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Zirkels Announces Viral Engine For Creators

Audience Growth Made Simple

Zirkels, the world’s most innovative web3 content platform, has just presented its new viral promotion engine for content creators. This powerful suite of tools allows creators to grow their audiences using incentivized actions, sweepstakes and campaigns. Prizes can be awarded in DESO, custom tokens or NFTs.

Zirkels allows content creators to publish long-form articles, audios and videos that live on the Deso blockchain. Readers who appreciate the content can easily reward the creators they appreciate, who receive daily paychecks in their associated Deso wallet.

But how do creators cultivate an audience of true fans?

The Zirkels viral promotion engine is the missing piece of the puzzle. It focuses entirely on getting more eyeballs on a creator’s content. The engine launches with 11 unique actions for which readers can receive prizes either per action or in an ongoing sweepstakes. For example, blog owners can give each user who shares an article a fixed amount of Deso or give a larger prize to a winner selected among those who share the article.

Combined, the Zirkels Viral Promotion Engine launches with 22 ways that users can earn DESO without even having to create content.

The initial 11 action types are:

– Follow on Deso

– Repost a Deso post

– Requote a Deso post

– Comment on a Zirkels article

– Write a new article on Zirkels

– Ask a question on Zirkels

– Refer a new user to Zirkels

– Give a reward to a Zirkels article

– Subscribe to a Zirkels blog

– Share a Zirkels article on an external platform

– Create content on an external platform

Can anyone participate in a creator’s promos?

Yes, and no. Zirkels has built the engine with an entire suite of parameters that help content creators make sure their content is being promoted by the right people. They can restrict their promos to subscribers of their blog, by a minimum number of deso followers, by a minimum profile age (on Zirkels) or based on their individual reputation score. They can also control whether, or not, a user can complete the same action multiple times. Finally, they decide whether the action requires manual validation, or not.

Zirkels’ goal with these criteria is to help creators target the right people, while also cutting down on the temptation to cheat or game the system by creating “burner profiles”.

Dennis H. Lewis, founder and CEO of Zirkels, explained in detail the new viral engine in a new blog post by stating, “the promise of web3 technology is the ability for individual users to directly benefit by solving old problems in new, innovative ways. The Zirkels Viral Promotion Engine empowers the audience to collaborate in expanding a creator’s reach through incentivized word-of-mouth marketing.”

“By combining these powerful tools, content creators can create viral incentive plans that not only expand their online presence, but also cultivate tribes of super-fans. Our new viral marketing engine is built from the ground up to allow creators with small audiences to grow their audience as they monetize it with rewards, protected content and other innovations coming down the Zirkels’ pipeline.”

Those interested in learning more about Zirkels can visit their website here.


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