Zigma8: The Most Creative Advertising/Marketing Agency in IRAN and Middle East

This agency will provide you with the latest and greatest cutting edge solutions for all of your marketing needs.

Today, there are numerous marketing agencies providing new-age marketing solutions, boosting business with a blend of creativity and strategy.

Zigma8 is one such branding and advertising agency that combines successful strategies with creative solutions to help businesses grow. Established in 2013, the company strives to get better with time and increase the quality of its services. “We believe that we have been effective in this —partly proven by the national and international awards we’ve been winning, but also by the customer and competitor feedback we receive,” says Dr. Mir Damoon Mir (Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Zigma8). 

The Story of Zigma8

Dr. Mir had a dream to work as a Creative Director since he was a teenager. Pursuing 

the dream, he started working in Dubai in the same field. After he received an invitation from a well-known Iranian advertising agency, he continued his career in Tehran. It was there that he noticed the frequent reasons behind failures in the industry, such as the clients’ processes and strategies, certainly with respect to media. Another factor was the inability to effectively form strong teams. With the inception of Zigma8 in 2013, Dr. Mir decided to overcome these factors. “My motto is Zeal Overrides Deal. So, I have always longed to be in a position to choose our clients with care and uplift their brands together with my caring teammates. That is why we do not own any media so as to avoid conflict of interests” he adds. Additionally, he brought together a strong team specialized in different fields and gave them security for long term cooperation. Putting all these things in place has resulted in Zigma8 providing the noblest quality of services for more than seven years.

Due to these services, Zigma8 has achieved numerous awards and recognitions. They recently won three golds at the ACEF Awards for the Best BTL Agency, Best Event, and Best Unconventional BTL Marketing. Prior to this, Zigma8 was crowned as the best MENA B2B Company by Clutch. Additionally, Dr. Mir represented Iran as the jury member for the PAS Awards, NYAF, and the Effie Awards. 

Zigma8 ensures the utmost quality of these services –for which they are respected in the market. With the quality of services and their commitment to maintaining them, the company has managed to survive and thrive amid numerous challenges including the recent COVID-19 pandemic. 

Being inherently agile and innovative by nature, Zigma8 affirms that their core service-basket will continue to help their clients succeed. The company is making 

efforts to pre-empt the upcoming digital trends to continue leading their clients to success.

Contact details:

Address: 235 Vo Thi Sau St. Ward 7, District #3, HCMC, VIETNAM

Phone: +84 120 3338699

Email: hello@zigma8.com