1776 Society Launches Patriot Community to Support U.S. Veterans With Cut of Profits

United States, 19th Dec 2022 – Veteran’s Day in November is an annual reminder of the extreme sacrifice that America’s military makes to protect freedom, capitalism, and the traditional U.S. way of life – and now a new patriotic organization is paying back that debt by donating a cut of profits to veterans.

The 1776 Society, launched by four millennial entrepreneurs, is a unique marketplace where likeminded pro-America people can meet to discuss the latest news and world events, while also enjoying access to deep discounts on the latest and most in-demand patriotic merchandise offered by several brands renowned for making highly sought collectibles.

The organization puts its money where its mouth is when talking about giving back to those in our armed services. It gives a generous cut of the profits that the society makes from merchandise sales to five different veterans’ organizations. It’s their way of saying thanks for the service and showing that caring for veterans shouldn’t happen just once a day every November. Unfortunately, that’s a message that too many people in the U.S. always forget.

Charities that will benefit from donations funded through the 1776 Society include those matching service dogs or providing polychromatic light therapy to veterans with PTSD, housing military families when a member is hospitalized long-term, funding extracurricular activities for military children, and assisting the loved ones of police officers who die in the line of duty.

Every sale made through the 1776 Society shows patriots that their value belief systems are being heard because they are contributing toward being pro-capitalism, pro-America, and pro-veterans when companies themselves might not be able to say it.

The 1776 Society community, which operates under a monthly subscription fee, includes several companies operating under the popular Hero Brands umbrella, which owns businesses that help to promote traditional U.S. values.

That includes Proud Patriots, a merchandise company that produces must-have collectible items including bobbleheads of key conservative figures, rare currencies featuring iconic American symbols like the Statue of Liberty and the Founding Fathers, as well as pins that can be displayed for people to tout their patriotic credentials.

Another company that is part of both Hero Brands and adjacent to the 1776 Society is Liberty Apparel, featuring everything a patriot could want to wear or have in their home. Their ever-growing catalog of popular items includes t-shirts, hoodies, and hats emblazoned with eye-catching slogans that will help fellow lovers of the U.S. identify each other, as well as items for the home such as tumblers that feature similar messages to help show off their American pride.

The 1776 Society and the Hero Brands companies are designed for people who are still grateful to be American and have pride in the United States. And with Veteran’s Day still fresh in everyone’s memory, there’s no better time to show people an option for how they can use their wallets throughout the year to make a real difference for those who serve.

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