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Zirkels Presents On-chain Blog Sponsorships

Zirkels, the world’s most innovative web3 content platform, has just announced the launch of blockchain-based sponsorships for bloggers. With just two clicks users can set up recurring payments to their favorite content creators who are paid daily at 6pm eastern. This innovative new feature empowers bloggers on the Zirkels platform to cultivate sustainable, recurring income streams.

While extraordinarily simple to use, the technology is immensely powerful under the hood. Zirkels uses the Deso blockchain and all payments are made in $DESO, its native cryptocurrency, which can be immediately converted to U.S. dollars on major exchanges like Coinbase. Also, blog owners can share the benefits with their most loyal fans who purchase their unique blog creator coin.

Zirkels allows content creators to publish long-form articles, audios and videos that live on the Deso blockchain. Readers who appreciate the content can easily reward the creators they appreciate, who receive daily paychecks in their associated Deso wallet.

Because the platform is ad-free, the incentive for creators is to publish quality content that their audience loves. Publishing low quality, click bait content on Zirkels makes no sense because users will not want to reward this type of content. Prior applications on the Deso blockchain have amply demonstrated that users are willing to give rewards for content they value.

While built using cutting-edge blockchain technology, Zirkels is super simple to use. In one easy onboarding experience users create their accounts and Deso wallets and are ready to start publishing and earning money in under 2 minutes.

Dennis H. Lewis, founder and CEO of Zirkels, explained the new technology in a new blog post by stating, “most corporate platforms take the lion’s share of the revenue and leave table scraps for the content creators. This means that only the ones with hundreds of thousands (or millions) of subscribers are able to enjoy true financial stability. With Zirkels all of this changes. By substituting mammoth corporate structures with innovative blockchain tech the whole value equation is transformed.”

He went on to announce, “Today we’re launching sponsorships for our blog owners, and in the future we will open this option to free users, as well. We want Zirkels to become the engine that pays the rent for thousands of hard working content creators that consistently publish content that their individual audiences truly appreciate. And we believe that sponsorships are a key ingredient towards making this vision of the future possible.”

Those interested in learning more about Zirkels can visit their website here.


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