Zenith to Launch One of Most Secure CEX Platforms on 10th March with 200 Cryptocurrency Support

Zenith Chain, a digital peer-to-peer network aiming to deploy a use case-specific blockchain, has announced the debut of its much-anticipated CEX platform, which will handle over 200 leading cryptocurrencies from 175 countries.

On March 10th, 2022, the Zenith CEX is expected to be released. Users can Buy, sell, and store bitcoin, ether, Zenith and other cryptocurrencies with Zenith Exchange, easily link with the Zenith pay account and make Cross border payments in any currency with the speed of light.

Security should be a user’s top priority when selecting a centralised exchange. Since they are placing all of their eggs in one basket. Most of the centralized exchanges store both digital assets and private keys. As a result, hackers frequently attack them. Another feature that is preferred by the users over anything else is the user interface because they make trading cryptocurrencies relatively simple. CEXs are a lot easier to utilise than DEXs. As a result, it’s critical to make certain that the CEX chosen is simple to operate. In fact, it should be so simple to use that no instruction is required. And, Zenith’s CEX platform is bringing all these must-have features and more with its launch.

Some of the key trading features offered by upcoming Zenith include:

  • Trade and swap assets at a super-fast speed
  • Store 200+ crypto assets safely
  • Simple CEFI interface
  • Multi fiat payment gateways
  • Swift P2P transfers
  • Price and depth chart
  • 24h price change
  • Staking
  • Margin Trading
  • ETF Trading
  • Launchpad
  • Launchpool
  • Price alert notification
  • Limit and Market Orders
  • Favorite market checkbox
  • Trading referral program

The CEX platform will benefit from the Zenith mainnet which would leverage the acceptance of cryptocurrencies for its native token Zenith Coin (ZENITH). The Zenith Chain will provide greater security and privacy than other public blockchains, and the data on the chain will be open to the public. Although transactions with blockchain-enabled cryptocurrencies offer unparalleled security and privacy, they are not untraceable. There are now organisations that specialise in tracing down 20 questionable actions on blockchains in order to prevent anyone from abusing the technology.

Zenith Chain has decided to redesign the token and effect a change of token name, to ZEN-20 and ZEN-721 after carefully considering the demand for tokens, examining the underlying token standards, and selecting the acceptable qualities of the crypto coin.

The token is issued on the blockchain network, which allows it to exist independently and trade in a variety of places. The protocol and token types used by Zenith Chain specify how they work within the platform. The protocols describe how transactions are carried out, blocks are formed, and the consensus is established, among other things.

P2P exchanges will benefit from Zenith Chain’s innovative solutions. Zenith can achieve this in a unique way by connecting people who engage in intertwined business practises. Clients who want vendors’ items will be connected to them. Zenith will also have store platforms and shopping apps to engage with fans and re-energize the peer-to-peer programme. Another novel technique Zenith is developing is to ensure that Zenith Chain Smart contracts are always composable. Zenith will do more to keep ahead of the competition and ensure that the token is compatible with existing decentralised exchanges because Zenith Chain is a constantly expanding blockchain technology firm. This platform will provide a one-of-a-kind digital money that will serve as the first practical financial transaction alternative ever.

What makes Zenith CEX so promising?

Centralized exchanges can’t compete with decentralised exchanges, there’s no doubt about that. This does not, however, imply that one should limit their trading options. A decent centralised exchange should provide a large number of cryptocurrencies to choose from. The many DeFi industries should be covered by these coins. It should include currency from blockchains with solid use cases, in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum. It should also have its own ecosystem of blockchains. Given the popularity of GameFi, a competent CEX should include blockchain gaming currency on its platform and all these will be taken care by Zenith’s upcoming exchange launching on March 10th.

The upcoming Zenith CEX would prioritize security and ease of use for the traders to ensure, new as well as experienced traders can utilize the platform. A 2-factor authentication mechanism is required by Zenith CEX. Private keys are not required with this approach. As a result, even if a hacker gains access to users’ digital assets, they will be unable to transmit them. The Zenith CEX is VERY SECURE in terms of security. The fox knot is as safe as it gets. With their biometric fingerprint, users can lock the app. No one will be able to access users’ assets unless they give them permission. The CEX already offers Spot, Margin, and Futures trading, despite the fact that it is still in beta. The staking pools and IEO sections are also included. BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, TRX, ATOM, BCH, ETC, BNB, and other coins are included in the test version.

The user interface is simple and straightforward as the team chose straightforward language that even a crypto novice could comprehend. They claim that centralised exchanges make security a trade-off for convenience. Zenith CEX, on the other hand, provides a centralised exchange that is both safe and simple to use.

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