A New Self-Serve Advertising Platform will Change the Digital Marketing Industry

Meet an innovative advertising platform developed with the latest technologies in the digital marketing world – OnClickA.

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, January 13, 2023/  — OnClickA is a performance-driven global self-serve ad network. OnClickA helps marketers reach new quality leads and get conversions worldwide.

It is a new advertising platform that centers on performance marketing to optimize costs and maximize revenue.

OnClickA became a cost-effective income source for advertisers. A strict control over the quality of traffic, supported by artificial intelligence, brings in the most targeted and converting traffic. The traffic from OnClickA sources goes through several stages of optimization and filtering. As a result, the advertiser receives the highest quality traffic best suited for his offer.

In OnClickA, advertisers can buy traffic by CPM, CPC, or CPA pricing models. The platform generates over 4 billion impressions every day. Advertisers can track their campaigns and optimize them on the fly with an intuitive interface.

Based on in-depth analytics and more than 10 years of experience in affiliate marketing, the team of specialists at OnClickA carefully selected the ad formats that would be the most profitable for the client.

Why should advertisers try OnClickA?

● High-quality traffic filtered by machine learning technologies and big data.
● 4 Billion Impressions every day.
● 240 GEOs.
● Personal interface in 4 languages (English, Spanish, German, Japanese).
● 10 ad formats: Popunder, Banner, Push, In-page, Video, Native, Interstitial, In-app, Notification Widget, and Tab-direct Link.
● Universal traffic filters powered by the latest monitoring system, filtering traffic by more than 200 criteria.
● Anti-fraud technology: strict traffic quality control.
● Save time with the latest automation technologies, such as campaign auto approval, price adjustment with the most relevant bid, and creatives’ auto-generation.
● Automatic price optimization: The pricing technology was created with advanced methods of analysis and price adjustment.
● The premium traffic sources of OnClickA were selected as the most genuine and converting websites.
● Includes all major tracking services.
● Implements seven payment methods, including cryptocurrencies.

Using OnClickA, advertisers are able to promote offers from all of the major verticals. It is a universal platform for almost any advertising idea. The platform provides a huge volume of Tier-1 traffic as well as traffic from all other Tiers. The most popular GEOs in the ad network are the US, India, Germany, Canada, and the UK.

OnClickA offers a wide range of features that make it simple to set up ads, track performance, and optimize campaigns to produce the best results for its advertisers.

OnClickA’s excellent customer service is geared toward assisting clients with any questions they may have 24/7.

Advertisers are invited to broaden their skills with OnClickA today.

Get leads from all around the world with OnClickA!

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