while expounding on his core idea and making it clear why it is an issue worth addressing.

As the talk progresses, Liu doesn’t just focus on the division itself, but the things to continue with it. During a tangent on “Personal Pride,” he explores the issue of how many students are achieving things today not for the sake of what they’re doing, but just for the sake of having an achievement. The argument for this section becomes that rather than focusing on doing things essentially for clout, students should instead consider things that they can do for their own growth. By trying to connect with the older generation and learn more about their goals, for example, students can more clearly understand their own ambitions, and how to go about making real change.

“Generational Division” is an interesting talk because it doesn’t just rehash the same things people have been saying about generational differences over the years, but frames these differences as something that is a barrier to progress, and will only get worse if we don;t work to do something about it. Liu’s possible solutions to this issue are as interesting as they are well thought out, and his idea for Cultural Literacy Classes is thought provoking because it seems like an idea with a lot of promise if executed correctly. Everything in the talk is well considered, and when the speaker says that he believes his solutions will make a change if enacted, you believe him.

There are many TEDx talks about a wide variety of different topics, but “Generational Division” feels like a definitive statement, and a passionate cry from the younger generation that a change has to happen. When you hear Liu’s story and all that he’s been through, you understand why this message is important to him. When he says that he believes these divisions are deeper than they have ever been before, a glance at the daily news will be enough to convince you that he might not be far off. If you’re pursuing TEDx talks and trying to find one worth your time, “Generational Division” is one that will have you thinking for a long while.

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